Rocky Patel Decade Review: Must Read

Today we are going to do the Rocky Patel decade review, a cigar that was created in honour of Rocky Patel’s ten years in the cigar business.

Originally introduced as a limited edition, the Rocky Patel Decade eventually found its way into the brand’s regular portfolio.

rocky patel decade
Rocky Patel Decade review

If you are wondering why to buy this cigar, then let me tell you that I have been a cigar enthusiast for 20 years and know very well about cigars. That is why I recommend you try this smoothest, silkiest Sumatran tobacco, which envelops the rich, deep-colored Honduran cigar, if you like decent cigars.

Moreover, this cigar has a nutty finish, a slightly fruity flavour, and a creamy texture that coats the palate. It is a highly regarded cigar that is recognised by many as one of Rocky’s greatest mixes.

The Rocky Patel Decade has Honduran fillers and a well-aged Sumatra wrapper. This cigar is smooth and well-balanced, despite its extreme richness. There are notes of black cherry, almonds, and cream in the Rocky Patel Decade.

If you want to explore this classic cigar, you are in the right place.

Explore more to become familiar with this classic cigar named Rocky Patel decade.

So buckle up to dive in.

1. Price and ratings of Rocky Patel Decade

Price: $245 (box of 20)

Rating: 76/100

2. Specifications of Rocky Patel Decade

  • Brand: Rocky Patel
  • Range: Decade
  • Reviewed Vitolas: 6.5 x 52 Toro
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Factory: Taviscua, Nicaragua
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Body: Full
  • Estimated Smoking Time: 95  Minutes
  • Look and Feel of Rocky Patel Decade
rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

Decade has a very straight construction with no soft places or lumps, even though its shape is box-pressed.

In addition, the spring is extremely solid, often verging on hard.

Its wrapping reflects some light and has an aged oak colour with a hint of oiliness.

There may be some rustic elements to the veins. It is, in fact, a little rough.

It does, however, contribute to the cigar’s unique style. The foot smells like cocoa, agarwood, and tonka bean.

3. Rocky Patel Decade Formula Review

While doing the Rocky Patel Decade review, like every cigar we review, I kept it in a Boveda acrylic humidor with 69% RH Boveda packs for a duration of three weeks.

I kept an eye on them with a Boveda Butler to make sure they were settling in appropriately.

Rocky Patel is one of my favourite cigar brands; therefore, I would have anticipated nothing less than the finest from him.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

Despite having a wonderful toothiness, the cigar’s wrapper was pliable and greasy. It smells earthy, almost like a combination of cedar and mushrooms.

I took my cigar out of its humidor and looked it over carefully, looking for any obvious imperfections in the wrapper.

I discovered delicate veins, a steady colour, and a generally attractive cigar. Applying a light pressure from head to foot revealed that this stick had constant tobacco content.

After I could locate no visible soft spots, I proceeded to open up my cigar’s head.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

Pre-light Experience

I used cigar scissors to open the head, and then I looked at the pre-light draw.

It was great, and I liked how there was just enough resistance.

There were no particularly noticeable flavours on the cold draw. Both the exposed foot and the wrapping had a subtle, earthy scent.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

Regarding the prelight flavour, it has a pleasant aroma with deep notes of caraway seeds, chocolate, and tonka bean once again.

The latter leaves the lips with a slightly cooling and bracing sensation.

First-third Experience

I lit my Rocky Patel Decade quickly and easily, and it was smoking heavily.

The body has a medium beginning, a complex finish, and a savoury aftertaste that leaves my palate feeling extremely creamy.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

I find myself drooling over the aftertaste, which seems to extend the finish quite a bit.

The early flavours seem to be washed out by the protracted savoury finish.

I detect notes of wood and a pronounced leather flavour as the cigar is puffed.

The wave of aftertaste immediately sweeps the flavours away as soon as I start to exhale the smoke.

The first third yields a full-bodied, luxurious, and rich smoke. The thick, oily burn line has a small amount of waviness.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

Meanwhile, syrupy cacao dominates its taste. Intriguingly, you also have a fruity note that reminds me of a touch of damson plum but also resembles black cherries.

Lastly, a potent pepper component gives the smoke body and texture, particularly in the retrohale.

Second-third Experience

I had to take off the secondary band after reaching the second third of my Rocky Patel Decade, which took me around forty minutes.

The body remained in the medium range with no development. There was a persistent savoury aftertaste, and the finish stayed creamy.

The flavours of wood and leather got a little stronger and more pronounced as I smoked the cigar.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

They were still being washed out by the savoury aftertaste, although not quite as swiftly as they had in the first third.

