Rocky Patel White Label Review: Unveiling 2024 Best Cigars

Smoking a Premium Cigar always brings about a profound sense of satisfaction. Perhaps it’s just to live life to the fullest, or maybe it’s just to let you know that, after a long day at work, you’re worth it.

For whatever reason, it’s essential to smoke an ultra-premium cigar occasionally.

What would be your all-time favorite premium smoke if you were to treat yourself?

Well, whatever it is, let me introduce you to my favourite Rocky Patel’s best product, the White Label.

If you are thoughtful, why choose the Rocky Patel White Label?

Here is the response: Being an enthusiast of cigars for 20 years, I had the best experience with this product. That’s why I did a Rocky Patel White Label review today.

So let’s explore more about this classic, starting with its origin and history.

rocky patel white label1

1. Origin of the Rocky Patel White Label

Rocky Patel introduces three new lines yearly during the PCA (Premier Cigar Association) Annual Convention and Trade Show.

They typically come with a selection of new vitolas for already-existing lines and/or new equipment.

However, this time there was some mystery about one of the cigars, which created curiosity.

Rocky is someone we know and adore because he never acts inadvertently. Ten years went into creating the amazing premium stogie, Rocky Patel White Label.

rocky patel white label2

Therefore, it makes sense that Rocky would consider a name for a long time.

Rocky spent more than a decade searching for the ideal moniker and branding to complement this remarkable blend of the best from Nicaragua.

Eventually, he realized no moniker or design could fully capture the intricacies concealed within. Since genuine inspiration can only originate from artistic expression, Rocky had an insight that led to the creation of the White Label.

Rocky Patel, the business remained silent as they awaited the trademark they had applied for, which eventually cleared.

Now that you know its history, let’s talk about this stick.

rocky patel white label3

2. Price & rating of the Rocky Patel White Label

Price: $19 per cigar

Rating: 87/100

3. Specifications of the Rocky Patel White Label

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade U.S.A.

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Honduran Jamastran Valley, Nicaraguan, Undisclosed (Insiders tell me it’s Bonneville Salt Flats)

Size: Robusto

Strength: Medium

rocky patel white label4

4. Rocky Patel White Label Cigar review

This cigar demonstrates a genuine love for the arts.

The ingredients of Rocky Patel White Label include fillers from the Jamastran Valley in Honduras, some premium fillers from Nicaragua, and an additional combination that isn’t mentioned.

The wrapper is a magnificent Connecticut Shade leaf that grows in the Connecticut River Valley near Hartford, while the binder is a leaf from Nicaragua.

rocky patel white label5

The tobaccos of the Rocky Patel White Label, according to Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, have been matured for ten years.

The Connecticut Shade wrapper for the Rocky Patel White Label is American made. Rocky Patel’s portfolio includes several U.S. Connecticut wrappers as well; one is used in the Vintage 1999 Connecticut.

An additional noteworthy observation is that, aside from Nish Patel’s Xen, Honduras is the source of Rocky Patel Connecticut’s other products.

In Estelí, Nicaragua, Rocky Patel’s TAVICUSA plant produces both the White Label and Xen.

rocky patel white label6

This cigar’s tobacco has now aged for ten years. The wrapper is seven years old and has been twice fermented.

Most Connecticut Shade wrappers are cultivated in Ecuador and typically have a green candela vibe.

Grown in Connecticut, a Connecticut shade is uncommon and highly valued. It is a burst of citrus freshness mixed with delicious toffee sweetness.

5. Sizes & Prices Offered of the Rocky Patel White Label

Currently, the Rocky Patel White Label is offered in four sizes. Each is presented in 20-count boxes.

Robusto 5 x 50 $19.00

Toro 6.5 x 52 $20.00

Churchill 7 x 48 $20.00

Sixty 6 x 60 $21.00

6. Looks & feel of the Rocky Patel White Label

The U.S. Connecticut Shade wrapper appeared worn and light brown. The surface had a trace quantity of oil on it.

I start by noticing that the cigar has a distinct crease that runs the whole length of it. If only my slacks could be ironed this neatly.

A few veins can be seen, and although the seams are apparent, they are tightly sealed. Not a big cigar. Perhaps a tad too light, but we’ll see how fast it burns.

rocky patel white label7

The triple cap is the stick’s most exquisite feature—beautifully executed—among all the comforts it may offer. I cut the footer ribbon and do a bris.

