Redford Lite Electric Cabinet Humidor: 2024 Review

I’ve recently gotten my hands on a Redford Lite electric humidor, and I’m eager to share my experience with fellow cigar enthusiasts. From the moment I opened its door, greeted by that captivating cedar aroma, to the seamless setup and a month-long trial with my go-to La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars, this humidor has exceeded my expectations. Join me as I walk you through the simplicity, reliability, and sheer pleasure of using the Redford Lite to elevate the cigar experience.

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1. S[ecification

Kind: Electric Humidor Cabinet;

Capacity: 1250 cigars can be held in it, depending on the vitola.

Thermostat with electronic adjustment is one of the key features. Humidity control with electronic adjustment. Control of condensation. With four metal-sliding drawers. Within each drawer are three movable dividers. Movable tray with two dividers that can be adjusted.

Production company: Prestige Import Group;

USA is the origin country;

W/D/H dimensions: 26/26/52.75;

Interior and Materials: tempered and tinted glass, cedar lining, oak construction;

Lock: Yes

Drawers: Four trays in the style of drawers on metal slides;

Trays: A detachable cedar tray

Thermometer, Yes

Humidification: A reservoir located at the unit’s low back;

Hygrometer: a digital one, indeed;

Half a gallon is the water tank’s capacity;

Temperature control: 410F to 710F, adjustable;

Lighting: Certainly

Ventilation, Yes

35 dB of noise;

Energy source: 110–120 volts

2. Key Features

The Redford Lite electric humidor boasts an organized storage system with four drawers on metal slides, each featuring three adjustable dividers. This setup allows you to neatly categorize and access your cigars. Additionally, there’s a removable tray at the bottom with two more adjustable dividers, providing even more organization options.

The drawers glide smoothly, making it easy to reach even the farthest corners. The adjustable spaces in each drawer mean you can store various sizes and types of cigars in a well-organized manner. However, filling the water reservoir, located in the lower rear inside area, can be a bit of a hassle. Another minor inconvenience is the positioning of the control and humidity sensors in the back corner, which can be obstructed by cigar boxes, potentially affecting accuracy. But these are small compromises when considering the humidor’s capacity for aging a large number of cigars.

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At the top of the Redford Lite’s door is an electronic control panel, similar to those found on modern ovens or refrigerators. You can adjust temperature and humidity settings here, with options to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The system memorizes your favorite settings for convenience. The front panel also includes condensation control.

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Another striking feature is its integrated LED lighting, which beautifully showcases your cigars on any shelf, day or night. The humidor comes with a lock and key for added security. Designed with limited space in mind, it’s ideal for dealers who need to efficiently store and sell cigars. The refrigerator-style door seal further ensures the stability of humidity levels, keeping your cigars in optimal condition.

  • Convenient control panel is present.
  • LED lights.
  • Drawers are simple to pull out.
  • Ideal for a sizable cigar collection.
  • Internal climate stability is reliably provided by the humidor.
  • Positioning on the water reservoir is inconvenient.
  • The temperature and humidity readings will be off if the control sensors are covered.

2. Exterior

The Redford Lite electric humidor marries beauty with practicality in its exterior design. Crafted with a robust solid-oak frame, it’s both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The stainless steel-framed, tinted glass door not only enhances its elegance but also allows you to showcase your cigar collection securely.

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The addition of a safety lock with keys further ensures that your cigars are well-protected. Although its size is standard for its class, an extra tray or two might have been beneficial for increased capacity. Nonetheless, the overall build quality of the exterior is remarkable, making the Redford Lite a stylish piece for any cigar enthusiast.

3. Interior

The interior of the Redford Lite is a standout feature. Spanish cedar shelves, ingeniously designed as drawers, add both elegance and practicality, preventing cigars from rolling out. The soft LED lighting along the door frame enhances its appeal, transforming your humidor into an attractive display case for your cherished cigars.

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4. Packaging and Shipping

The shipping and packaging of the Redford Lite humidor are exemplary. It arrived within the promised 5-business-day window, reinforcing Ivy’s reputation for prompt delivery. The humidor was securely packaged in a wooden box attached to a pallet, requiring only a screwdriver to open. This meticulous packaging approach foreshadows the careful handling of the humidor, setting the stage for a positive overall user experience.

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5. Setup and Seasoning

Upon opening the Redford Lite, the aroma of cedar was immediately noticeable, hinting at the experience ahead. The initial setup was straightforward: simply fill the distilled water reservoir and set the humidity to 75%. Within three days, the humidor achieved the desired moisture levels, with every inch thoroughly seasoned. This attention to detail in preparing the humidor was particularly appreciated.

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6. Capacity

The Redford Lite, with a capacity of up to 1250 cigars, offers ample space for various cigar sizes and packaging types. The cedar dividers are invaluable for organizing your collection and can be removed entirely if needed. This flexibility makes it ideal for any cigar aficionado’s specific requirements.

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7. Seal

The seal on the Redford Lite, reminiscent of a high-quality refrigerator, forms a robust barrier against external climate fluctuations. This sturdy sealing system ensures that your cigars are protected from harmful environmental changes, demonstrating the humidor’s reliability and meticulous construction.

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8. Humidification System

The electronic humidification system, featuring a reservoir and an auxiliary fan, is impressively effective. With the ability to set humidity levels between 56% and 78% RH, precise control is achievable. The auto de-mist feature prevents glass fogging in high humidity, while the de-humidification function further stabilizes the internal environment, giving the Redford Lite an edge over standard humidors.

9. Thermostat and Performance

Equipped with a heating and cooling system and a thermostat, the Redford Lite maintains ideal conditions for cigars. Over a month-long test, it performed exceptionally well, adapting smoothly to slight changes in temperature and humidity. This performance demonstrates the humidor’s capability to create the perfect environment for cigar preservation.

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10. Cigar Test

Testing the Redford Lite with La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars proved its excellence. After a month at 70% RH, the cigars showcased superb flavor, taste, and a smooth burn, confirming that the Redford Lite not only preserves but enhances the qualities of high-end cigars.


Overall, the Redford Lite is a superb choice for cigar enthusiasts seeking a humidor that excels in precision, reliability, and user-friendliness. Its well-crafted design ensures safe storage for your valuable cigars, making it an essential accessory for any serious cigar aficionado.

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