Rocky Patel Royale Review: Must-See 2024

Rocky Patel has almost two decades of experience in the cigar industry. Since being on sale in 2013, his new Royale may be his best-ever design.

Having cigars produced for him in Honduras was how Patel got his start.

He has attempted to exert more and more control over his cigars over the years, and he now depends more on Nicaragua than any other nation.

The Royale is produced at Patel’s Tabacalera Villa Cubana S.A. factory, which is situated in Estelí, the hub for Nicaraguan cigar manufacture, and is home to a growing number of his cigar brands.

Patel utilises a tonne of Nicaraguan tobacco in his blends, in addition to rolling cigars there. He just started a plan to start cultivating some of his own.

The Connecticut shade, a light, thin leaf with a mild flavour, and the Connecticut broadleaf, a thick, rugged leaf with a brawny earthy flavour, are the two binder leaves used in the creation of the Rocky Patel Royale.

rocky patel royale review1

This gives intricacy to the mixture, which is kept cohesive by an attractive wrapping leaf from Ecuador called Havana. The Royale has nice notes of chocolate and is a rich, spicy smoke.

In a Cigar Aficionado Top 25 test, Patel achieved his best-ever result with this tasty cigar. So if you are still interested to know more about this classic cigar explore more this article.

Today we are going to do The Rocky Patel Royale review known also as a smoke fit for a king.

Let’s start the ride

1. Price & rating

Price: $221 for box of 20

Rating: 4.8

2. Specifications

Brands: Rocky patel royale

Cigar shape: Toro

Cigar section: Box-pressed (square)

Cigar length: 6″1/2

Origin: Nicaragua

Cigar ring gauge: 54

Strength: Full

Wrapper color: Maduro

Single packaging: Cellophane

Rolling type: Handmade

Cigar manufacturer: Rocky patel

Cigar wrapper: Ecuadorian sumatra-seed

Cigar binder: Connecticut

Cigar filler: Nicaragua

Sizes offered

Robusto: 5.5 x 52

Torpedo: 6 x 52

Toto: 6.5 x 54

Colossal: 7 x 62

3. Rocky Patel Royale Cigar review

The 2013 version of the Rocky Patel Royale features a Sumatra wrapper from Ecuador.

Regarding potency, the RP Royale isn’t what I would call a nicotine bomb.

From beginning to end, I rated the cigar as medium-strong.

rocky patel royale review2

Regarding the tastes, I thought they had a pleasant complexity.

I found the Royale to be a medium-to-full-bodied smoking experience overall.

Without a doubt, the RP Royale is a cigar that prioritises flavour over power.

4. Looks & feel

I chose to experience this cigar in the box-press toro size. 

The Sumatra wrapper on the RP Royale is a traditional blend of colorado red and coffee bean brown.  The wrapper has some darker marbling. 

There isn’t much grease on the wrapper itself.  Although the wrapper does a fantastic job at covering the wrapper seams, there were a few apparent veins. 

rocky patel royale review3

It’s also a well-packed box-press, the Royale.

The two band design of the RP Royale is reminiscent of that of many Rocky Patel Vintage cigars. 

The background colour of the main band is a blend of brown and red.  The text and striping are both entirely done in gold.

The band’s focal point is the circular “RP” emblem designed by Rocky Patel. 

The words “ROCKY PATEL” are placed above the logo and are surrounded by gold pinstripes on both sides. 

rocky patel royale review4

At the bottom of the band, there is a thicker gold pinstripe surrounded by a dotted gold line.

Just below the top band is a secondary band.  It also has a gold typeface in a rusty or brown hue. The word “ROYALE” is located in the middle of that band. 

That band has a heavier gold trim and narrow gold pin striping.

5. Draw & burn

In terms of burn and draw, the Rocky Patel Royale performed admirably. 

Generally speaking, the RP Royale blazed nonstop.  I wouldn’t describe it as razor sharp, but it wasn’t entirely out of balance either. 

Where the cigar canoed or tunnelled, there were no problems. 

rocky patel royale review5

All things considered, I wouldn’t describe this cigar as “high maintenance” to keep burning well. 

What was left behind was a hard, pepper-and-salt-colored ash.  Not much flaking occurred throughout the route. 

Both the burn temperature and rate were perfect.