In addition, the wrapper had a smooth complexion that enhanced its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the wrapper featured small seams and veins that were evident.

The Rocky Patel White Label band is just that—a white label. This band occupies the most of the band’s space on the Robusto. The fonts on the band are all copper in colour.

rocky patel white label8

The wrapper has next to nothing in the arena of aromas.

I attach a 1947 atomic fission nasal appendage to my Durante schnoz. There are hints of peanut shells, white chocolate, butter, cream, floral, barnyard, and a touch of white pepper.

7. Ash & burn of the Rocky Patel White Label

The initial burn path and line of the Rocky Patel White Label were both straight. From the second third on, there was some little meandering and jaggedness on the burn line along the burn route on each sample.

rocky patel white label9

This needed more touch-ups and more often. The touch-ups worked, but I didn’t like how many were there. The resulting ash had a very light grey colour and was hard.

Both the burn temperature and the burn rate were perfect.

8. Flavors of the Rocky Patel White Label

The Rocky Patel White Label Robusto mostly produced a medium-bodied, medium-strength smoke from beginning to end.

This cigar was undoubtedly bolder than a conventional Connecticut Shade, but it was also extremely approachable.

There was a modest increase in the strength and bodily intensity levels as the cigar experience continued. The White Label Robusto ultimately stayed in the middle of the spectrum.

rocky patel white label10


The Rocky Patel White Label cap was taken off with a straight cut before it was lit. After taking off the cap, the pre-light draw procedure began. The cold draw flavors were classic Connecticut Shade, wood, and cedar.

In general, this pre-light drawing wasn’t the most thrilling one. There was no point loss in this instance since the pre-light draw experience is not considered for the numerical score or value rating.

It was time to light up the White Label Rocky Patel and discover what the pleasure of smoking would bring.

rocky patel white label7

First third

There were scents of cream, wood, cedar and a hint of citrus when the Rocky Patel White Label first opened.

The wood, cedar, and cream did not have a dominating note, but as the cigar smoked through the first third, the creamy note became more prominent.

The secondary notes were citrus, cedar, and wood. The retro-hale was providing some black pepper in the meantime.

rocky patel white label4

Second third

The cedar notes become more prominent in the second third of the Rocky Patel White Label Robusto, overpowering the cream note.

The cream faded into the background with the citrus and wood tones. There were also now some notes of black pepper on the tongue.

rocky patel white label6

Final third

The last portion of the cigar kept the cedar tones front and centre. The pepper tones were more prominent, although they were still supporting characters.

The citrus, oak, and a hint of cream completed the flavour profile.

The nub of the Rocky Patel White Label Robusto was cool to the touch and had a soft texture as it neared its end.

rocky patel white label2

Final puff

The flavour profile of the Rocky Patel White Label is really simple.

It will provide the classic Connecticut Shade flavour characteristics of citrus, cream, cedar, and wood. Although the flavours weren’t awful, they lacked WOW factor. This cigar falls into the “like it” but not the “love it” category.

Ultimately, it achieves a respectable 87 points, but not nearly enough to meet the Cigar Coop Standard of Excellence. This does have a premium pricing point, at $19.00.

I would still recommend trying a taste of the cigar to others because it delivers plenty. For my part, I’m still interested in trying some of the different blend sizes.

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rocky patel white label8
rocky patel white label8


What else is in the Rocky Patel collection?

What is a white label cigar?

White label cigar is the artistry and craftsmanship of Rocky Patel. It features a USA Connecticut Shade wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler tobacco.

Why are cigars so cheap online?

In the same time frame, the large online retailers may order 10 or twenty thousand boxes. Online stores depend on volume. They regularly give their cigars out at steep discounts in an effort to increase demand. Remember that even if you see that the costs have increased, your neighborhood cigar shop isn’t trying to con you.

What are the 3 types of cigars?

This category is divided into three basic groups: lonsdales, panetelas, and coronas.

Is cigar tobacco pure?

Yes, it is Pure, unadulterated tobacco.

Why are cigars so cheap?

While some small and bigger cigars are subject to the same federal excise tax as cigarettes, several states have lower tax rates on cigars than on cigarettes.

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