Rocky Patel Disciple Review 2024

The Rocky Patel Disciple is a new cigar line released in 2021, featuring a Mexican San Andrés wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. It comes in various vitals, including Robusto, Toro, Bala, and Sixty. The Disciple offers a medium to full-bodied smoking experience with flavors of rich espresso, earth, and raisin sweetness, along with subtle pepper notes. Reviewers praise its excellent construction, draw, and burn. It’s recommended to pair it with a quality bourbon to balance its smokiness. The Disciple offers an enjoyable and flavorful smoking experience, making it a fitting addition to Rocky Patel’s lineup of top-rated cigars.

“In all of our years creating world-class cigars, we’ve never produced anything that more rigorously adheres to our high standards and dedication to quality, we call it: The Rocky Patel Disciple and it’s anything but a follower.” – Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel was created to honour the company’s founder’s 60th birthday, similar to many other Rocky Patel cigar series like Rocky Patel Fifty-five and Rocky Patel Decade.  And by doing so, he has gifted excellent tobacco to everyone on the planet.

Known as Rocky Patel Disciple, this four-vitola regular production creation is composed of Nicaraguan tobacco used as filler and binder, with a Mexican San Andrés wrapper.

The tastes of wood, earth, and tough pepper come through strongly when you light it. With a fifty-ring gauge and a length of five inches, this robust pipe offers a strong smoke for thirty minutes.

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If you want to explore this classic cigar you are in the right place.

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1. Rocky Patel Disciple price rating

Price: $209.95 Box of 20

Rocky Patel Disciple Sixty (6 x 60) — $13 (Box of 20, $260)

Rocky Patel Disciple Toro (6 x 52) Box of 20, $230

Rocky Patel Disciple Bala (5 3/4 x 58/50) Box of 20, $240

Rocky Patel Disciple Robusto (5 x 50) Box of 20, $210

Rating: 91/100

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2. Specifications

Owner: Rocky Patel

Factory: Tabacalera Villa Cuba S.A

Origin: Nicaragua

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper: Mexico (San Andrés)

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium to full

Size: Robusto – 5 by 50 ring gaugeColour: natural

Length: 5

Ring size: 50

Release Date: Sept. 10, 2021

Number of Cigars Released: Regular Production

Number of Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

3. Rocky Patel Disciple Cigar Review

Looks & feel

When you first encounter the Rocky Patel Disciple vitola, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that the foot band and main band occupy 90% of the cigar’s overall surface area. Furthermore, the primary band’s back is black, which is something I don’t remember seeing very often.

The boxes for this edition have lots of gold shine, a black liner, and a dark wood grain. The primary band features black lettering and artwork primarily made of copper foil.

rocky patel disciple review4

The blend’s name is prominently displayed, with “Rocky Patel” above it and the RP emblem below.

The footband is made of copper foil, while the majority of the cigar is protected by a black sheath. Additionally, the sheath has the copper foil RP logo embossed on it.

The Rocky Patel Disciple has a wrapper with leaf and a medium-brown hue that bordered on milk chocolate.

The majority of San Andres that I see these days tend to be considerably darker, so the colour surprised me a little. It looked rough and primitive, but my fingertips were covered in a thick layer of oil.

rocky patel disciple review5

The aroma from the wrapper was, leather tack, chocolate nibs, and faint vegetable notes, while the wrapper smells sweetly of barnyard, hay, and raisins. Strong, rich flavours of raisins, roasted espresso beans, black pepper, cedar, and generic nuts are present in the cold pull after a straight cut.

The cold draw was superb once the cap was clipped. It was full of earthy, espresso bean, and semi-sweet chocolate aromas.

Ash & burn

I had consistent ash throughout, a nice burn line, and a very strong pull.

Regarding the draw, it was pretty open.

You only need to take one puff at a time because this cigar produces a respectable amount of smoke.

Review video of Rocky Patel Disciple

4. Flavours

First third Experience

The aroma of oak, earth, and spice opens the cigar. After that, the spiciness gives way to well-balanced black pepper.

A scent of toasted cedar emerges about a quarter of an inch in. The black pepper has lightened somewhat at an inch, and cedar starts to show. It was just medium strength.

rocky patel disciple review6
rocky patel disciple review6

Second third Experience

This section’s strength stayed at medium.

The black pepper has slightly risen, but the profile as a whole has grown rather dry.

The toasted cedar and dry earth are equal, as the third concludes, and the black pepper is not far behind.

