11 Best Humidor for Cigars 2024 [After Tested]

Humidor is a box that helps to maintain humidity (RH) range of the humidor to proper degree. It also helps you to store your cigars is 64 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which is generally accepted to be the ideal range for storing the cigars.

By using a Best Cigar Humidor, you can properly store your cigars and be sure that they will remain fresh, keep airtight, maintain consistent moisture levels, and will not let grow to mould on your cigars. Cigar storage is difficult to perfect, especially when choosing a specific form of humidor for your special needs; it can be much more difficult.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the perfect place if you love cigars and want to find the best humidor without going over budget or hustling.

So let’s start;

Our top picks List of 11 Products I’ve Tested

If you like to smoke cigars, you might want to consider how to store them properly so they last for a long time. If cigars are not stored properly, they can deteriorate very easily. With our in-depth guide of the top cigar humidors, we’ll provide you with the ideal humidors to prevent it.

In this list of best cigars, you will find the best humidors for your cigars because, as a cigar enthusiast for 20 years, I have great experience in this field. I have created this list with keen observation and by taking notes about all your needs and requirements.

  • 1. Best Overall Top Rated: CASE ELEGANCE
  • 6. Best Case Elegance: MONOGRAMMED CIGAR HUMIDOR
  • 7. Best for Travel: XIKAR CIGAR TRAVEL HUMIDOR
  • 9. Glass Top Humidor: WOODRONIC ENSTATIT A5043
  • 11. Upgrade Pick: WHYNTER 250-CIGAR COOLER

11 Mini reviews of the Best Cigar Humidors

1. Best Overall Top Rated: CASE ELEGANCE Humidor for Cigar

case elegance humidor1

Type: Desktop humidor;

Price: $159.90, save $29.17 (15%)

Country of Origin: the U.S.A.;

Capacity: 18 to 60;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 8.5/9/5.4;

Power Supply: 1 CR2 battery is required;

Ventilation: No;

Humidifier: complete humidification system;

Materials: A Wood construction with a dark walnut finish, Felt-lined bottom drawer for cigar accessories, Full cedar lining to retain optimal moisture.

Hygrometer: Digital hygrometer;

Temperature control: A digital thermometer is included in the hygrometer system;

Key Features: Glass top, a drawer for storing smoking accessories, Spanish cedar, magnetic enclosure, and patent-pending Hydro System.

  • A lid made of glass
  • Seasonal humidification system with minimal maintenance
  • Digital hygrometer that is pre-calibrated so you may examine it without opening the humidor
  • A storage drawer
  • No lock is present.
  • One drawback of the glass lid is that it requires you to keep your humidor out of direct sunlight.
  • There is no ventilation, so to let your cigars breathe, you must open the humidor lid once a month.

I have had this humidor for almost two years. It is undoubtedly the best cigar humidor available because it is entirely made of wood and contains no acrylic or plastic parts.

Case Elegance is simple to assemble and keep up. Klaro has also made this process user-friendly.

Renzo is a handcrafted wooden structure composed primarily of Spanish cedar. This enhances the experience with a lovely wood scent without overpowering the cigars’ aroma. The humidor is 8.5 inches in width, 9 inches in depth, and 5.4 inches in height.

The inside is composed entirely of Spanish cedar. When you first open your Renzo, you will sense it. Inside are two trays: one made of plastic with a lid that holds the humidification solution and gel crystals and another made of wood for cigars.

The hinges and cedar coamings offer an adequate seal to keep our stogies fresh, and the computerized hygrometer operates without a hitch.

The humidification system is incredibly ingenious. You can quickly season your humidor with two humidor solutions, a box of gel crystals, and a hydro tray.

Setting up takes roughly six days, and using the propylene-glycol solutions for various climates and seasons makes seasoning simple. Additionally, a Hydro Stick is included for rapidly adjusting the humidity and separating cigars with various flavour characteristics.

Read more review of CASE ELEGANCE Humidor.

