Rocky Patel Cargo Review: Explore 2024’s Best Cigars

A living legend in the cigar industry is known as Rocky Patel.

In actuality, his compositions consistently rank highly in rankings of the best cigars. It’s also true that the majority of Rocky Patel cigars are highly expensive.

These aren’t your typical cigarettes that you can just throw away. Rocky Patel does, however, have a few lesser-known, inexpensive cigars in his repertoire.

When I hear the name Rocky Patel, I picture expensive, top-quality cigarettes in exquisitely designed boxes with similarly expensive price tags. Rocky Patel Cargo, though, isn’t like that.

This understated cigar is a rich, well-made delight that you may enjoy on a daily basis without going over budget.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of Rocky Patel Cargo.

rocky patel cargo1

It’s understandable that a cheap bundle cigar would be eclipsed by such a large collection of cigars with ratings of 90 or above.

The good news is that you won’t ever be without one of these after you own one.

The Cargo from Rocky Patel is our favorite that’s why we are going to do a Rocky Patel Cargo Review.

Let’s explore more about this cheap but great cigar

1. Price & rating

Price: $2 per stick

Rating: 4.00

rocky patel cargo2

2. Specifications

Sizes Offered

Super Toro (6.5 x 52)

Toro (6 x 52)

Robusto (5 x 50)

Churchill (7 x 50)

Torpedo (6.1 x 52)

3. Cigar review

Depending on when they heard about Rocky Patel Cargo for the first time, most people believe it to be a recent release.

This stogie was really originally introduced at the 2010 IPCPR exhibition.

That means that it has existed for a while. There were just two sizes available when Rocky Patel Cargo initially launched: Toro (6 x 52) and Toro Grande (6 x 58). Moreover, it was packed in 25-pound boxes and 500-count crates.

rocky patel cargo3

I’m still not sure what they were thinking.

The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf, two binders, and robust Nicaraguan tobacco filler created using the Cuban-sandwich method of putting short filler leaves inside long filler as it is all bunched together make up the Cargo Robusto, which is manufactured in Nicaragua.

Rocky Patel’s incredible Cargo Robusto is a great deal that is hard to resist, especially since it comes in mazos of 20 cigars.

These tasty sticks are ready for practically any situation and ought to be a regular fixture in your rotation.

4. Looks & feel

In essence, the Rocky Patel Cargo blend is a Cuban sandwich. You are probably familiar with what a classic Cuban sandwich looks like.

In the unlikely event that you do not, a Cuban sandwich is a mouthwatering sandwich topped with a variety of grilled gammon, cheese, roasted pig, pickles and other mouthwatering ingredients.

rocky patel cargo4

The irresistible taste is the key takeaway from this. Nowadays, any cigar loaded with both long and short fillers is referred to as a “Cuban sandwich” in the cigar community.

The ideal blend of long and short fillers is found in Cuban sandwich shape cigars.

Rocky Patel Cargo is made up of delicious short fillers from Rocky’s 1961 and 15th Anniversary cigars strewn throughout quality Nicaraguan long fillers.

As a result, the cigar is reasonably priced and offers excellent flavours from the short fillers together with flawless construction and a razor-sharp burn from the long fillers.

rocky patel cargo5

Rocky Patel Cargo also has a double binder from Nicaragua wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut Habano wrapper.

This is meant to be a smooth, easy-to-use stogie with a mild strength. In passing, Rocky Patel’s 1961 was cancelled a long time ago.

The new short filler mix utilised on the Rocky Patel Cargo is still unknown to us. You will too, as soon as we find out.

5. Flavors


My Rocky Patel cargo isn’t particularly noteworthy.

The wrapper is a solid light brown colour, smooth, and has few veins.

Upon examination, there appear to be no pulls or stretches just a consistent give throughout. The cigar has an overall old-fashioned appearance.

rocky patel cargo6

The scent of caramelised sugar, peanuts, fragrant hay, and soil fills the shaft. Hay, cocoa, wood, leather, and an implied type of generic flowery sweetness characterise the cold pull.

The draw is rather close, closer than I would like to admit, but I haven’t made any judgements just yet.

I often divide my reviews into three sections: the first, middle, and last third. But since this is a cheap cigar, we shouldn’t anticipate many flavour changes. So I will go for 2 parts only this time.

First third

The draw on my RP Cargo Toro is a little tight at first, but it produces a lot of smoke.

First flavours that come to mind are coffee, hay, chocolate, and dry cedar. After a few drags, the smoke takes on a nice, thick, creamy feel. A lengthy, earthy, slightly sweet finish with a hint of white pepper is present in the retro.

rocky patel cargo7

More flavours emerge as the cigar burns longer and the draw opens up. I have to admit that this cigar is more fun than I had anticipated.

The palate is left with delicate notes of dry leather, baking cinnamon spice, cedar, and almonds or is that peanut butter?

rocky patel cargo8

 I’ve never tasted anything like this before—a singular, beautiful flavour created by the combination of cinnamon, cedar, and a caramel-like sweetness.

The burn has been really sharp thus far. Though it was a little flimsy, the ash clung to the cigar for about a third of its length. The body is at best medium and strength is at a mild-medium level.

Final third

Once you pass the halfway point, the flavours don’t change. But there is a little flavour of rich, creamy vanilla that clings to the cedar.

Sweet tobacco and subtle leather flavours entice the palate’s front while the lengthy finish is accompanied by nutty undertones. Black pepper and cinnamon undertones combine on the Retrohale.

rocky patel cargo9

The structure of this cigar surprisingly improves with age. Both the draw and the ash are almost flawless at this point.

It was never the smoke output’s fault. Both the body and strength are medium. All of the sweetness and creaminess fades towards the center.

All that’s left are undertones of mild cedar and coffee with natural tobacco notes.

My Toro starts to warm up. In addition, every draw leaves particles of short filler tobacco in my mouth, which irritates the hell out of me. It’s time to put an end to this.

rocky patel cargo10

Final puff

In all honesty, this is a cheap cigar because it comes in a bundle.

It goes without saying that you cannot anticipate the same sensation as you would with a long filler cigar.

Nevertheless, for the money, the Rocky Patel Cargo is a fantastic cigar.

This bad boy, which costs about $2 per stick, is just complicated enough to keep you intrigued the entire time you’re smoking.

There is a lot of smoke output, crisp and clean flavours, and excellent construction.

This is a great cigar to smoke every day or several times a day with as many friends as you like, with the possible exception of the short filler tobacco bits that shoot into your mouth when you draw.

This, in my opinion, is the ideal cigar to present to a non-smoking individual. In this manner, you won’t feel horrible if they don’t complete it.

Tell us about your experiences smoking. We adore hearing from you.

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What else is in the Rocky Patel collection?

Is Rocky Patel good?

Yes, because recently Rocky Patel In 2022, sixty cigars received a 96-point rating from Cigar Aficionado and were named the “#2 Cigar of the Year.”

Who owns Rocky Patel?

Rakesh Rocky Patel is the owner of Rocky Patel.

How many cigarettes are in 1 cigar?

Big cigars usually weigh between five and twenty grammes of tobacco and can be longer than seven inches. A few high-end cigars have as much tobacco as a full pack of cigarettes.

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