Rocky Patel Edge Review: Dive into 2024 Best Cigar List

The moment of origin marks the start of a legacy.

The Edge by Rocky Patel made its debut in 2004 and has since grown to be one of the brand’s best-selling products.

Rocky Patel set out to produce the boldest, most complex cigar he could have envisioned two decades ago.

The business was never the same once the leaves that would eventually grow to become one of the most cherished cigar collections of the past 20 years took root.

The Edge was founded two years later. The Edge 20th Anniversary, the sharpest cigar we have ever had the pleasure of cutting, is in celebration of these two decades of innovation.

The Edge 20th Anniversary has a surface that is sculpted like a fighter plane and a core that would have even the most ardent enthusiasts gushing about it.

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Exhibiting a singular fusion of Honduran and Nicaraguan quality, the Edge is distinguished by its inflexible, unyielding exterior.

The Edge is a cigar that is not only well-rounded but also incredibly aerodynamic, thanks to its rich Sumatra wrapper from Ecuadorian fields that has been matured for almost a decade.

Unquestionably, The Edge 20th Anniversary is a masterpiece. Get involved in the 20-year-old tale by experiencing one now.

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1. Price & rating of Rocky Patel Edge

Price: $12 (Box of 20, $240)

Rating: 87

rocky patel the edge review2

2. Sizes offered in of Rocky Patel Edge

Rocky Patel Edge 20th Anniversary Robusto (5 1/2 x 50) — $11 (Box of 20, $220)

Rocky Patel Edge 20th Anniversary Toro (6 x 52) — $12 (Box of 20, $240)

Rocky Patel Edge 20th Anniversary Sixty (6 x 60) — $13.50 (Box of 20, $270)

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3. Specifications

Cigar Reviewed: Rocky Patel Edge Anniversary 20th Toro

Country of Origin: Honduras

Factory: El Paraiso

Wrapper: Ecuador (Sumatra)

Binder: Honduras (Habano)

Filler: Honduras & Panama

Length: 6 Inches

Ring Gauge: 52

Vitola: Toro

4. Cigar review of Rocky Patel Edge

Looks & feel

The 20-count boxed Rocky Patel comes with a rough, unfinished wood box that gives it a rustic look. The foot of the cigar has a brown and white coloured band.

The foot of the cigar has some darker tobacco that is packed tightly and has a pleasant weight to it. The wrapper appears greasy and contains a few small veins.

rocky patel the edge review3

With numerous apparent seams and an abundance of visible veins, the cigar’s dark, oily Habano seed wrapper gives it a rustic appearance.

Pulling it from the plain black wooden chest filled my nose with wonderful scents of leather and cedar. The cool sea-blue ring indicates that it is a Habano variety.

The head clipped beautifully, and before I set foot on fire, I took a few pre-light draws to check out what the Edge Habano had to offer.

Perhaps because of the matured long filler tobaccos from Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa, this came out as robust and unique with a blend of hay, wood, and cedar spice.

rocky patel the edge review4

Draw & burn

It’s a good draw. Huge flavours are present on board. Really hot, thanks to the red pepper.

A beautiful, powerful sweetness is present with lots of cedar and leather.

rocky patel the edge review8

All that emerges from the cap is BOLD! Dark, bittersweet chocolate is abundant with double espresso.

I’m trying to define fruitiness. And I’ve only reached the halfway point.


First third

Once lit, the intensely earthy and woodsy beginning was complemented by notes of black cherry, hickory, cedar, and leather, along with a few dashes of black pepper.

rocky patel the edge review5

The nose was subtly tickled as the retrohale brought an even stronger burst of pepper.

Then, when some delicate cocoa and caramel sweetness entered the picture in the last few notes of the first third, the heat was toned down.

Second third

As I found out in the middle, the Edge brand of cigars is mostly founded on rock-solid consistency, and the Habano is no exception.

Richer flavours of leather and wood emerged, interspersed with hints of earth, cedar, espresso, and black pepper.

rocky patel the edge review6

The retrohale still has some spice, but it’s not too strong.

It’s been a pleasurable smoke thus far, with flavours that are steady and tasty and a satisfying, sweet finish.

Final third

The latter third of the smoke had a rich, creamy texture. The ever-present leather took the stage, but chocolate, baking spice, wood, and earth provided strong support.

Under the decadent profile, there’s still a deep, woodsy “tang” that harmonises well with the dominant leather and smoothness notes.

rocky patel the edge review7

Final puff

Patel did a great job with this cigar. The cost is ideal. It’s a genuine experience, too. Several expensive cigars out there pale in comparison to The Edge’s complexity and flavour profile.

In comparison to other cigars in the range, the Rocky Patel Edge didn’t push my boundaries in terms of complexity. Still, it does offer a remarkably consistent and rich flavour profile at an affordable price.

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What else is in the Rocky Patel collection?

How much is the Edge cigar?

The price of Rocky Patel The Edge is $12 per stick and Box of 20 is $240.

How old is Rocky Patel?

Rocky Patel adores commemorating all types of anniversaries, milestones, and birthdays. It was therefore not new for anyone that Rocky Patel turned 60 in 2021.

What flavour are the Edge cigars?

The Edge is a bold, earthy and spicy cigar with notes of cedar and rich tobacco, and features a Cuban-seed, Honduran grown Corojo wrapper that provides a peppery flavor with a hint of sweetness. Medium to full in body, The Edge is deliciously full in taste and well balanced with a long, satisfying finish.


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