2. Best Value: NEWAIR 250 COUNT Electric Humidor for Cigar

newair 250 count electric cigar humidor2

Type: Thermoelectric humidor;

Price: $474.99

Country of Origin: China;

Capacity: 200-250 cigars, depending on the vitola;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 13.6/19.3/18.5;

Power Supply: 110-120 Volt electricity;

Ventilation: Yes;

Materials: Stainless steel, plastic, cedar, and glass.

Hygrometer: Yes. A digital hygrometer;

Humidifier: No;

Temperature control: Yes. A digital thermometer;

Key Features: Digital hygrometer. Secure lock, Two cedar shelves and one cedar drawer, Soft LED lighting, Digital temperature control from 52-74F.

  • tight closure, such to that of a refrigerator
  • The humidifier keeps the temperature steady.
  • Exceptionally well-made attractive design
  • The temperature stays a little below the desired level.
  • If the shelves had had more slots, that would have been nice.
  • There is room for improvement in the lighting.

The superior door seal from NewAir aids in preserving the ideal humidity and temperature. The perfume of rich tobacco from your sticks will combine with the cedar scent of the shelves and drawer when you open this newair 250 count electric cigar humidor.

18.5 inches tall, 19.3 inches deep, and 13.6 inches wide make up the NewAir 250 Count. It’s bigger than a desktop humidor’s conventional proportions.

It’s still smaller than a standalone cabinet humidor, though. Furthermore, if the humidor is on the floor, it will be challenging to open the lock.

The humidor comes with two cedar shelves and one cedar drawer. They can be arranged however you choose. You may slide the shelves and drawer into four places.

We appreciate the inside lighting, but we wouldn’t place individual sticks on the top shelf. Rather, we would use cigar boxes. It also works wonders to keep every cigar wet, eliminating the need to constantly open the humidor to let the sticks breathe in fresh air.

Thanks to the fan, you do not have to rotate and move your cigars around. The humidor has a noise level of about 35 dB, which is not loud.

A digital hygrometer is included with this model of NewAir wineador and is situated on the cedar drawer. Analogue hygrometers were featured on earlier NewAir models.

Although the digital hygrometer is easier to use and monitor humidity swings, the analogue one is more elegant.

The NewAir hygrometer arrived already calibrated and operational. Before it was seasoned, the RH value was 50%.

When it was time to smoke the La Flor Dominicana El Jocko, we stored them for a month for this NewAir 250-count humidor review, and stogies came out with 70% RH. The experience of smoking was still enjoyable. Read more review of NEWAIR 250 COUNT Electric Humidor.

3. Best large capacity: Newair 840 Count Electric Humidor for Cigar

newair 840 count electronic cigar cooler and humidor3

Model: NCH840BK00

Price: $1,660.51, save8%

Product Type: Electronic Humidor, Climate Controlled With Heater

Product Dimensions: 23.62″D x 19.01″W x 32.30″H

Product Internal Volume: 4.13 ft3

Product Weight: 81.4 lbs.

Product Color: Black

Application: Stores Cigars

Certifications: ETL/cETL, DOE, CEC

Capacity: 840

Sliding Shelves: 3

Drawers: 1

Reversible Door: No

Key and Lock on Door: Yes

Interior Lighting: Yes, soft LED

Material Lined With: Spanish Cedar

Adjustible Shelves: Yes

Adjustible Legs: Yes

Includes Hygrometer: Yes

Water Tank Capacity 50.7 fl oz

Est days of operation/tank: 1 week

Temperature Range: 54° – 72° F 

Ambient Temperature Range: 68° – 77° F 

Interior Light: Top and side LEDs, white, auto on/off

Adjustable Legs: Yes

Refrigerant: R600a  

Key Features:

Large capacity, Opti-Temp™ climate control (heating/cooling), Built-in humidification system, Digital hygrometer/thermostat, Digital-touch controls, Full glass front door, Door-rimmed LED lights, High-quality cedar shelves/drawers, Full-extension drawer slides, Key/lock set, Adjustable feet for leveling.

