NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor 2024 Review

This compact humidor is ideal for budding aficionados who must protect their cigars from the elements in warm or cold climates.

You have likely heard many positive things about this thermoelectric humidor where you can store your cigar collection at home. But today I will add some more detailed information about this product. So, To determine if the NewAir 250 Count wineador is the best option for you, read this article to the end.

Let’s get started;

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor1
newair 250 count electric cigar humidor

I have 20 years of experience with the cigar and humidor industry, and it was also surprising that I have not lit any of the ruined cigars preserved in this refrigerator humidor yet. Advantageously, this NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar humidor can hold a lot of cigars fine because of its large storage capacity.

Its superior door seal aids in preserving the proper humidity and temperature. The perfume of rich tobacco from your sticks will combine with the cedar scent of the shelves and drawer when you open it, making your cigar experience more comforting.

1. Specifications

Type: Thermoelectric humidor;

Capacity: 250 cigars, depending on the vitola and packaging.

Key Features: Digital hygrometer. Secure lock, Two cedar shelves and one cedar drawer, Soft LED lighting, Digital temperature control from 52-74F, Adjustable legs.

Manufacturer: NewAir;

Country of Origin: China;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 13.6/19.3/18.5;

Internal volume: 1.16 ft3;

Interior and Materials: Stainless steel, plastic, cedar, and glass;

Lock: Yes;

Drawers: Yes, one cedar drawer;

Trays: Yea, two cedar trays;

Thermometer: Yes, a digital thermometer.

Humidification: a container where you can put distilled water, humidification gel, or another humidity source;

Hygrometer: Yes, a digital hygrometer;

Water tank capacity: About 17 ounces;

Temperature control: Yes, temperature range from 52 to 74 0F;

Lighting: Yes, a soft LED;

Ventilation: Yes;

Noise level: 35 dB;

Power supply: 110-120 Volt electricity.

2. Key Elements

This NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar humidor’s refrigerator-style seal, which traps all the moisture inside, is its most important feature. It also guarantees that the temperature you’ve set will remain constant. A water bottle you can fill with any type of humidity source, such as Boveda packs or distilled water, is supplied for humidification.

You should get the NewAir 250 Count heating and cooling option. To be referred to as a wineador, a humidor must have temperature control. If it’s missing, you’ll need to monitor the room temperature where your humidifier is situated.

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor
newair 250 count electric cigar humidor

Without opening the door, you can monitor the temperature and built-in hygrometer. You may adjust the temperature and turn the LED lights on and off using the control panel at the top of the door. Additionally, you can flip between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The lock and key shield the sticks inside from unauthorized smokers and inquisitive kids. A one-year warranty will be given to you. A pair of keys for the secured lock and an instruction manual are included with this NewAir. To whom do you give the second key? Exercise caution. You don’t want to lose these stories you have been growing for a year.

3. Pros and Cons

  • Tight closure, like to that of a refrigerator.
  • The temperature is kept steady by the humidor.
  • Incredibly beautifully constructed.
  • The LED lighting works quite well.
  • Legs that is movable.
  • The actual temperature stays a touch below the setting.
  • A greater number of shelf slots would have been ideal.
  • This model’s humidors have some where the temperature stays a little below the setting.

4. Shipping and packaging

The NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar humidor will be kept safe during shipment thanks to the adequate packing. To guard against dents and damage, Styrofoam sheets are placed between the goods and the cardboard box.

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor2
newair 250 count electric cigar humidor

5. Capacity of NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor

This NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar humidor’s name adequately describes its capacity. 250 cigars can be stored; the amount varies based on the viola and packaging. The humidor is small in size for its amount of storage. Because of this, it’s ideal for usage in tiny spaces like your home or a small lounge.

6. Outside of the NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor

18.5 inches tall, 19.3 inches deep, and 13.6 inches wide make up the NewAir 250 Count. It’s bigger than a desktop humidor’s conventional proportions. It’s still smaller than a standalone cabinet humidor, though. Furthermore, if the humidor is on the floor, it will be challenging to open the lock.

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor4
newair 250 count electric cigar humidor

The ideal electric humidor, in our opinion, is lockable and keyed. This function ensures you don’t open your humidor too frequently, which might make it challenging to keep the proper humidity and temperature. In addition, there’s a chance that someone will smoke your sticks. We adore this humidor since it has such a strong lock.

You can always see your cigar collection through the double-pane glass door. The door features a robust rubber seal and a stainless steel frame. You can see immediately that it is well-made and substantial as you open it. The adjustable legs let you precisely align your wineador, a small but helpful feature.

