2024’s Best 9 Cigar Cutters: Must-Haves

Cigar smoking is supposed to be a soothing activity, much like sipping great wine. You wouldn’t want to use a cheap, dull cutter to destroy it. By giving your cigar the ideal cut to enhance its flavor and body, the best cigar cutter increases the experience.

Cigar Cutters

On the market, there are hundreds of different cigar cutters. However, not every cutter is made equally. A superb cigar cutter ought to perform several tasks. For a consistently clean, accurate cut, it should be equipped with the right ring gauge size and the sharpest stainless steel material. We have punchers and double guillotine options to suit your preferences.

We’ve spent more than 20 years honing our skills in the cigar industry, and we’re here to share the best with you. We didn’t merely rely on our personal experience for this review. We checked through real customer evaluations, asked friends for advice, and benefited from the knowledge of industry insiders. As it happens, here I’ve grouped some really good cigar cutters available that will protect your wallet without sacrificing the quality of your finest cigars.

We chose to test 7 of the top 50 cutters that are gaining a lot of attention. Our criteria for a good cutter are its construction, movement smoothness, cut precision, ergonomic design, and durability and reliability.

A carefully curated compilation of the greatest cigar cutters are available in this article. So let’s explore.

1. How to select appropriate Cigar Cutter?

I’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of cigar cutter so you know what to expect.

Cigar Cutters
  • A single blade cutter called a guillotine blade is used to cut off cigar caps. Most cut up to a cigar with a 54 ring gauge. It’s usually the least expensive, but you have to chop quickly and forcefully.
  • Double blade cutter: This tool operates on the same principle as a guillotine but cuts more precisely because it has two blades. Some even feature an advanced spring system that guarantees a precise cut each and every time. Cuts any form; be careful not to cut too low or the cigar may unravel.
  • The bullet puncher creates a neatly carved little hole on the cigar’s head. Punch many holes in the cap for a larger opening. You can use it on any Figurado shape, but it doesn’t require any particular expertise.
  • This one, as you might expect, cuts a V-shape into the cap. It works well on a little ring cigar and gives you more surface area than a punch. Purchase it carefully to avoid damaging your cigar.
  • Similar to a double guillotine, scissors provide a neat, sophisticated cut, but they require surgical-grade stainless steel. They’re also not always transportable.

I started going through hundreds of pictures, consumer testimonials and even my partner’s humidor for this quest before I could narrow the field down to the eight finalists you see here.

The Xikar Xi1 is the greatest cigar cutter overall because it is incredibly well-made from sturdy titanium and the sharpest, hardest stainless steel possible, not to mention that it cuts precisely and crisply. Look no further than Cigar Boulevard Perfect Cigar Cutter if you’re looking for the best help possible in cutting a perfect cigar using a trademarked star shape.

Cigar Cutters

2. 9 Best Cigar Cutters

  • 1. Colibri Quasar 2 in 1 Desk Cutter
  • 2. Xikar XO Cigar Cutter
  • 3. Xikar X8 Cutter
  • 4. Colibri V-Cut
  • 5. Xikar XI1
  • 6. S.T. Dupont Maxijet Cutter
  • 7. Xikar 9mm
  • 8. Colibri SV
  • 9. Xikar Mtx Multi-tool

2.1. Colibri Quasar 2 in 1 Desk Cutter

The best tabletop cutter is this one. Its superior build and quirky aesthetic will enhance your workstation. This cutter can be used in conjunction with the Quasar humidifier and desktop lighter.

1. Colibri Quasar 2 in 1 Desk Cutter

The blades are constructed of stainless steel, while the body is composed of metal. The upper peak, which is powered by lubricated quad pistons for clean, smooth movement, houses the blades. Rubber is along the bottom of the Quasar to keep the cutter from slipping and scratching your desk while in use.

To operate the cutter, press Quasar’s top, and it will open. A V-cut or a straight cut are your options. Apply pressure to the upper quadrant to cut your cigar. The cigar caps will wind up in the cutter’s container. The bottom lid allows you to empty the contents of the container.

  • Two-in-one tool
  • Outstanding aesthetics
  • Robust design
  • Dependable operation
  • The container is quite small; if you share the cutter with a group of friends, you will have to empty the container a few times

2.2. Xikar XO Cigar Cutter

XO consistently produces a neat, uncluttered line. We’ve never experienced jams with this cutter. The best premium cutter for regular usage is the Xikar XO. The body of this cigar accessory is made of aluminum, while the blades are stainless steel. Rockwell-graded blades are used by Xikar. The planetary gear system synchronizes the movement of the blades and equally distributes pressure to them. As a result, every time you receive a precisely straight cut. To fit your style, a range of finishes are available.

2. Xikar XO Cigar Cutter

The XO functions perfectly. To unlock the cutter, press the button located in the space between the wings. The blades will now be released, allowing you to cut your cigar. You only need to press on the blades to lock the wings again.

  • Robust design
  • Magnificent style
  • Outstanding functionality
  • It may be used to trim nearly all cigar vitola
  • It has a lifetime warranty and can be used as a cigar rest.
  • When the body’s polish fades
  • Several of our acquaintances claim that tobacco particles may become lodged in the gear system’s apertures.

2.3. Xikar X8 Cutter

The Xikar X8 includes hardened stainless steel blades and a fibreglass nylon body. The cutter is really nicely constructed. You receive a strong and trustworthy construction. The blades are also extremely sharp. It is not advised to play with them. The blades glide steadily and smoothly even in the absence of a spring-loaded system. Since 2017, Oliver has cut a significant number of cigars and has never experienced any problems with the X8’s operation.

