What is a Premium Cigar – A Detailed Guide

Premium cigars are generally considered to be handmade, larger in size, filled with at least 50% natural longleaf tobacco, wrapped in whole tobacco leaves, and have no filters or mouthpieces, etc.

As a cigar aficionado for 20 years, I’ve tasted many different types of cigars. Taste-wise, I think premium cigars are much better than regular cigars.

However, it should be noted that premium cigars can be just as harmful to one’s body.

premium cigar

By reading this article, you can locate the highest-quality cigars available in markets by their characteristics.

So let’s dive in;

What is a premium cigar?

Premium cigars are generally considered to be handmade, larger in size, filled with at least 50% natural longleaf tobacco, wrapped in whole tobacco leaves, and have no filters or mouthpieces, etc.

Difference between Premium Cigars and Non-Premium Cigars

There is a huge distinction between premium and non-premium cigars. They differ in tobacco, flavor, wrapper, color, and style.

Let’s explore the how and why in more detail.

premium cigar

a. Premium Cigars

According to certified master tobacconists, the finest premium cigars have a few things in common:

  • Premium cigars mature longer and are manufactured with superior-grade tobacco. Typically, premium cigars are created using a carefully chosen combination of tobacco from around the world.
  • Then, these tobaccos are matured for an extended time to give the cigar a strong flavor and scent.
  • Moreover, premium cigars feature a distinctive wrapper, frequently composed of tobacco of a better caliber, and have a distinct flavor and feel.
  • Premium cigars can be expensive and are frequently regarded as the most incredible cigars in the world.
  • Premium cigars are made from a blend of tobacco from all over the world. These tobaccos have been aged for a long time and have a stronger aroma and flavor.
  • High-quality cigars are available in many forms, colors, and flavor combinations.
premium cigar

b. Regular cigar

Cheaper tobaccos are typically used to make Regular cigars and are also matured for shorter periods. They frequently smell and taste weaker; the tobacco used to make the wrapper is typically poorer.

Because Regular cigars are typically less expensive, they are a great option for people on a tight budget. However, those prepared to shell out money for a high-end cigar will be rewarded with a distinctive and delicious smoking experience. Although they don’t offer the same quality and flavor as premium cigar bundles, non-premium cigars are pleasurable.

Can you light a cigar with a regular lighter

Yes, you can light a cigar with a regular lighter. Both premium and regular cigars can be lit with a lighter.

Advantages of Premium Cigars

Premium cigar smoking has several advantages. First, smoking a premium cigar will be far more enjoyable than smoking a mass-produced cigar.

premium cigar
premium cigar

Because premium cigar producers use skill and attention to detail, smoking them is generally more enjoyable, thus when purchasing quality cigars, we advise investing an extra dollar or two per stick for a better experience.

A premium cigar has the following advantages:

A flawless pull.

This implies that you will get a decent amount of smoke, not too little that leaves your throat feeling dry and uncomfortable, nor too much that burns your throat.

Improved flavor profile

It should never taste harsh and be perfectly smooth, sophisticated, and balanced. Excellent construction: every aspect of the cigar’s construction, from cutting the cap to taking the final draw before finishing, should be faultless.

The cigar exhibits the hand-rolled artistry it was meant to be, with a steady burn and ash that keeps together nicely. Furthermore, compared to lower-quality cigars, premium cigar brands are distinguished by their luxurious features, such as how the filler and binder leaves are shaped into a cigar shape.

premium cigar

Consistent Taste

This means you get more consistent results from smoking these premium cigars: if one tastes great one day, it will generally taste great every other time.

In addition to this consistency in quality, they also come in higher-quality packaging than lower-end cigars (such as wooden boxes), which makes them look even more appealing on display at home or in public locations like hotels or clubs, where you can share them with friends while having fun conversations over drinks or food, too.

How much is a premium cigar?

The price of a premium cigar ranges from $20 to $50 or more per stick. While fine cigars can be expensive, almost like investment pieces, they are not always as expensive as luxury cigars.

premium cigar

Characteristics of a Premium Cigar

You’ve heard of premium cigars, but do you know what they have that makes them premium?

Premium cigars are created with carefully rolled and cured premium tobacco.

premium cigar
premium cigar
  • The production process for premium cigars is done by hand, using natural ingredients. Premium cigars are completely chemical-free; curing and fermentation are the only processes that give them flavor and color.
  • Conversely, non-premium cigars are machine-rolled, and their color and flavor profile may change due to chemical modification.
  • A premium cigar uses only the finest tobacco. A quality cigar needs to mature for at least two years. This means that anything that isn’t hand-rolled and carefully crafted in small batches using traditional ways won’t be considered premium if you see machine parts on the production line or mass-production techniques being employed.
  • Even if you are new to cigars, you will notice the difference in flavor, burn, draw, and scent. The smoke’s power, smoothness, and consistency are also crucial when evaluating quality.
  • At least 50% of the tobacco used in the cigar is natural long-leaf filler;
  • It has complete tobacco leaves wrapped around it;
  • For every 1,000 pieces, the premium cigar weighs at least six pounds.
  • There are no filters or tips on the cigars.
  • Other than tobacco, premium cigars don’t include any artificial flavors.
  • As you can see, there are a lot of different aspects to consider when selecting a premium cigar. It’s simpler to judge some of these things than others. You can learn a little about the brand and its quality from the label and band, but not much about how excellent or horrible the cigar will be.
  • The quality of a cigar can be evaluated primarily by examining its wrapper. An excellent wrapper ought to be vein-free, greasy, and smooth. It should feel firm but not hard to the touch. Its excessive softness or hardness suggests problems with the production process.
  • Finally, check the cigar’s aroma; a quality cigar should smell inviting and pleasant without overpowering or overpowering other nearby odors.
  • If all else fails and you cannot determine the quality of a cigar by simply looking at it or smelling it, consider researching the cigar brand or the company that makes that specific cigar.

