Rocky Patel Number 6 Review: 2024 Good Choice

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars has a history of bringing diverse brands.

When someone asked Rocky Patel, the company’s creator, why he launched so many brands, he replied that there were so many excellent blends and mix derivatives that they had developed and that he wanted to share the best ones with his customers.

It was not entirely unexpected when the business unveiled two cigars at the 2019 IPCPR Trade Show that bore the names of the mix codes. Rocky Patel Number 6 and Rocky Patel LB1 cigars are these.

Today, we will review Rocky Patel Number 6 in detail and discover what it offers to cigar fans.

Let’s explore this classic cigar more.

rocky patel number 6 1

1. Origin & History of Rocky Patel Number 6

For Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, Honduran tobacco is nothing new.

Although Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is known mostly for its Nicaraguan tobaccos, the Rocky Patel Edición Unica 2013 is an all-Honduran blend.

In the case of the Number 6, the bulk of the tobacco used in the mixture is from Honduras, which is why I refer to this blend as “Honduran forward.” A wrapper made of Honduran Corojo highlights this.

2. Sizes Offered in Rocky Patel Number 6

The Rocky Patel Number 6 is offered in five sizes. Each is presented in 20-count boxes. One difference with the Churchill vitola compared to the other four sizes is that the Churchill has an unfinished footer.

Corona: 5 x 44

Robusto: 5 1/2 x 50

Sixty: 6 x 60

Toro: 6 1/2 x 50

Churchill: 7 x 48

3. Price & rating Rocky Patel Number 6

Price: $9.55

Rating: 9/10

4. Specifications Rocky Patel Number 6

Owner: Rocky Patel

Factory: El Paraiso S.A.

Origin: Honduras

Wrapper: Honduran Corojo

Binder: Honduras, Nicaragua

Filler: Honduras

Strength: Medium to Full

Size: Robusto 5 1/2″ by 50 ring gauge

5. Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Number 6

Strength-wise, the Rocky Patel Number 6 falls dead-center medium.

However, this is a cigar where the flavors had some depth on the palate – resulting in a medium- to full-bodied smoke from start to finish.

rocky patel number 6 2

Throughout the smoking experience, there wasn’t much variance in the intensity levels of the strength and body.

In terms of strength versus body with the Rocky Patel Number 6, the body maintained the edge from start to finish.

6. Looks & feel Rocky Patel Number 6

The Rocky Patel Number 6’s Honduran Corojo cover Robusto’s colour was a medium-toned brown.

The surface of the wrapper had a very slight oil sheen. This was a wrapper with a surface that was also reasonably smooth.

Any veins or seams from the wrapper that were visible were rather thin.

rocky patel number 6 3

There are two bands on the Rocky Patel Number 6. The main one is a broad band that makes up almost half of the Robusto size’s length.

The backgrounds of both bands are black.

A circular “RP” emblem made of gold sits atop the band.

The inscription “NUMBER 6” is printed in white letters and runs vertically along the length of the band.

rocky patel number 6 4

The footer is where you’ll find the secondary band. Its round “RP” emblem is engraved in black. The words “SINCE” on the left and “1996” on the right surround the logo.

The font for both is gold. The upper and bottom edges of the band’s black backdrop are trimmed in gold.

7. Ash & burn Rocky Patel Number 6

There was a little jagged burn line on the Rocky Patel Number 6.

Touch-ups were needed more frequently than I preferred, even if this was fixed.

However, there was never a chance that the Number 6 Robusto would stray from the burn path. The ash that was left behind was medium-gray in hue.

rocky patel number 6 5

This ash wasn’t extremely rigid, but it wasn’t also loose.

It burned at the perfect rate.

The burn temperature was perfect up to the nub, when it became a little heated.

rocky patel number 6 6

Different from the Rocky Patel they developed for the Cigar Smoking World Championship, which included a hard ash that helped prolong the cigar’s ash retention.

8. Flavors Rocky Patel Number 6

I had to wrinkle my nose into a ball because the aromas are so weak. Mint, black pepper, cedar, milk chocolate, and licorice are all very faint scents.

Milk chocolate, creaminess, cedar, black pepper, licorice, mint, and malt flavours are all present in the cold draw.

rocky patel number 6 7


The Rocky Patel Number 6 Robusto cigar was first experienced with a straight cut. After taking off the cap, the pre-light draw procedure began.

A blend of earthy and sweet natural tobacco was detected on the cold draw. The sweetness of the natural tobacco was almost like some kind of blended fruit.

rocky patel number 6 8

All in all, this pre-light drawing was simple but effective. Now was the moment to toast up the foot, take off the Rocky Patel Number 6 Robusto’s footer band, and start smoking.

First third

Rocky Patel number 6 has an initial earthy flavours, cedar, flowery overtones, black pepper, and sweet natural tobacco.

Early on, the earthy flavours and delicious natural tobacco came to the forefront. The scents of cedar and pepper became subdued.

rocky patel number 6 9

Both the retro-hale and the cigar’s end featured more pepper overtones than before.

Second third

The earthy flavours and natural tobacco remained prominent in the second part of the Rocky Patel Number 6.

At this point, the sweetness started to fade a little bit and a little bitter flavour started to show. The experience of smoking never made the bitterness overwhelming.

rocky patel number 6 10

The pepper tones, meanwhile, kept getting stronger over time.

Final third

By the Final third, the inherent tobacco notes were joined by pepper overtones. The natural tobacco still had a nice sweetness-to-bitterness ratio.

Earthy and cedar notes lingered in the background. This is how the Rocky Patel Number 6 smoking experience came to an end.

rocky patel number 6 4

The resulting nub was somewhat heated and felt velvety to the touch.

Final puff

Maintaining the balance of this cigar’s beautiful natural spice might be challenging, but the Number 6 pulls it off flawlessly from beginning to end.

Many folks seem to take issue when a cigar has a lot of spice right away. When it comes to sweetness, I have the same views.

Either way, it tells me that I might be in for an uneven flavour profile.

rocky patel number 6 2

Then Rocky Patel Number 6 corrected itself, and it becomes a lot better cigar overall, especially in the second third.

The smoking experience was better after everything was in harmony, but it wasn’t really exceptional.

Ultimately, I would recommend this cigar to a more experienced smoker, but I wouldn’t stop a beginner from giving it a shot.

I think the spice aspect is what really makes it into a great cigar, and I’m eager to try another one.

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What else is in the Rocky Patel collection?

Is a number 6 a good cigar?

After the entire product testing on Rocky’s most recent innovation was finished, blend number 6 was the clear winner.

What is the flavor profile of Rocky Patel number 6?

The flavor profile of Rocky Patel number 6 comes together in a harmonious way, first revealing delightful layers of orange peel, black pepper, vanilla, and chocolate before finding balance in the spicy, nutty finish.

Is Rocky Patel a good cigar?

Yes, Rocky Patel Company is undoubtedly delivering best cigars in all over the world.

Which Rocky Patel cigar is sweet?

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro is A delicious blend of dark chocolate, earth, almond, and chestnut, with a sweet finish.


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