7. Inside of the NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor

Two cedar shelves and one cedar drawer are included with the NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar humidor. They can be arranged however you choose. You may slide the shelves and drawer into four places.

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor5
newair 250 count electric cigar humidor5

Although we appreciate the inside lighting, we wouldn’t place individual sticks on the top shelf rather, we would use cigar boxes. It also works wonders to keep every cigar wet, eliminating the need to constantly open the humidor to let the sticks breathe in fresh air.

Because of the fan, you no longer need to turn and shuffle your smokes. The humidor has a noise level of about 35 dB, which is not loud. Plastic makes up the humidor’s casing. You can store the humidifier of your choice in the plastic container with the NewAir 250 Count.

8. Seal of NewAir 250 Count electric cigar humidor

Like a refrigerator, the NewAir 250 Count electric cigar humidor features an incredibly tight seal. These kinds of wineadors have been very popular lately because you can customize every aspect of the environment where you keep your sticks. Its tight seal guarantees consistent upkeep of the intended qualities regardless of external humidity and temperature.

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor6
newair 250 count electric cigar humidor6

9. System of Humidification

You receive a transparent plastic jar that you may use with Boveda packs, humidifying gel, or even distilled water. Having a Boveda on every level is a good idea if you choose the latter. As for how many Boveda packs you need to put in it depends on how many cigars you put in there.

10. Configuration and Flavouring

You can use the Boveda seasoning packets or distilled water for a more traditional approach. You can select the approach that appeals to you the most.

We decided to use our humidor setup with distilled water. If your humidifier smells like plastic when unpacking, keep it open for a day. The odour ought to go away. After adding distilled water halfway, we put the jar on the humidor’s bottom. The same way you would season a wooden humidor.

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor7
newair 250 count electric cigar humidor

The fact that we did not have to wait long for the RH to increase above 70% was a pleasant surprise. In a week, the RH rose to 74%. We hadn’t used a damp sponge or towel to clean the cedar shelves and drawer, so we anticipated having to wait roughly 10 days. Estimating the distilled water soaked into the sponge or cloth can sometimes be challenging. The cedar sections have a very high danger of warping as a result.

When the RH reaches 74%, it’s time to insert our cigars. Even in early summer, it was not difficult to achieve the necessary temperature. After a day, we had 70 degrees in the humidor since we had just adjusted the thermostat to that level. The lines on the graph are nearly straight.

11. Performance of NewAir 250 Count electric cigar humidor

When we put the three La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars in the humidor, their relative humidity was 68%. We filled the container with the propylene glycol solution after the initial setup.

The humidity was nearly constant over the test month, and the results from the control SMARTRO hygrometer and the built-in hygrometer did not differ significantly.

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor8
newair 250 count electric cigar humidor

The measures of temperature were comparable to the measurements of humidity. The test cigars were kept in the humidor, and after that, the temperature rose for roughly one hour in addition to a drop in humidity. However, this isn’t very important in light of the readings for the entire day. For our NewAir 250-count humidor review, we kept the La Flor Dominicana El Jocko in storage for a month before lighting them, and the cigars emerged with a 70% RH. The experience of smoking was enjoyable.

12. Hygrometer of NewAir 250 Count electric cigar humidor

A digital hygrometer is included with this model of NewAir wineador and is situated on the cedar drawer. Analogue hygrometers were featured on earlier NewAir models. Although the digital hygrometer is easier to use and monitor humidity swings, the analogue one is more elegant.

The NewAir hygrometer arrived already calibrated and operational. Before it was seasoned, the RH value was 50%.

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor3
newair 250 count electric cigar humidor

13. Thermometer

A thermometer is present, indeed.

 It’s an electronic one. In actuality, the chosen temperature is displayed on a digital display. You can adjust the temperature with the arrows adjacent to the display if you’d like. The range of temperatures is 52 to 74 0F. Fortunately, the readout from our SMARTRO control device and the temperature of 70 0F that we set for our NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar humidor review do not differ noticeably.

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor6

14. Thermostat

As we’ve already indicated, the humidor’s temperature is adjustable. Because of its functionality, you can use the NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar humidor in any state and during any season. And it performs its duties admirably. On the days we did not open the door, the temperature did not change noticeably during our test.


How many Boveda packs for NewAir 250?

To determine the exact number of Boveda packs needed, you should consider factors such as the desired relative humidity (RH) level for storing your cigars and the capacity of the NewAir 250 humidor. Boveda packs come in different RH levels, such as 65% or 69%, and various sizes.

How long do cigars last in an electric humidor?

The longevity of cigars in an electric humidor depends on several factors, including the quality of the humidor, its maintenance, and the conditions it provides. In a well-maintained electric humidor, cigars can last for an extended period, often years.

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