A thin, even burn line was produced at an average burn rate.

Excellent draw quality provided copious amounts of thick smoke that were easily inhaled via the sinuses. The room was filled with the gentle scent of resting smoke, which was not overbearing.

Compared to the first third, which was already rather full-bodied, it’s still pretty intense. It has become slightly bitter, and the flavour reflects this.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

Of those, espresso beans or coffee grounds are the most prevalent. In the meantime, the first third’s fruitiness has changed from cooked black cherry to damson plum. That being said, it’s rather sour rather than sweet.

Moreover, the pepper note has remained consistent since the initial third. Although it is still present in the retrohale and on the tongue tip, its intensity hasn’t increased considerably.

Final third Experience

When I entered the last third of my Rocky Patel Decade, I approached the ninety-minute mark.

The body continued to progress at a moderate pace. I was drooling a lot because of its long and savoury finish.

Shortly, the flavours became harsh and sour.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

Unaware of the reason behind my abrupt change in behaviour, I examined the stem on my cigar’s uncovered head more closely.

I was able to remove the majority of the roughness by pulling the stem out fully with a little effort.

About six or seven puffs later, the flavour was back to normal.

Along with the flavours of wood and leather that I had detected earlier, I was also detecting the flavour of nuts.

Though considerably less so now, the savoury flavour still overpowered the foundation flavours.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

The last third is, however, significantly less intricate than the first two. In fact, all that comes through is a blend of pepper and oak.

It’s beefy and flavorful, dense, and profound, yet it’s not really sophisticated.

Ai I have already mentioned, the remainder of the cigar offers a good level of complexity along with a wide range of scents. Its mouthfeel is rich and creamy, leaving the tongue with a light coating.

4. Burn and Ash

The burn line is thin and even, and the burn rate is about average. This stick had excellent burning qualities.

During the first two thirds, there were mostly minor fire difficulties.

Nonetheless, the cigar usually behaves by the last third and doesn’t need to be touched up.

In the pre-light, I also noticed that the draw was a little tight. Fortunately, it opens out rather nicely as you smoke it for people who don’t enjoy too much resistance.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

It has a nice, cold smoke, but in the last third, it could get hotter.

The ash produced by the cigar’s burning is compressed and has a pale colour.

Its great ash backbone makes for some really nice stacks in the interim.

Upon closer inspection, I detect what appears to be a stacking pattern in the ash. There seem to be some interesting, aesthetically pleasing formations in the ash.

5. Overall experience

To be honest, I enjoy the way the band is presented overall, but the band’s colour scheme and typeface seem a little out of date. In fact, it could use a little cosmetic work to update its look.

It does, however, work well and exhibit a certain Latin zeal.

We regretfully are unable to comment on it as we did not receive a box.

rocky patel decade review
Rocky Patel Decade

Nevertheless, based on a few images found online, it seems to have a black, rustic appearance with a stencilled picture in the middle.

For a Nicaraguan mix, the Decade is a touch pricy at $14 RRP per stick.

The individual price drops to $12 when you purchase a 20-count box, which is better but still a bit pricey for the experience it offers.

6. Final puff

The Rocky Patel Decade is flavorful, lavish, and full of character. For those who like strong cigars, it provides an excellent experience, aside from a few minor burning problems.

This is a solid, reasonably priced cigar stick that offers good value. If you want something consistently good, I would suggest keeping a couple of these in your humidor.

While it’s not my favourite Rocky Patel cigar, this one is still a good choice.

So now, give the Rocky Patel Decade a try and share your experience with us.

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What else is in the Rocky Patel collection?

What does the Rocky Patel Decade taste like?

This cigar is smooth and well-balanced, despite its extreme richness. There are notes of black cherry, almonds, and cream in the Rocky Patel Decade.

Is Rocky Patel a good cigar brand?

Yes, Rocky Patel In 2022, sixty cigars received a 96-point rating from Cigar Aficionado and were named the “#2 Cigar of the Year.”

When did Rocky Patel started?

Rakesh “Rocky” Patel, a Hollywood lawyer, grew interested in cigars while spending time with actors in between takes. He quit his legal career to launch the Indian Tabac Cigar Co. in 1995.

Who makes the decade cigar?

Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Company is the production company of Rocky Patel decade.

Who made cigars famous?

After the American Revolution, it is thought that Israel Putnam popularised cigar smoking in the US by bringing back a stash of Havana cigars from the Seven Years’ War. In addition, he carried seeds of Cuban tobacco, which he sowed in the New England region of Hartford.

Rocky Patel Decade series include

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