Best Case Elegance Humidor Review 2024

We’ve used it for nearly two years, and it’s one of the better old desktop solutions.

Wood, no plastic, and no acrylic.

All of the sticks we’ve smoked from the Renzo were in superb smoking shape.

Renzo is extremely simple to set up and maintain. Klaro has simplified this process.

And the humidification system is quite convenient, both when in use and when not.

Discover more in our Renzo by Case Elegance review.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review1

1. Specifications

Type: Desktop humidor

Manufacturer: Case Elegance

Country of Origin: the U.S.A

Capacity:  18 to 60 cigars, depending on the vitola

Dimensions: 8.5/9/5.4

Power Supply: 1 CR2 battery is required

Ventilation: NA

Materials: Made of high quality wood lined material and glass

Hygrometer: NA

Humidifier: Yes

Temperature control: Yes

2. Price & Rating

Price: $89.99

Rating: 4.7

3. Humidor Review

a. Key Features

This humidor features a glass top, drawer for storing smoking accessories, Spanish cedar, magnetic enclosure, and Hydro System.

It’s great to be able to gaze at the sleek wrappers and show your pals what you’ve got. And the tempered glass on top provides that opportunity.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review3

The walnut finish makes an appealing complement to your office or home living area.

A felt-lined drawer is also a convenient feature.

b. Packaging

The box includes a printed, complete instruction that allows you to read or scan the QR code and view videos on how to operate your glasstop humidor.

There is a website where you may register your product and receive a warranty.

You will know the solution to the question, “How do humidors work?”

case elegance glass renzo humidor review2

Everything you need for a smoking session is in one place: a cutter, a lighter, and a travel case, or whatever else you can fit within and find necessary.

The product includes two bottles of humidification solutions for various climates, a pack of gel crystals, a hydro tray, and a hydro stick.

c. Set up

Set up and store your humidor with ease using two humidor solutions, a pack of gel crystals, and a Hydro tray.

Setup takes around six days, and seasoning is simple with propylene glycol solutions for various climates and seasons.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review4

d. Seasoning

Depending on your climate, you should use the ordinary propylene glycol solution or the extra-strength humidifier solution for winter and dry areas.

If you have not achieved 68-70% humidity after three to six days, try adding the extra-strength solution to the tray, closing the lid, and waiting a few more days.

e. Exterior

The Renzo’s size is standard, if there is such a thing as standard size for desktop humidors.

The humidor’s dimensions are 8.5 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 5.4 inches high.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review5

This humidor is composed of handcrafted wood and features plenty of genuine Spanish cedar.

This enhances the experience with a delightful wood aroma while having no effect on the aroma of the cigars themselves.

We appreciate that the maker planted a tree when we purchased this humidor, as they work with Trees for the Future.

f. Interior

A cedar lining, wood construction with a dark walnut finish, tempered glass, and a felt-lined bottom drawer.

The inside is entirely constructed of Spanish cedar.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review6

You will feel it when you first open your Renzo.

Inside, there are two trays: a cedar tray for cigars and a plastic Hydro tray with a cover for holding humidification fluid and gel crystals.

It would have been stunning if there had been illumination, but there was none.

g. Capacity

You can hold roughly sixty Petit Coronas and twenty Toros.

It all depends on the size and flavour of your cigars.

If you have cigars with diverse flavour profiles, you’ll need more space to separate them than to store them.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review7

h. Humidification System

Yes, it has a complete humidification system.

A unique humidification mechanism makes the Renzo simple to maintain while keeping your cigars fresh. The humidification system is really creative.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review8

It is made of a plastic tray with a lid into which you pour a humidification solution.

Depending on your climate, you should use the ordinary propylene glycol solution or the extra-strength humidifier solution for winter and dry areas.

i. Hygrometer

Yes, it has a digital hygrometer. Case Elegance uses a European sensor to obtain exceptionally accurate measurements.

So far, our digital hygrometer is operating properly. Every three months, we check the readings and season the humidor.Renzo’s humidor digital hygrometer is silicone-sealed for complete protection.

The hygrometer hole does not allow air to enter or exit the humidor.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review9

j. Thermometer

Yes, a digital thermometer is included in the hygrometer system. An integrated digital thermometer provides thermal management for the hygrometer system.

k. Thermostat

You have no control over the humidor’s internal temperature. As a result, you must keep an eye on the temperature in the room where your humidor is stored.

case elegance glass renzo humidor review10

4. Pros & Cons

  • A glass lid.
  • Tight seal.
  • Low maintenance and season humidification system.
  • Pre-calibrated digital hygrometer that you can check without opening the humidor.
  • A drawer for storage.
  • There is no lock.
  • The disadvantage of the glass lid is that you have to make sure that your humidor is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • No ventilation, so you have to open the humidor lid once a month to ventilate your cigars.

Last Words

This traditionally designed desktop humidor is larger than the most popular Renzo model and features rich saddle brown vegan leather and polished gold metal hardware.

Unlike competitors, the interior is constructed with 5mm thick solid cedar walls that retain humidity, making cigar storing simple.

The innovative patent-pending Peg System allows you to stack your cigars in whatever order you wish.

The modular walls slot into a grid in the wood tray cover at the bottom of the humidor, allowing you to arrange your cigars exactly how you like.

While the other guys provide little to nothing, it has included everything you need to get started with your new humidor.


Is Case Elegance a good humidor?

Case Elegance humidors are among of the best on the market, designed not only to look nice but also to make it easy to store your cigars safely.

Where is Case Elegance humidor made?

Case Elegance has extensive experience creating and expanding high-quality businesses. Although their crew is distributed over the globe, its main base is in Indianapolis.

How do you maintain a case elegance humidor?

The most important thing you can do to keep your humidor running properly is to maintain consistent humidity. Humidors perform best between 65 and 72 percent humidity and should be kept at a comfortable temperature—70 degrees, give or take, is a reasonable guideline.

Can you use Boveda packs in a case elegance humidor?

Your CE Humidor is designed and optimised for usage with Case Elegance-provided and supplied accessories, such as our CE Humidor Solution and CE Hydro Sticks. We conducted extensive testing using Boveda packets in our humidors and could not achieve satisfactory results. We don’t advocate using them.

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