Romeo Y Julieta Añejados – Deep Dive Review

I will never pass up the chance to smoke a cigar with my grandfather when I travel to see my family in China. After all, it was mostly because of him that I began smoking cigars when I was a little lad. And then I got familiar with this classic beauty in the age of twenties.

Romeo Y Julieta Añejados1

Romeo Y Julieta is one of the most recognisable and beloved brands in the whole world and “Añejados” denotes age. Its wrapper is a warm, dark chocolate color. It is usually a light cigar. The Añejados Pirámides Romeo y Julieta is a smooth cigar. Its medium-balanced profile makes it appropriate for both new and seasoned smokers.

A second band identifies the dress-boxes containing 25 cigars as part of the Añejados series. Not many people have access to these vitolas, nor to their “brothers” in the Montecristo Churchill Añejados line. This is because their number is restricted to the original amount assigned to age. These Añejados cigars mature in their boxes for a period of five to eight years.

Though I’ve loved a lot of other cigars till now, but I think it’s time to review this one. Owing to my grandfather , I couldn’t help but compose a review on Romeo & Julieta Añejados.

So let’s get started with its complete specification details.


Brand: Romeo & Julieta

Range: Añejados

Reviewed Vitola: 6 x 52

Filler: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuba

Handmade: Yes

Body: Medium

Estimated Smoking Time: 90 – 100 Minutes

Origin: Cuba

Size: 52 X 156

Vitola: 5.5 x 40

Wrapper Hue: Panela Sugar

Rolling Consistency: Some Soft Spots

Spring: Supple

Aromas: Cinnamon, Brioche, Caramel

Initial taste: Hay, Brioche, Cedar;

First third: Cedar, Buttercream, Eucalyptus

Second third: Earth, Herbs, Beech;

Final third: Oak, Earthy notes, Cocoa, Cedar.

Wrapper Hue: Panela Sugar

Rolling Consistency: Some Soft Spots

Spring: Supple

Aromas: Cinnamon, Brioche, Caramel

Construction: Firm, some soft spots

Rating: 4.8;

Awards and Ranking: Ranked 1st in CigarsLover Magazine Awards 2019

Draw: Ideal, Mild resistance

Burn: Cool

Smoke: Smooth, Opulent

Ash: Silver, A bit flaky.

Price: $36.25 per stick, $108 per pack, $157 per box of ten, $449 per box of twenty-five

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Rumour has it that, during the thawing of relations, the Añejados project was originally intended for the American market, but it was first introduced by Habanos S.A. for Padrón. The embargo was never lifted, though. Habanos S.A. followed on this success by releasing Añejados blends for Romeo & Julieta and Montecristo.

Romeo Y Julieta Añejados1

Combination and Vitolas

Cuban cigars known as Romeo y Julieta Añejados Pirámides are manufactured at the La Corona plant in Havana. They were made available as a limited edition in January 2015. These premium cigars are optimally aged in Cuba for around eight years in cedar boxes. Only Cuban tobacco is used in the production of this cigar. The first Añejados cigar in the shape of a pyramid is Romeo and Julieta.

Romeo Y Julieta Añejados1

The Añejados is similar to Panela sugar overall, with a tan chestnut wrapper and a hint of oil shine. In addition, there are a few veins on the wrapper, and there are very little uneven soft patches in the structure.

Comparably, the spring is surprisingly flexible without being loose for a Cuban cigar. The scents were delicate yet enlivening, with hints of caramel, cinnamon, and a yeasty, buttery brioche.

Available for purchase

There are three sample packages of Romeo y Julieta Añejados Pirámides, boxes of 25 cigars, and a single stick available.


The cigars’ wrappers are tan chestnut in colour and have a faint oil sheen. A few veins are visible on the wrapper.

Romeo Y Julieta Añejados1

Romeo y Julieta Añejados comes with three bands: a burgundy “Añejados” band, a brilliant red Romeo y Julieta band, and a double ring band. On the bottom of each box is the date the cigars were produced. “Revisado” (inspected), another stamp on the box’s bottom, indicates that each cigar’s quality has been confirmed.

Pre-Light Draw, Scent, and Flavour

Prior to lighting, there are scents of caramel, cinnamon, flowers, and cedar. The cigars were aged in boxes, which is most likely where the cedar scent originated. It tastes of wood, brioche, and hay. We decided to use our AKT Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter for this vitola. Romeo y Julieta cigars are well-known, and this limited-edition stick suggests a serious smoking experience.

Initial Third

The first puffs have a creamy, sweet taste. You detect subtle spice and sweet flavours on the retrohale. The flavour profile of the first third is well-balanced, with notes of fresh eucalyptus, buttercream, and cedar. There are hints of dark chocolate and cocoa.

Compared to the initial puffs, the retrohale has fewer pepper flavours and more sweet notes. The first third is not harsh in the slightest.

Romeo Y Julieta Añejados1

The Second Third

The flavour is developed in the second third with loads of cedar and earthy, herbaceous, and beech characteristics. There’s graham cracker sweetness on the retrohale. It tastes as smooth as it gets, with no hint of spice.

Last Third

There’s a brief burst of saltiness near the start of the final section. The earthy tones, cocoa, cedar, and oak are all associated with the saltiness. The retrohale hasn’t changed all that much; it’s still sweet and somewhat peppery like a graham cracker.


The ash has a flaky texture and a silvery colour. It lasts for about an inch.


If you smoke Romeo y Juliet slowly, the burn will be cool.


The smoke emission is good. The smoke has a thick, velvety texture.

Romeo Y Julieta Añejados1

Perfect Matches for Romeo and Julieta Añejados


It is appropriate to pair Romeo y Julieta Añejados Pirámides with bourbon or rum. An espresso would be a great beverage to pair with it.


Milk chocolate is a great food partner. This cigar goes well with salty almonds if you’re not in the mood for anything sweet.

Romeo Y Julieta Añejados1

For this review and tasting procedure, cigars were smoked:

For this evaluation, we smoked six Pirámides, 6.1×52 cigars. For two days, we all smoked two cigars apiece. In order to thoroughly cleanse our palates and preserve the cigar’s flavors during the test, we matched the cigar with water.

Last Word

There isn’t a harsh thing about this cigar. If you smoke Romeo y Julieta slowly, you will enjoy it more. The flavour profile of the cigar stays well balanced and it burns cool.

Romeo y Julieta Añejados is a cigar that is definitely worth exploring if you’re searching for a premium cigar that has been aged for several years. However, if you store your own cigars for a comparable amount of time, you might actually get a better deal. Actually, serious collectors accomplish this with startling regularity.

Considering the initial expenditure, there is a possibility that this cigar would disappoint someone even though I really enjoyed it.

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