As any true cigar enthusiast will tell you, keeping the ideal conditions is essential to retaining the flavour and scents of each unique stick. Thanks to its advanced climate control features, which allow you to easily adjust the humidity and temperature at the touch of a button, the NewAir 840 Count Cigar Humidor makes it easier than ever to store your collection.

Roomy enough for even the most enthusiastic collector, the Spanish cedar drawers and LED lighting offer flair and functionality to this cigar cooler.  

With a capacity of more than twice that of the NewAir CC-300H Humidor (rated at 400 cigars), which is the next lower model in the company’s collection, the NewAir NCH250SS00 is the most ambitious humidor that NewAir has produced to date.

They adjusted the wall density in the NewAir NCH840 to obtain additional space. The drawers have a lovely appearance and are well-made. The humidor exhibits a significant improvement in overall elegance compared to its predecessor generations.

All your favourite smokes are accessible quickly and easily thanks to the excellent rolling sliding mechanism used to mount the drawers. I adore that the drawers slide out, making reaching the ones you conceal in the back easy.

Maintaining humidity and temperature control across a humidor this size is difficult, but the NCH840 performs well, particularly regarding temperature. My humidifier is set to 64 degrees with 68% humidity.

I recorded the humidor’s performance over five days using a combination of Xikar and calibrated Boveda butler hygrometers.

4. Elegant Value: CLASSIC COLLECTION EBONY Humidor for Cigar

classic collection ebony4

Country of Origin: China

Price: $181.95

Type: Desktop

Lining: Spanish cedar

Finish: African Ebony & Birdseye Maple

Hygrometer: Analogue

Humidifier: Yes

I was originally drawn to this model because to the exquisite black ebony and maple finish on an affordable budget.

But we were also pleased with how it performed! Like the Old Glory, though, we did away with the original humidifier in favour of a mounting plate from Boveda that can hold a 320g pack.

The ornamental analogue hygrometer isn’t very dependable either, so we added a Boveda Butler to check the moisture levels routinely.

5. Premium Humidor: Daniel Marshall 125 Humidor Burl Private Stock

5. daniel marshall 125 humidor burl private stock humidor

Country of Origin: USA [Santa Ana, CA]

Price: $495.00

Type: Desktop

Lining: Spanish Cedar

Finish: Burl

Hygrometer: Digital

Humidifier: Yes

The Daniel Marshall Signature Burl humidor was one of the more expensive alternatives, but we liked it. You can easily remove and change your devices because of the magnetic veneer lining the black ebony lid, which is handcrafted in Santa Ana, CA.

Additionally, a dependable digital hygrometer and proprietary humidifier are included with this humidor. Read more reviews at Daniel Marshall 125 Humidor.

6. Best Case Elegance: Monogrammed Humidor for Cigar

6. monogrammed cigar humidor

Price: $119.99

  • Fantastic present
  • digital hygrometer
  • Storage for onboard accessories
  • Some issues maintaining humidity levels

For those seeking a thoughtful present for a cigar enthusiast, the dependable Case Elegance offers a unique humidor that is both eye-catching and visually appealing.

The monogramming option allows you to customize this humidor superbly. Make it special, whether you’re buying it for someone else or yourself.

This little desktop humidifier is unique in that it has a digital hygrometer. This enables you to carefully monitor the humidity levels and ensure they remain near the ideal 70F range for storing cigars.

You gain from the cedar lining within the humidor because of its ability to hold moisture.

The process of maintaining humidity levels is really easy. These include a few hydro sticks you coat with distilled water and propylene glycol solution to keep the levels where they should be.

The accessory storage is a fantastic bonus that lets you keep your cigar cutter, lighter, and other necessities handy and ready to go.

This is one of the greatest cigar humidors available; it looks fantastic and offers excellent performance.

