Raching Humidor Review 2024

When it comes to choosing a humidor that will keep cigars fresh, the Raching Humidor is said to have the best storage conditions. This review will look at its specifications, features and design in order for you to decide whether or not it meets your needs.


  • Price: $80-$150
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Capacity: 20-100 Cigars (Depending on Model)
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 5 inches (20-Cigar Model) – 18 x 12 x 9 inches (100-Cigar Model)
  • Materials: Spanish Cedar, Glass, Metal Fittings
  • Humidity: Hygrometer Included with Humidifier
  • Temperature Control: Passive
raching humidor1

Humidity Control

The Raching Humidor includes a hygrometer and humidifier in order to maintain a consistent humidity. It must be checked periodically to ensure that the humidifier is kept at an ideal level of between 65% and 70%, which is necessary to keep cigars fresh and flavorful.


Spanish cedar absorbs moisture well and keeps cigars at their peak; so this is what the interior of the humidor is made from. Usually there’s also some wood combined with glass on its outside surface which allows visibility while protecting what’s inside.

raching humidor2


The lid of the humidor seals tightly so as to prevent air leakage thus keeping stable levels of humidity inside it all along. Magnetic or lock mechanism enhances its tightness making sure that no cigar gets damaged unawares.

Design & Appearance

Raching Humidors are designed classically with windows made out of glass plus polished wooden surfaces for an elegant look. Internal divisions organize cigars preventing them from jostling each other around whereas built-in hygrometer makes monitoring easy by showing current humidity levels within the box.

raching humidor3

Temperature Control

The humidor does not have active cooling system but depends on ambient temperature control and air-tight seals to prevent fast changes. It should be kept in a cool climate controlled room to ensure the freshness of cigars.

Pros & Cons

  • Elegant design with Spanish cedar interior  
  • Available in multiple sizes  
  • Hygrometer and humidifier included  
  • Affordable pricing  
  • No active cooling system
  • Regular monitoring required

Whether It Is Convenient to Carry Around

Smaller models are lightweight and compact thus easily portable whereas larger ones may seem bulky for carrying around hence more suitable for home use or long term storage where they can be left permanently.


Finally, if you are an enthusiast of cigars then this could be your stylish yet practical solution. The Raching Humidor features Spanish cedar lining, effective humidification system as well as attractive design which ensures reliable cigar preservation at affordable price. Although there is no active cooling system, with frequent checks coupled with proper storage, then all shall remain well. Whether it’s just few sticks or lots of them, whether elegance matters most – still Raching Humidor will serve right!

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