It has an excellent draw. It was just the right amount of tight and loose.

rocky patel royale review6

Getting the flavours out of this cigar didn’t take much upkeep. 

All in all, it was enjoyable to smoke the Rocky Patel Royale.

6. Flavors

The Rocky Patel Royale is a cigar with a body that ranges from medium to full, rich aromas of almonds, earth, and oak, and a long, silky finish.

Its Ecuadorian Sumatra cover covers a dual binder made of Connecticut Shade and Connecticut Broadleaf, as well as filler from Nicaragua.

The Rocky Patel Royale, crafted by hand in Nicaragua, is a great smoke to have after dinner.

rocky patel royale review7

7. Pre-Light

To begin my smoking experience with the Rocky Patel Royale, I choose to start with my typical choice of a straight cut. 

After cutting off the cap, I started the pre-light drawing. 

There were no particularly surprising revelations from the dry draw for an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper cigar. 

rocky patel royale review8

I tasted tones of sweet/spicy cedar and soil. 

On the dry draw, the flavour profile wasn’t particularly novel, but it was still enjoyable. 

After having a good pre-light draw experience, I was eager to light up the Royale and discover what the cigar had in store.

First Third

I would describe the flavour of the first third as dusty sweet tobacco.

My tongue is immediately hit by a powerful black pepper flavour that becomes slightly milder as I inhaled.

The pepper steps back somewhat at approximately a half-inch and wood enters the picture.

rocky patel royale review9

The pepper definitely tones down at an inch in.

The oak is still present, and the mixture now includes a small amount of coffee. The retrohale still has some pepper on it.

The cigar finishes with a nice balance of coffee and oak. The strength would be rated as medium-full and the body as medium.

Second third

I detected aromas of citrus, dirt, pepper, coffee, and cream in the beginning of the RP Royale. The coffee notes eventually moved to the front after a little while.

The oak first becomes more cedar-like in the second third, with a little coffee undertone.

rocky patel royale review10

With a tinge of pepper on the retrohale, the cedar flavour remains predominant.

About halfway through, a pleasant hint of mineral flavour has merged with the cedar.

As the third closes, the cedar flavour gives way to a charred wood, and the mineral flavour disappears. Both the physique and the strength decline to medium levels.

Final third

For the most part of the cigar experience, I thought the flavour profile that was first created maintained true, however the notes did change slightly with time. 

In the latter third, the earthy flavours became more prominent, and the coffee complemented the notes of pepper and cream. 

The char has somewhat subsided by the beginning of the final third, but the oak is still the predominant flavour.

rocky patel royale review1

A hint of cream is being blended in with the wood by the retrohale.

Now that the smoke was drying a little, the retrohale is no longer cream-flavored; instead, the flavour is oak.

The third is around halfway through when the mineral flavour reappears.

The mineral flavour subsided after another quarter inch, and the oak was what brought the cigar to a close. Strength and body stayed at a medium level.

The final nub was excellent; it was cool to the touch and firm.

8. Overall experience

The Rocky Patel Decade and the Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 are the two Rocky Patel cigars that immediately spring to me when I think of Ecuadorian Sumatra and box-pressed tobacco. 

Both are regarded as exceptional Rocky Patel albums.  All in all, the Rocky Patel RP Royale caught me off guard. 

rocky patel royale review8

It was very well constructed and had a lot of pleasant flavours.

I think the RP Royale was a great cigar to gift to a beginner or an expert cigar fan.

In my opinion, I would grab for and enjoy this cigar once more.

Final puff

This cigar had a decent flavour. I thought the first third was the finest, and the last third was my second favourite.

The first third of the cigar had some really intriguing shifts that slowed down as it went on. Overall, the flavours were good, and the cigar worked well without my intervention.

This cigar, in my opinion, would go nicely with coffee, porter, or stout. A long-term smoker or someone who has smoked for a while might love this cigar, but it’s probably not one for beginners.

There was a fair quantity of flavour and I really liked how this cigar felt in my tongue.

Even though it wasn’t a complete three-course dinner, the cigar had a significant quantity of flavour that changed as you smoked it.

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Yes, Rocky Patel cigars are one of the best rated cigars in cigar world.

What is the best Rocky Patel cigar for beginners?

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