7. Best for Travel: XIKAR CIGAR TRAVEL Humidor for Cigar

7 xikar cigar travel humidor.

Country of Origin: China

Price: $33.99

Type: Desktop

Lining: Spanish cedar

Finish: African Ebony & Birdseye Maple

Hygrometer: Analogue

Humidifier: Yes

Changing the humidification unit as needed for extended storage and varying temperatures will depend on the quantity of cigars, humidity, temperature, and freshness.

Thanks to the foam cradle, your cigars will always be securely tucked inside the case. Don’t forget to close your portable humidor to keep it sealed when not in use. Keep the humidor sealed to retain the humidity and extend the life of your cigars. Varying cigar sizes could impact the capacity.

I needed a humidor for travel and this worked flawlessly. Smooth egg crate foam is used and still functioned well. It’s also capable of holding a sizable amount without the foam.

Read more detailed review of XIKAR CIGAR TRAVEL Humidor.

8. Best Budget: MANTELLO GLASS-TOP Humidor for Cigar

8. mantello glass top cigar humidor
  • Fits up to 100 cigars in it.
  • Detachable cedar tray
  • ideal present for cigar enthusiasts
  • Some quality control issues

Next up is another Mantello humidifier, this one a little bit larger for a desktop.

Depending on how thick your collection is, you can fit between 50 and 100 cigars inside this item. This is best suited for recently established collections.

If you wish to maintain the finest characteristics of your cigars while keeping them, you must maintain the proper humidity and temperature conditions. Mantello elegantly meets the needs of each of these sectors.

The built-in hygrometer makes it easy to monitor the relative humidity (RH) levels. Your cigars should remain at the ideal temperature even after being arranged inside the tray.

The felt-lined base ensures you won’t scratch your desk while attempting to protect your cigars, and the Spanish cedar lining works as promised.

The solid brass hinges are also decorative. A humidor like this would be a wonderful present for anyone who enjoys a good cigar. If you can avoid the need to keep the humidor for yourself, that is.

9. Glass Top Humidor: WOODRONIC ENSTATIT A5043 Humidor for Cigar

9. woodronic enstatit a5043

TypeDesktop humidor;

Price: $79.99

Country of Origin: the U.S.A.;

Capacity: 25-50 cigars;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 10.75/9.25/5.75;

Power Supply: No batteries are required;

Materials: Wooden construction with ebony finish and cedar interior. Acrylic glass display window on the lid. Spanish cedar liner and divider. Scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom.

Hygrometer: Yes. A digital thermo-hygrometer;

Humidifier: Yes; 

Temperature control: Yes. A digital thermo-hygrometer;

Ventilation: No;

Key Features: Acrylic window. Storage drawer. An ebony finish. One cedar divider.

  • large glass window
  • opulent black finish
  • A drawer with smoking accessories
  • Practical and fashionable drawer handle
  • No lock
  • No ventilation

You can see your cigarettes from a broad perspective with the Woodronic Enstatit A5043. The humidor’s two humidification options—a crystal gel humidifier or two Boveda 72% humidity control packs are another feature we enjoy.

The electronic thermo-hygrometer at the front shows the temperature and humidity inside. The lid shuts securely to maintain the proper level of humidity. The digital hygrometer is simple to calibrate, even if it is wrong by a few percent.

For the US and Canadian markets, shipping is free. As far as we can determine, Woodronic provides excellent customer service.

You can set the handle-equipped cigar accessory drawer on the table in your cigar lounge. You may keep all of your accessories in one location and organize them this way. It is an excellent small cigar humidor for regular use.

Read more detail review of WOODRONIC ENSTATIT A5043 Humidor.

10. Handmade: BALD EAGLE HANDMADE Humidor for Cigar

10. bald eagle handmade cigar humidor

Price: $36.99

  • Elegant desktop option
  • Dark walnut hue
  • Not easily scratched below
  • Imprecise hygrometer

Next up, Bald Eagle makes a daring entry with this little, handcrafted humidor, perfect for a desktop.