How do you tell a premium cigar?

Identifying a premium cigar involves assessing several key factors related to its construction, appearance, and overall quality:

Handmade Construction: Premium cigars are typically handmade. This involves rolling the cigars with long-leaf filler tobacco rather than using short-leaf filler or machine-made methods.

Wrapper Quality: The wrapper should be smooth, oily, and free of large veins or blemishes. The wrapper’s appearance strongly indicates the cigar’s overall quality.

Consistency and Construction: A well-constructed premium cigar should feel firm with a consistent texture throughout. There should be no soft spots or lumps.

Aging and Fermentation: Premium cigars use high-quality tobacco that is often aged and fermented for extended periods to develop richer flavors and smoother smoking experiences.

Flavor Profile: The flavor of a premium cigar is usually complex and balanced, offering a range of nuanced tastes. This can be assessed by tasting and noting the balance and depth of the flavors.

Box Codes and Branding: Authentic premium cigars often come with specific box codes, stamps, or branding that indicate their origin and authenticity. Checking these details can help verify the cigar’s premium status.

How premium cigars are made

A premium cigar is like a fine work of art. It can take months to manufacture and process before it reaches your hands.

premium cigar
  1. Cultivation of the tobacco: This process begins with the tobacco seeds in the greenhouse. Specialized farmers carefully monitor the growing environment to ensure the seeds grow in ideal conditions. After a few weeks, only the healthiest and best-developed tobacco plants are carefully selected and transplanted to the open fields.
  2. Harvesting and roasting: When the tobacco plants reach maturity, they are harvested by hand. This step requires a great deal of skill and experience to ensure the quality of the tobacco. After harvesting, the tobacco is transported to a particular roasting room, where it is roasted at controlled temperatures and humidity to enhance its flavor and aroma.
  3. Fermentation and aging: The roasted tobacco leaves then enter the fermentation stage. This stage is key to enhancing the flavor and aroma of a cigar and usually takes from a few weeks to a few months. Once fermentation is complete, the tobacco is carefully sorted and aged to enhance its quality.
  4. Blending and Rolling: The next stage is hand-blending and rolling cigars. This step requires a high degree of skill and experience to ensure the uniformity and quality of the cigar. Different tobacco parts are skillfully blended according to their characteristics to create unique flavors.
  5. Aging and Packaging: The rolled cigars are placed in a specific environment for further aging, which allows the flavors and aromas to be perfected. Finally, the cigars are carefully inspected to ensure they meet the highest standards, then branded and packaged.

Premium cigar brands

Here are some of the top premium cigar brands recognized worldwide:

  1. Arturo Fuente
  2. Cohiba (Related: Cohiba Red Dot Review)
  3. Davidoff (Related: Davidoff Yamasa Robusto Review)
  4. Drew Estate
  5. Padron (Related: Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6, Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Torpedo)
  6. Montecristo (Related: Montecristo White Series Review)
  7. Ashton
  8. My Father
  9. Oliva (Related: Best 10 Oliva Cigars)
  10. H. Upmann

Premium cigar humidors

A premium cigar humidor is a specialized storage container that has several features:

  1. Premium cigar humidors maintain the quality and freshness of cigars by controlling humidity (usually around 65-70%) and temperature (around 70°F (21°C))
  2. High-quality humidors are usually made of Spanish cedar, which helps regulate humidity and repel tobacco beetles.
  3. High-quality humidors usually include a hygrometer to measure humidity, a humidification system to increase humidity, and sometimes a thermometer to monitor the temperature.

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The bottom line

Premium cigars are made by hand. A premium cigar is rigorous in every step of the process, from the beginning of the tobacco selection process to each step of the process, to ensure that each step is perfected and ultimately manufactured into a premium cigar.


Premium cigars have a better flavor and aroma when compared to regular cigars in terms of taste. At the same time, it, like all cigars, contains many HPHCs that can cause cancer and many other negative health effects.

Premium cigars comprise 100% tobacco wrappers, contain cigarillo tobaccos, do not use filters, mouthpieces, or mouthpieces, and are larger and heavier. A premium cigar has a higher tobacco content than a regular cigar.

(1) It is wrapped in a whole tobacco leaf.
(2) Contains a 100 percent leaf tobacco binder.
(3) Contains at least 50 percent (of the filler by weight) long filler tobacco.

Handmade in large sizes with high craftsmanship, at least 50% of the filler is natural long-leaf filler tobacco.

Premium cigars are not inherently healthier than other types of cigars or cigarettes, equally harmful.

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