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Rocky Patel, the owner of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, enjoys commemorating significant anniversaries.

The idea of commemorating a milestone, be it a birthday, an anniversary, or anything else, goes hand in hand with the maxim that a fine cigar is best enjoyed on a special occasion.

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For owner Rocky Patel, 2021 was a significant year, as he turned 60. To mark the event, he came up with the Rocky Patel Sixty.

The company’s major announcement for the 2021 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show was this.

Today, we are going to do Rocky Patel Sixty review in further detail, focusing on the Toro size.

Price & rating of Rocky Patel sixty

Price: $17.00

Rating: 88

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Specifications of Rocky Patel sixty

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 6.5 x 52 Toro ~ Box Pressed

Strength: Medium to Full

Factory: Tabacalera Villa Cuba S.A. (TAVICUSA)

Sizes Offered in Rocky Patel sixty

The Sixty by Rocky Patel is offered in three box-pressed sizes. Each is presented in 20-count boxes

Toro 6.5 x 52 $17.00

Sixty 6 x 60 $18.00

Robusto 5.5 x 50 $16.00

Cigar review of Rocky Patel sixty

The Rocky Patel Sixty cigar was created on Rocky Patel’s 60th birthday.

It has a gorgeous Mexican San Andres wrapper and rich, hand-selected Nicaraguan tobacco.

The Rocky Patel Sixty is matured for two years before it is eventually box-pressed, making it a wine for the refined palette.

Enjoy a highly premium smoke made with the best aged tobaccos—truly a unique blend that is sure to impress.

rocky patel sixty4

Rocky Patel’s The Sixty Toro had a medium build and strength at first. Both the body and the strength had increased.

The strength expanded into medium to full territory at a faster rate. Throughout the smoking experience, the strength remained slightly superior to the body.

You will probably like this cigar if you are a seasoned enough smoker to know what kind of profile a Mexican San Andrés wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and filler is likely to offer.

You will probably like this cigar if you can picture that combination on finished cigars that are two years old.

It’s definitely not a cigar for everyone because not everyone will enjoy the earthy, peppery, and overall powerful flavor profile.

rocky patel sixty5

It is classy but not overly self-conscious, dignified but not afraid to let loose.

That is an enjoyable cigar for my palate, but I wish it had a little more complexity, harmony, and nuance elements that I wish almost every cigar I smoke had more of, but which I would expect more from a cigar that was priced as a true premium and had a two-year age statement.

All things considered, the Rocky Patel Toro Sixty is a nice cigar that I would happily smoke again, but I might be a little reluctant to stock up on several for my humidor.

Looks & feel of Rocky Patel sixty

There was a dark brown hue to the Mexican San Andres wrapper of the Sixty by Rocky Patel Toro. There was a small bit of mottling visible upon closer inspection.

The amount of oil on the surface was small. Although there were several obvious seams in the wrapper, there were hardly any apparent veins on the surface.

This box press was more rectangular in shape and on the firmer side.

rocky patel sixty6

The Sixty by Rocky Patel has two bands and a sleeve. Black, gold, and crimson make up the main band.

The band’s centre features a gold-framed black circular field. The circular emblem of Rocky Patel is located in the middle of the field. The majority of the remaining band is decorated in gold and is crimson.

The words “TAVICUSA NICARAGUAN FACTORY” is written in white lettering on a black field on the left side of the band. The words “ALL NATURAL TOBACCO LEAF” are written in white typeface on the right side.

A subsidiary band sits just below the main band.

This crimson band comes with gold embellishments. The word “SIXTY” is written in a gold script on that bracelet.

rocky patel sixty7

The smaller, gold-font lettering “1961-2021” appears directly beneath that. The words “CRAFTED WITH ARTISANAL PRECISION AND CARE” are written in white script to the left.

The words “ALL NATURAL TOBACCO LEAF” are written in white type on the right side of the band.

A little bit more than two-fifths of the way up the cigar is where the sleeve ends. It features a picture of a tobacco field in black and white.