The capacity of a tiny cigar humidor is rather restricted, as one might anticipate. However, you’ll have room for twenty to twenty-five sticks, which fit nicely in modest collections.

The humidor is completed with a rich, dark walnut made of Spanish cedar. There are different colour options.

Utilize the onboard hygrometer to control humidity levels to the fullest. We received a few complaints from unhappy customers questioning the hygrometer’s accuracy.

You’ll value the humidor’s scratch-resistant backing if you use it on a desk.

Despite the apparent humidity level inaccuracies, this desktop humidifier is valuable and should be added to your shortlist.

11. Upgrade Pick: WHYTNER ELITE TOUCH CONTROL Humidor for Cigar

11. whynter 250 cigar cooler

Price: $300.35

  • Consistent circulation
  • LED temperature display
  • Removable cedar drawer
  • It Doesn’t hit 70F

And now for the entry today from the only Whynter…

With its roomy 1.2 cubic feet of inner storage, you can fit more than 100 of your favourite cigars within.

The analogue hygrometer is unfussy yet enables exact humidity monitoring to guarantee optimal levels for preserving your stogies long-term.

While most customer reviews for the Elite are excellent, we found some issues with the temperature not reaching 70F, which is frequently mentioned as the ideal temperature for cigar storage. Through the LED, you can monitor the temperature.

Warm or cold areas are eliminated; unlike in other less expensive and ineffective cigar humidors, thanks to the fan-forced circulation system that guarantees constant and balanced cooling.

Spanish cedar is used in the construction of drawers and shelving. This retains moisture just right for storing cigars, and the aroma gives off the distinct cigar smell while keeping. Because of the thermoelectric cooling system, none of the noise or vibration that plague some of the less effective humidors in this class will bother you.

Whynter struck gold again with the renowned Elite cigar humidor, which is perfect for anyone wishing to showcase an ambitious collection of cigars at home or in a small cigar business that needs a display at bay.

How we picked these best Humidors

The built-in features of a high-quality humidor make it simple to maintain the right humidity levels and retain the flavours of your cigars. The top factors to think about while purchasing a humidor for your collection are as follows:

Eight essential aspects were taken into concern when I compiled this list of best humidors for your cigars:

  1. The quality of the seal and lid
  2. Spanish Cedar
  3. The materials used
  4. The insulation
  5. Capacity
  6. Dimensions
  7. The ease of maintenance
  8. The price/quality ratio
  9. The inclusion of extra features
  10. The presentation of the product

Here are the details of things to consider when buying a humidor.

Quality of Seal and Lid

The main components that maintain humidity are its seal and lid. The robust lid and excellent seal stop the temperature from changing too much. Your sticks will lose their vital oils and become unfit for smoking if they are not kept in the proper conditions.

Not to mention the ageing of your cigar collection. If the humidor doesn’t have a tight seal, it doesn’t belong on our “Best” list.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review6

Spanish Cedar

A humidor lined with Spanish cedar is best for ageing cigars and imparting flavours, making it a great choice. Additionally, Spanish cedar promotes consistent moisture levels and insect repellent. Spanish cedar absorbs excess moisture by expanding and contracting, so averting the formation of condensation.

Although Spanish cedar is unlikely to be used entirely in appliance-style humidors, it also makes wonderful shelves and drawers.

Used Material quality

A humidor’s construction materials impact its quality in multiple ways. First, the maintenance and retention of temperature and humidity and second its durability and robustness.

davidoff travel humidor review


It’s not the case that the above requirements are being reiterated despite the appearance of such. Temperature has an equal impact on cigar ageing and storage. A humidor with good insulation maintains a constant temperature regardless of ambient temperature changes.

Superior insulation shields your cigars from outside elements and aids in humidity maintenance. This includes crushing your cigars when it comes to travel storage facilities.


