Trinidad Espíritu Series No. 3 Review 2024

Trinidad, a brand steeped in Cuban cigar tradition, has once again captivated aficionados with the release of the Espíritu Series No. 3.

Known for its rich history dating back to the 1960s, Trinidad has consistently delivered cigars of exceptional quality.

Trinidad was regarded as a classic, Cuban legacy brand for many years. The brand had traditional, straightforward packaging at the time.

Though it was difficult to stand out, the cigars were good.

However, it was altered a few years ago with the publication of Trinidad Espiritu Series No. 1. AJ Fernandez and Rafael Nodal created a vibrantly coloured blend that completely changed the brand’s perception.

Let’s explore more about this cigar.

trinidad espíritu series no. 3 review1

1. Trinidad Espíritu Series No. 3 Specifications:

Vitola: Toro Extra

Length: 6″

Ring Gauge: 54

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Factory: Tabacalera AJ Fernandez

Blender: AJ Fernandez and Rafael Nodal

2. Trinidad Espíritu Series No. 3 Price & rating

Price: $13

Rating: 94/100

3. Trinidad Espíritu Series No. 3 Offered Sizes

Robusto        50 x 5             $11.13

Toro               54 x 6             $12.08

Magnum        60 x 6             $12.68

Belicoso        52 x 6 1/8       $12.61

Fundador      40 x 7 ½          $12.50

4. Trinidad Espíritu Series No. 3 Cigar Review

The third edition of Trinidad Espiritu is the result of Fernandez and Nodal’s continued partnership. The mix has a core made of Nicaraguan tobacco and is wrapped in Mexican San Andres tobacco. This wrapping is gorgeous.

The cigar is smooth and dark, like a piece of art. A rich aroma of dark chocolate, cedar, and subtle spice notes should be anticipated towards the end. This one is one of the rare cigars that tastes as wonderful as it looks.

The third edition of the renowned Trinidad Espiritu saga is represented by the premium cigars known as Trinidad Espiritu Series 3. After Nicaragua, Brazil, and now Mexico, Trinidad Espiritu Series 3 offers smokers a tantalising voyage.

trinidad espíritu series no. 3 review2

Like the previous two releases, Espiritu Series 3 results from AJ Fernandez, a legend in the industry, and Rafael Nodal, a renowned master blender and the recently appointed President of Tabacalera USA.

The cigars rolled at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez in Nicaragua are made from aged Nicaraguan binders and fillers that are all produced on the Fernandez farms.

trinidad espíritu series no. 3 review3

The highlight of the cigars is the gorgeous, dark, oily, San Andres Mexican wrapper, which has undergone additional fermentation to produce a smoother flavour.

Anticipate a medium-to-full-bodied smoke with a smooth, creamy finish and an enticing aroma of black pepper, cedar, and dark chocolate. Once again, AJ and Nodal have produced a superb cigar in the Caribbean style, including striking packaging and incredibly complex and distinctive flavours.

5. Ash & burn

The ash persisted in intervals of one and a half inches, and the burn line was straight throughout. I liked the precise amount of resistance in the pull, and it was flawless.

trinidad espíritu series no. 3 review10

6. Trinidad Espíritu Series No. 3 Flavors


The wrapper of the rectangle-pressed Trinidad Espiritu No. 3 Toro is dark brown, has a fine grit sandpaper feel to it, and has some thick but well-pressed veins.

The caps are applied well, and the seams are lifted just a little. There are two bands: the main one has a red, white, green, and yellow design on the sides and has the corporate emblem.

trinidad espíritu series no. 3 review4

The supplementary band indicates the line and series, which also features the same vibrant pattern.

The foot releases a cedar and stewed fruit scent, while the wrapper emits a blend of subtle smokiness, baker’s chocolate and black soil. There is floral, cedar, black earth, and faint anise flavours in the pre-light pull, coupled with a hint of spice that lingers on my lips.

First third

Toasted cedar, dark earth, and a strong, rather abrasive black pepper flavour lead off the cigar. The black pepper becomes less sharp at a quarter of an inch, but it’s still very strong. The black pepper starts to become less intense around a quarter of an inch. Earth, black pepper, and toasted cedar make up an even combination in the retrohale.

trinidad espíritu series no. 3 review5

A little cocoa powder appears at one and a quarter inches. The black pepper becomes a little less pungent one and a half inches in.

The toasted cedar is slightly ahead of the earth as the third finishes, with light cocoa powder in the background and black pepper in the middle that is still mellow.

Second third

The dirt and toasted cedar come forward at the start of the second third.

The earth takes a tiny lead at 0.5 inches in. Now the retrohale consists of soil, a little black pepper, and toasted cedar.

trinidad espíritu series no. 3 review6

The soil is slightly ahead of the toasted cedar at the end of the third, with cocoa powder just behind and black pepper in the centre. The intensity held steady at just over medium.

Final third

The toast level gets a little heavier and drier as the last third progresses, and the black pepper becomes a little softer.

The earth’s lead in the profile grows at a depth of three quarters of an inch. Now, the retrohale tastes of earth, toasted cedar, and a hint of black pepper.

trinidad espíritu series no. 3 review8

A hint of wood bitterness enters the profile at one inch in. The earth notes emerge first, followed by a strong hint of toasted cedar, black pepper and wood bitterness in the middle, and light cocoa powder in the background as the cigar warps up.

The intensity held steady at just over medium.

Final puff

The cigar started off with notes of dark earth, toasted cedar, and a strong, slightly biting black pepper. A little later, some light cocoa powder was added.

In the second third, the black pepper softened, and the earth took a little lead in the profile. The toast level grew heavier in the last third, and some woody harshness emerged.

The construction was flawless. The Trinidad Espiritu No. 3 Toro had a melt-your-face-off black pepper finish in the first third, but it mellowed and was mediocre in the next two.

The toasted cedar got heavy in the last third, and some wood bitterness entered the picture. I wouldn’t likely try this cigar again because the flavour profile lacked excitement or balance.

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What is the rating of Trinidad Espiritu?

With 94 points, the Trinidad Espiritu No. 1 has earned a well-deserved rating.

What is the difference between Trinidad Espiritu Series 1 and 2?

While Espiritu No. 1 was a Nicaraguan puro, No. 2 had a Brazilian wrapper and filler made of tobacco.

Who makes Trinidad Espiritu?

The forthcoming Trinidad, created in Nicaragua by A.J. Fernandez, is the result of a partnership between Fernandez and Rafael Nodal, Altadis’ head of product capabilities. The strength of the cigars is meant to be medium to full-bodied.

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