Quality Importers Humidor: 2024 Review

My recent hands-on experience with the Quality Importers humidor has been thrilling. As someone who appreciates the artistry of a well-crafted cigar, I’ve rigorously tested this humidor for both its aesthetics and utility. Let’s take a closer look at what this Quality Importers humidor has to offer.

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1. Characteristics

Type: Humidifier for desktop use;

Capacity: Holds 75 to 100 cigars

Key features: SureSeal lid technology. A drawer to hold accessories. Tray of Spanish cedar with three dividers. Inset handles made of brass.

Manufacturer: Quality Importers Trading Co., Inc.

Origin country: USA

W/D/H dimensions: 14.5/10.5/8;

Interior and Materials: Spanish cedar lining, felt-lined drawer, brass hardware, rosewood finish with fine wood inlays;

Lock: Certainly

Drawers: One accessory drawer, indeed.

Trays: One cedar tray, indeed;

A rectangular humidifier is used for humidification.

Hygrometer: Certainly, an analog one;

Capacity of the water tank: Not included;

Thermometer: No

Temperature control: Lack

Ventilation: Lack

Level of noise: 0 dB;

Power supply: There is no need for a power source.

2. Key Features

A thorough review of the Quality Importers humidor reveals its unique qualities. This isn’t just a stylish humidor; it boasts cutting-edge humidity control technology ensuring cigars are kept in an ideal environment. Its robust seal enhances this effect, while its attractive design adds a touch of luxury. Unique features like smart storage solutions, a secure lock, and advanced technology for cigar preservation set the Quality Importers humidor apart from its counterparts.

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3. Packaging and Shipping

Quality Importers’ commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in the packaging and shipping of the Quality Importers humidor. The company takes great care to ensure the product reaches customers in pristine condition, reflecting the high value they place on customer experiences. This level of attention extends from the warehouse, through customs and transport, right to your doorstep.

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4. Exterior

The exterior of the Quality Importers humidor is a testament to aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship. It’s more than just a pretty face; the design showcases meticulous attention to detail and skilled workmanship. The curves, surfaces, and details of the exterior are likely crafted with precision, adding an extra layer of charm.

5. Interior

Delving into the interior of the Quality Importers humidor is a journey in thoughtful design. The layout is organized to provide a clutter-free and efficient space for storing cigars. High-quality materials add a sense of luxury, while the overall construction ensures durability. The interior isn’t just functional; it’s also a stylish safeguard that enhances the humidor’s overall appeal, making each opening of the humidor a delightful experience for cigar aficionados.

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6. Setup and Seasoning

The setup and seasoning process of the Quality Importers humidor is critical for creating the perfect environment for cigars. This detailed process, lasting twelve days, involves wiping the interior with a clean cloth and placing a sponge moistened with distilled water inside.

The environment is controlled away from sunlight to adjust the relative humidity (RH) to 76%. Although cigars were introduced on the twelfth day, the thoroughness of the setup and seasoning process reflects the sophistication in establishing a suitable environment for cigars.

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7. Capacity

The Quality Importers humidor boasts a generous capacity, ranging from 10 cigars of the Panatela vitola to around 100 stored in a hot box style, depending on their size. As a medium-sized desktop humidor, it comfortably holds about 60 cigars, including larger sizes like the Presidente. This versatility makes it particularly appealing for those with diverse cigar collections.

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8. Seal

The Quality Importers humidor features SureSeal lid technology for moisture retention. While there might be some debate over the specifics of this technology, the consensus is that the seal is outstanding. Enhanced by gold-plated hidden quadrant hinges and piano hinges, the seal demonstrates the meticulous assembly of the humidor, essential for maintaining consistent humidity and keeping cigars fresh.

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9. Humidification System

Although the included floral foam humidifier may have limitations, the Quality Importers humidor’s performance is commendable. The humidifier provided stable conditions for two weeks, and the humidor’s ability to maintain consistent moisture levels is evident in monthly re-humidification. Consistent humidification is key to preserving cigars and enhancing the smoking experience.

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10. Hygrometer

The Quality Importers humidor features a glass analog hygrometer, adding a touch of traditional charm to its design. While digital hygrometers offer advantages in precision and readability, they don’t match the aesthetic of a classic humidor. The removable and calibratable hygrometer ensures accurate humidity readings, balancing functionality with a design that enhances the humidor’s old-world appeal.

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11. Thermometer

Lacking a built-in thermometer, the Quality Importers humidor emphasizes strategic placement for maintaining ideal conditions. This review highlights the importance of vigilance against potential issues like tobacco bugs or mold. The absence of a thermometer requires attention to temperature fluctuations, aligning with the humidor’s focus on simplicity and classic design.

12. Thermostat

Similarly, the Quality Importers humidor doesn’t include a built-in thermostat, contributing to its silent operation at 0 dB noise level. The lack of thermal regulation necessitates careful placement away from heat sources and sunlight. This simplicity in design requires active involvement in maintaining optimal conditions for cigars, making the humidor a straightforward, user-friendly choice.

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13. Performance

Over a month-long trial, the Quality Importers humidor demonstrated its capabilities, particularly in the challenging humidity of Tampa’s summer. Its insulation and sealing effectively maintained stable conditions, and the calibrated analog hygrometer underscored its reliability. Post-storage smoking sessions highlighted the benefits of this preservation, including a pleasant burn and creamy-rich smoke.

Wrapping Up

Exploring the Quality Importers humidor reveals it’s more than just a storage box; it’s an experience. The tactile satisfaction of the analog hygrometer, coupled with the humidor’s lack of built-in temperature controls, demands active engagement in preserving cigars. Its energy-efficient insulation and stable humidity, validated through a month-long trial, are commendable. The Quality Importers humidor is not just for storing cigars; it’s a partner in the enjoyment of cigar smoking.

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