A humidor’s capacity is often determined by how many Churchill cigars it can contain. A Churchill cigar has a 48 ring size and is usually 7 inches long.

quality importers solana humidor3

So always select a humidor with a capacity of roughly 30% greater than the number of cigars you intend to store; it will help ensure optimal airflow in your humidor. This will also provide space for growth and equal humidity distribution throughout each cigar.

Capacity and Dimension

A high-quality design is indicated by optimal storage capacity in respect to outward dimensions. Combining optimal insulation with a big storage capacity in a compact size is the essence of the art of humidor building. When selecting a humidifier for your house, this ratio is crucial.


Does this require an explanation?

This feature is crucial because no one likes spending money on pricey items that are a time and money waster. In addition, you can end yourself damaging some expensive cigars.

davidoff travel humidor review

However, a cheap humidor is not a durable, high-quality item. Furthermore, long-lasting materials and superior design come at a considerable cost to producers.


Monitoring and maintaining the right moisture levels would be simpler when a humidor’s humidity levels are measured with a hygrometer.

You may easily read the best hygrometers without opening the humidor, preventing any chance of upsetting the interior climate. Compared to analogue meters, digital hygrometers are frequently more accurate and easier to read. So while choosing a Humidor for you, check for its hygrometer.

Extra added features

There are countless designs of humidors available to suit every taste. Simple boxes can have any wood on the outside, but the interior is made of Spanish cedar. Grain variations and inlays are highly sought after.

Humidors in the wineador design resemble kitchen appliances, so you might want to match the finishes in your house. The most common materials are stainless steel and black.

davidoff travel humidor review


First, since you will be using your humidifier for a long time, it must be easy to maintain. This characteristic reflects the caliber of the unit’s materials, construction, and design. For extended storage, the humidor should be simple to season and clean.

The conditions for your cigars may suffer if the humidor is difficult to clean and season.

Humidor types

There is a large variety of sizes, styles, and costs for humidors, and there is always a humidor available in the market for every need and taste. The difficult aspect is limiting your search to one or two all-purpose home humidifiers; for example, you could require a travel humidifier.  

Make sure you choose the ideal humidifier for your needs. Here, I have compiled a list of the types of humidors to make it easy to choose the type of humidor you want.

You can visit our website for more details and reviews about these humidors.

  1. Single Chamber Humidor
  2. Desktop Humidor
  3. The Multi-Tier Hinge Top Humidor
  4. Glass Top Savoy Humidors
  5. Travel Humidor
  6. Electric humidors
  7. Humidor Jars
  8. Pocket Humidor
  9. The Napoleon Humidor
  10. Cabinet Humidor
  11. Walk-In Humidors


We hope our comprehensive guide to the top cigar humidors has provided you with all the information you need to select the ideal storage option.

The two most important factors in your purchase selection will be overall size and capacity. To save you from disappointment, account for each of these factors.

You may make an informed purchase if you stick with any humidors on our shortlist. We outline the advantages and disadvantages of different humidors so you can quickly determine which fits you the best. We hope our quick buying advice may help you if you come across a humidor we didn’t review today.

Don’t hesitate to buy now.


What is the best humidor setting for cigars?

It is crucial to maintain your humidor between 65-74% humidity and below the maximum temperature of 73°F (23°C). The ideal temperature and humidity are 70°F (21°C) and 70%. We advise getting a digital thermometer and hygrometer to regulate the humidity and temperature within your humidifier effectively.

How long can cigars last in a humidor?

Cigars can remain in a humidor for several months to several years if stored properly. Ensure humidity is between 65% and 75% to give your cigars the longest possible shelf life. Maintaining a temperature between 65°F and 72°F is also recommended.

Do humidors make cigars better?

Your cigars will age well over time if you store them in a humidor. Like a good wine, cigars perform best when allowed to age; however, they must be maintained properly, at the right temperature and humidity, or they will quickly lose their freshness and quality.

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