3. Xikar X8 Cutter

Each vitola has an even, crisp cut. He has never known the mechanism to become clogged with smoke. However, you may take the cutter to any retailer that sells the Xikar X8, and they will give you a new one if it becomes dull or begins to rip.

  • Lightweight and small
  • Almost any cigar vitola can be cut with it.
  • It has a lifetime warranty and can be used as a cigar rest.
  • The indentation for the cigar is too shallow, making the cigar easy to roll and slide off the cutter, making the cigar rest a poor choice.

2.4. Colibri V-Cut

This is the cutter to get if you still haven’t upgraded from the inexpensive $5 plastic cutters. Because it lasts significantly longer, cuts cleanly even after cutting hundreds of cigars, and is sharp enough to cut a wide variety of sticks, both large and small, that other V-cutters cannot handle, the Colibri V-Cut more than makes up for its cost.

4. Colibri V-Cut

Ergonomic design and faultless functioning are ensured by the spring-loaded release mechanism. They have a patent on the Colibri V-Cut design. There is a tiny button on top of your Colibri V-cutter that you will notice when you first take it up. The cutter can be opened by sliding this trigger. The blade portion may appear shaky when you initially open it, but don’t worry. When you press the blade shut, it locks into place and slides steadily. Additionally, your cigar gets a neat, crisp V-cut. You must reopen the cutter in order to clean the tobacco parts.

The V-Cut Colibri is a fantastic cigar adornment. Adelina is dependable when it comes to carrying her Brush Chrome Colibri in her purse. For the past 2.5 years, she has smoked and attended numerous occasions with this lovely cutter.

  • well-built structure
  • Design with ergonomics
  • Superior performance
  • Sturdiness
  • Upon opening, the slide could jiggle.

2.5. Xikar XI1

The XI1’s stainless steel blades are set into an aluminium body. This Xikar cutter is trustworthy. The cutter has a rather basic mechanism: pull the trigger to open it, insert your cigar into the opening, and press to close it and cut it. Additionally, you can either purchase a new cutter or return the cutter to Xikar to have the dull blade issue addressed.

5. Xikar XI1

Adelina received this cutter as Oliver’s first gift. Even though the cutter doesn’t have a stopper, Oliver chooses it for Adelina as a beginner smoker since it is dependable, sturdy, and simple to use. As of right now, everyone agrees that the Xikar XI1 is a wise purchase for any cigar enthusiast.

  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Simple to employ
  • Small and transportable
  • A few mention issues with the spring mechanism.

2.6. S.T. Dupont Maxijet Cutter

The Maxijet Cutter appears as stunning as it should. The blades made of stainless steel are incredibly sharp and are designed to stay that way over time. S.T. Dupont’s premium range of cigar accessories is called Maxijet. This line’s items are all sleekly designed with high-end features. The cutter has a smooth, clean moving mechanism that is spring-loaded. Pressing it once causes the mechanism to open; pressing it again causes it to stay closed. Without fail, the Maxijet Cutter produces exact, straight slices.

6. S.T. Dupont Maxijet Cutter
  • Superior design
  • Excellent work
  • Sturdiness and dependability
  • Larger cigars cannot be cut with this cutter.

2.7. Xikar 9mm

An accessory that is easy to use and convenient is the Xikar Punch cigar cutter. Just lift the punch’s body to release the circular, stainless steel blade, which will then chop your stick. It would be best if you pressed the blade back in order to close it. You only need to twist the cap two or three times to get a good round aperture in the cap.

xikar 9mm

The tobacco residue will come off the cutter when you close the blade. You may carry the 9mm cutter on your keychain because it is rather small. Similar to other Xikar cutters, this one also comes with a lifetime warranty from Xikar and a lovely gift box.

  • Dependable
  • Portable
  • Robust
  • Lifetime warranty
  • When cutting a cigar, you have to hold the cutter in the middle; if you don’t, the blade will hide inside the cutter’s body and you won’t be able to cut the cigar.

2.8. Colibri SV

SV’s design could seem complicated at first. However, you will discover that it is excellent after using it. The chopped tobacco is gathered within the cutter’s body to prevent it from falling out of the ashtray. There won’t be any residue within the cutter when you open it, and the tobacco will fall where you want it to.

8. Colibri SV

This Colibri SV 2-in-1 cigar accessory is a substantial item. Its robust design integrates both straight and V-cutter features. There’s no wobble with the SV 2-In-1, unlike the Colibri V-Cut. The slide moves quite smoothly and steadily.

It has been six months since we purchased this cutter. Our office cutter is this one. We think its ideal for this use. The SV is a very good addition that enhances our workplace smoking sessions, but it is a little bulky to take to the golf course or on a trip.

  • Superior and long-lasting construction
  • With a stainless steel blade and a metal body
  • It can be applied to nearly any vitola.
  • Form that is ergonomic
  • When using the straight cut, it can be difficult to gauge how much you are taking off.
  • The guillotine side is less effective than the V-cut side.

2.9. Xikar Mtx Multi-tool

As we’ve already established, experienced smokers should use scissors. The full power of the scissors will become apparent, though, if you attempt cutting a cigar a few times and become an expert cigar cutter with the Xikar Mtx. The straight cut can be changed to fit your preferences. A small survival kit for cigar smokers is the Xikar cigar scissors. A bottle opener, cigar poker, box nail remover, and screwdriver are all available at MTX.

9. Xikar Mtx Multi-tool

You can keep this tiny format, which combines everything, on your keychain.

  • Handy
  • Lightweight
  • Multifunctional cigar cutter
  • More extensive ring gauges cannot be cut.
  • Not suited for those who are new to smoking cigars


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