A black pseudo-footer band with gold trim is also included. A few ornaments and the word “60” in a gold typeface are displayed on the black background.

Ash & burn of Rocky Patel sixty

Although Rocky Patel’s Sixty had a straight burn path, it required multiple touch-ups.

Touch-ups were needed more frequently than I would have liked. The burn line had a tiny bit of jaggedness.

rocky patel sixty8

Silver-gray ash was the resultant substance. Although it wasn’t the firmest ash, it wasn’t also too loose.

In the meantime, the burn temperature and burn rate remained at optimal levels.

Rocky Patel Toro’s Sixty produced a great pull for a box press.

This drew featured a slight resistance, which I found appealing.

Another plus was that this box press lacked the transparency that many others do. It was also a low-maintenance cigar in terms of flavor extraction.

Flavors of Rocky Patel sixty


The cigar’s sleeve was taken off before starting the Rocky Patel Toro Sixty experience as a whole.

Rocky Patel Toro’s “The Sixty” cigar experience began with a straight cut.

It was time for the pre-light draw step when the cap was taken off. Notes of cocoa and soil were mixed together in the cool pull.

This was a straightforward pre-light drawing, but it was a rewarding one nonetheless.

After the pre-light was finished, it was time to salute to Rocky Patel Toro’s “The Sixty” and discover what the smoking phase would bring.

First third

Rocky Patel’s The Sixty the initial notes of Toro included dirt, fruit, slightly sweetened cocoa, and a faint hint of black pepper.

rocky patel sixty6

Pretty quickly, the soil and cocoa scents took the stage. The fruit and pepper became inconspicuous.

Occasionally, the fruit notes became more noticeable. In the meantime, the retro-hale had another layer of black pepper on it.

Second third

The earth tones stayed rooted in the forefront as Rocky Patel Toro’s Sixty entered the second third.

rocky patel sixty8

The Sixty by Rocky Patel Toro’s overall sweetness waned. As a result, the notes of fruit and cocoa turned into secondary notes.

The total strength of the black pepper on the tongue and retrohale increased concurrently.

Final third

The earth continued to lead in the latter third. Of the secondary notes, the pepper notes closed in and took center stage.

rocky patel sixty4

There remained hints of fruit and cocoa that added a hint of sweetness. This was how Rocky Patel Toro’s Sixty came to an end.

The resulting nub had a cold temperature and felt velvety to the touch.

Final puff

I’ve been really impressed with Rocky Patel’s work with San Andres Wrapper over the last few years.

These include the Rocky Patel Quarter Century, the Rocky Patel Cigar Smoking World Championship, and the Rocky Patel Winter Collection, named the 2021 Cigar of the Year.

I was expecting great things from Rocky Patel’s The Sixty. Despite receiving a decent 88 rating, I didn’t think the Sixty was as good as the San Andres cigars I mentioned previously. Rocky Patel Toro’s The Sixty had a great beginning, but it was just average for most of the smoke, and I wasn’t into the cigar’s finish.

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What else is in the Rocky Patel collection?

Are Rocky Patel cigars good?

Yes, with fillers from Condega and Estelí Nicaragua, Ligero from the Jamastran valley in Honduras, and wrapped in a silky Ecuadorian Habano, this rich, consistent smoke is regarded as a fantastic affair. For an everyday smoke, Rocky Patel cigars will satiate your senses.

What is the most expensive Rocky Patel cigar?

The Rocky Patel 50 is the most expensive cigar because Patel only produced 2,000 numbered boxes of the Robusto, and his most costly cigar line to date, limited edition or not, is the Rocky Patel 50.

Is Rocky Patel a mild cigar?

Rocky Patel cigars are mellow-bodied blends.

What’s the smoothest cigar to smoke?

1. Rocky Patel American Market
2. Oliva Connecticut Reserve
3. Macanudo Cafe
4. Ashton Classic
5. Griffin’s
6. Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut
7. Gispert

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