Case Elegance Renzo Humidor Review 2024

I’m excited to share my personal experience with the Renzo humidor, a recent addition to my cigar collection. The journey with this humidor has been remarkable, beginning from the moment I unboxed it and culminating in a thorough month-long test using my preferred La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars. Let’s dive into the simple yet effective features that make the Renzo humidor stand out.

Let’s explore the features together.

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1. Characteristics of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

Type: Humidifier for desktop use;

Holds 18 to 60 cigars, based on the vitola.

Key Features: Spanish cedar, a magnetic enclosure, a glass top, a drawer to hold smoking accessories.

Producer: Case Elegance;

USA is the origin country;

W/D/H dimensions: 8.5/9/5.4;

Interior and Materials: Tempered glass, dark walnut-finished wood construction, felt-lined bottom drawer, cedar lining;

Lock: No

Drawers: Yes

Tray: One cedar tray

A full humidification system is in place.

Hygrometer: a digital one, indeed;

Capacity of water tank: No

The hygrometer system does indeed come with a digital thermometer;

Lack of temperature control

Lack of ventilation

Level of noise: 0 dB;

Power source: A single CR2 battery is needed.

2. Features of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

Tempered Glass Lid: The Renzo humidor features a lid crafted from tempered glass, offering cigar enthusiasts a window to showcase their collection. This clear top not only allows easy viewing of the cigars’ smooth wrappers but also turns the humidor into an attractive conversation piece.

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Walnut Appearance: Sporting a sophisticated natural walnut finish, the Renzo humidor adds an air of elegance to any setting, be it your office lounge or home. This refined design enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, making it a stylish addition to any room.

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Felt-Lined Drawer: An added convenience in the Renzo humidor is its felt-lined drawer. This feature is perfect for neatly storing smoking accessories such as cutters, lighters, and travel cases. The designated compartments ensure everything needed for a smoking session is organized and easily accessible.

Innovative Humidification System: The Renzo is equipped with an advanced humidification system that simplifies maintenance while ensuring that your cigars are kept in optimal condition. This system is a significant aspect of what makes the Renzo humidor a top choice for maintaining cigar freshness with minimal effort.

  • Glass Lid: A clear view of the cigars without having to open up the humidor.
  • Tight Seal: The secure and effective seal means that the ideal conditions for storing cigars are maintained.
  • Low Maintenance: The season humidification system makes maintenance work easy, convenient for users.
  • Pre-Calibrated Digital Hygrometer: Contributes to precise control by allowing users to monitor humidity levels without having to open the humidor.
  • No Lock: For those seeking even greater security for their cigar collection, the absence of a lock might be considered as Handicap.
  • Sunlight Exposure: Its glass lid must be handled with care, to avoid the direct sunlight which can affect a humidor’s internal tranquility.
  • No Ventilation: The lack of ventilation therefore means that users must open the humidor lid once a month to introduce air and maintain standards that ensure high quality cigars.

Video of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

3. Packaging and Shipping of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

The unboxing of the Renzo humidor was quite an experience. Despite the packaging appearing somewhat minimalistic – primarily using thin polyethylene foam wrap and just a single block of insulation – it surprisingly protected the humidor effectively during transit. The fact that it arrived unscathed is impressive. Additionally, the company offers the convenience of free shipping and returns, which is a significant bonus for customers.

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4. Exterior of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

The Renzo humidor is a standard-sized desktop model, measuring 8.5 inches in width, 9 inches in depth, and 5.5 fourtenths of an inch in height. It boasts a handmade construction from real Spanish cedar, exuding a pleasant wood aroma that doesn’t interfere with the scent of the cigars.

The commitment to sustainability by the manufacturer is commendable; for every humidor sold, they plant a tree in partnership with Trees for the Future, enhancing their environmental responsibility.

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5. Interior of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

The interior of the Renzo humidor is entirely made of Spanish cedar. It features two trays: one for storing cigars and another plastic Hydro tray with a lid for the humidification solution and gel crystals. While the absence of lighting might be a drawback for some, the superior craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials compensate for this. The Renzo is often hailed as one of the best desktop humidors available.

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6. Setup and Seasoning of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

Setting up the Renzo humidor is straightforward, thanks to the inclusion of two humidor solutions, gel crystals, and the Hydro tray. The seasoning process, lasting six days, is made efficient with the use of propylene glycol solutions designed for different climates. The package includes a special solution for winter and dry conditions to ensure effective seasoning.

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7. Capacity of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

The Renzo humidor can hold approximately sixty Petit Coronas or twenty Toros, depending on the size and flavor profile of the cigars. The interior is customizable, allowing users to arrange the space according to their preferences.