There is also very little change in the retrohale, which is still full of both black pepper and raisin sweetness, albeit slightly more of the former than the latter. 

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Final third Experience

The last third of the Rocky Patel Disciple is largely unsurprising: rich espresso beans and gritty earth dominate, closely followed by hints of cedar, hay, cocoa nibs, leather, and faint lemongrass.

The toasted cedar starts to take the lead somewhat over the oak and dry dirt in the final third.

rocky patel disciple review8

All that’s left of the retrohale is dry dirt, roasted cedar, and oak.

Everything was balanced as the cigar concluded, with the exception of the light hint of dull black pepper. Right up until the very end, the strength stayed at medium.

5. Overall experience

I enjoyed the Rocky Patel Disciple a lot overall, despite having a rather linear profile for the duration of its smoking period.

This is partly because of the profile’s well-defined primary flavours, which include earthy and rich espresso beans, as well as some pleasant raisin sweetness on the retrohale.

The construction of all three samples was also extremely good. That being said, the medium-plus strength surprises you by peaking right in the middle of the last third.

rocky patel disciple review9

In two samples, however, the last third did have some balancing problems because of a notably higher amount of black pepper on the retrohale.

This is not a sophisticated blend that will blow you away, but if you’re searching for a robust, tasty blend that you hardly have to think about once you light it, you should pick one up to try.

I’m having no problems at all with the cigar’s construction thus far; it has a great draw, a burn line that is almost perfectly straight, and an abundance of dense, white smoke.

By the end of the first third, the flavour is just north of medium, the body is just south of medium, and the strength reaches a degree halfway between mild and medium.

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6. Final puff

Rocky Patel Disciple is a great addition to the Rocky Patel collection. And Rocky Patel Disciple lives up to Rocky’s statement.

In comparison to a decade cigar, it felt like most RP cigars were heavily blended with Honduran tobacco and tended to fall a little flat for me; this one was spicy, sweet, savoury and complex.

I’d gladly smoke this Rocky Patel blend again and again. I would suggest this cigar to a seasoned cigar smoker. I wouldn’t advise a beginner not to try this cigar, but if you do, then be ready for a powerful experience.

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What else is in the Rocky Patel collection?

What is the score of Rocky Patel Disciple?

With a well-earned 91 points, Rocky Patel Disciple has been rated as best cigar.

Is Rocky Patel a mild cigar?

Rocky Patel’s best-selling mild-bodied blends, each with the signature Rocky flavour profile but a tamed intensity, are featured in this variety of cigars.

Are Rocky Patel cigars sweet?

Rocky Patel Quarter Century, you will be enthralled with the earthy, red pepper, and cocoa notes that meld beautifully with the aged Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos that fill and bind this leathery delight.

What nationality is Rocky Patel?

He was born in India. Rakesh ‘Rocky’ Patel was born in India in 1961, but he practiced entertainment and product liability law in Los Angeles, where he worked and socialized with several well-known cigar-smoking celebrities, including Gene Hackman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Are Rocky Patel disciple cigars good?

Rocky Patel Disciple cigars are highly regarded in the cigar community for their excellent construction and consistent, trouble-free draw. They boast a complex flavor profile featuring notes of mocha, dried fruit, earth, coffee, chocolate, and spicy licorice, providing an evolving and satisfying taste.

Are Rocky Patel cigars good?

It’s good. Rocky Patel cigars are generally well-regarded for their quality, flavor, and construction. They offer a diverse range of lines, including the popular Decade, Royale, and Edge series. The brand’s commitment to quality control ensures excellence, with cigars undergoing thorough checks before aging and final inspection.

What is the profile of Rocky Patel disciple?

Rocky Patel Disciple cigars offer a medium to full-bodied smoking experience with a complex flavor profile. Crafted with a Mexican San Andrés wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler, they feature notes of mocha, dried fruit, earth, cedar, mixed pepper, cocoa nibs, leather, raisin sweetness, and black licorice. These flavors evolve throughout the smoke, with mocha dominating initially and transitioning to pepper, cedar, and earth notes. The final third maintains mocha with prominent pepper and cedar, along with lingering dried fruit and earth flavors. Disciple cigars are well-constructed, providing a satisfying and memorable smoking experience.

Where is Rocky Patel made?

Rocky Patel cigars are manufactured in multiple countries, primarily in Honduras and Nicaragua.

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