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8. Seal of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

The seal of the Renzo humidor is meticulously designed for optimal performance. It features a heavy glass lid that provides a clear view of the cigars and seals securely. Magnets ingeniously incorporated into the lid and box structure ensure a tight closure.

Custom-sized hinges enhance this seal, while cedar coamings, which absorb moisture during setup and seasoning, expand to create an even tighter seal. This is crucial for maintaining consistent humidity. The combination of these elements synergistically forms a protective shield, safeguarding the quality and freshness of your cigars.

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9. Humidification System of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

The Renzo humidor’s humidification system is both innovative and user-friendly. It features a plastic tray with a lid that simplifies adding the humidification solution. A standout component is the Hydro Stick, which offers the flexibility to segregate cigars of different flavor profiles and facilitates rapid adjustments in humidity levels.

For further customization, users can directly apply drops of the humidification solution onto the Hydro Stick, allowing for a more controlled and personalized environment tailored to individual preferences.

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10. Hygrometer, Thermometer, and Thermostat

The Renzo humidor’s instrumentation adds a sophisticated touch to its functionality. A pre-calibrated digital hygrometer, sealed meticulously with silicone, ensures accurate humidity readings. While it includes an integrated digital thermometer, it’s important to note that there is no internal temperature control.

Therefore, the ambient room temperature becomes a crucial factor for cigar storage, and users are advised to monitor the environment closely. This consideration is essential when selecting humidors.

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11. Performance of Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

The month-long test of the Renzo humidor has showcased its impressive performance. A key observation was the consistent maintenance of humidity levels, confirmed by the alignment between the control hygrometer and the built-in hygrometer readings.

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After a month, the La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars stored in the Renzo reached an ideal Relative Humidity (RH) of 70%, starting from 67% RH. The excellent management of humidity resulted in a superb smoking experience, characterized by a consistent flavor profile of cream, cedar, and nuts, along with an even burn. The Renzo humidor has proven its ability to not only maintain but enhance the aging process of cigars, solidifying its status in the realm of premium cigar storage solutions.

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Wrapping Up

After spending considerable time with it, I can assert that the Renzo humidor is more than a mere elegant cigar box. Its efficient seal, comprising a heavy glass lid, magnets, and unique hinges, ensures optimal tightness.

The humidification system, especially with the Hydro Stick, makes precise adjustments effortless. The reliable hygrometer maintains perfect conditions inside. The Renzo has lived up to its reputation; it kept my cigars at an ideal 70% humidity, fostering excellent aging. The resulting taste was sheer delight. For any cigar aficionado, the Renzo is undeniably a valuable acquisition.

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Is Case Elegance a Good Humidor

  • Construction and Design: The humidor is well-made with a good seal and attractive appearance. It features a unique design incorporating a “Hydro Tray” for humidification, which some users find innovative and effective.
  • Digital Hygrometer: The digital hygrometer is considered more accurate than analog models, though it often requires calibration.
  • Humidity Control Issues: Users often find the humidity levels challenging to stabilize during the seasoning process. Instructions for seasoning and calibrating the hygrometer are sometimes unclear
  • Accessory Drawer Fit: The accessory drawer may not fit well, sitting unevenly or loosely.
  • Hygrometer Accuracy: The included hygrometer is often inaccurate out of the box and requires calibration, which can be a hassle for some users.
  • Some users feel the humidor is overpriced compared to similar options available in the market.

Can I use Boveda in case elegance humidor?

Case Elegance explicitly advises against using Boveda packs in their humidors. They have extensively tested Boveda packs and found them to yield poor results. Case Elegance recommends using their own humidor solution and Hydro Tray system.

However, some users have reported using Boveda packs in Case Elegance humidors successfully.

What is the best first time humidor?

I think the first time the best humidor was Case Elegance Renzo Humidor. This humidor has Spanish cedar lining, Hydro System for humidity control, accessory drawer.

Other I also recommend the NewAir 250 Count Electric Humidor.

How Long Will a Humidor Last

A well-maintained humidor can last indefinitely, provided it is properly cared for and maintained. The lifespan of a humidor and the cigars stored within it depends on several key factors: Proper Storage Conditions, Quality of the Humidor, Regular Maintenance, Avoiding Dryness or Excess Moisture.

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Should Cigars Go In or Out of Plastic in Humidor?

When storing cigars in a humidor, it is generally recommended to remove them from their plastic wrappers. This allows the cigars to better absorb and maintain the proper humidity levels, ensuring they remain in optimal condition. Removing the plastic also facilitates the natural process of flavor enhancement, known as “marrying,” where cigars interact and develop more complex flavors. Furthermore, it makes it easier to inspect for any issues such as mold or beetle infestations, and simplifies the rotation of cigars within the humidor.

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