Plasencia Alma Fuerte Review 2024

Everyone needs to take some time in life to reflect on their lives. Today I’m looking for a cigar with a strong Nicaraguan tobacco soul, Plasencia Alma Fuerte. Even its name depicts its natural characteristics.

It was released in 2017, this Nicaraguan puro and is made with tobacco from the top-growing districts of the nation Condega, Estelí, Jalapa, and Ometepe which are known as Nicaraguan Criollo ’98.

This cigar is one of the most exquisite handcrafted cigars you will ever see, it has three bands made of heavy-weight paper and is covered in a wrapper grown in Jalapa Shade.

Its features are stunning, like splashes of gold, and its black appearance is evident throughout.

Before we explore this classic cigar, I want to enlighten you about the origin and history of this cigar and the Plasencia family and Company.

Let’s get started, then

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1. Plasencia Alma Fuerte Origin

The Plasencia family’s passion for tobacco began when Eduardo Plasencia immigrated to Cuba in 1865 from the Spanish Canary Islands.

He farmed tobacco on a small farm, and when his nephew Sixto joined the business, the Plasencia family’s reputation expanded. But the 1959 Cuban Revolution put an end to their rise.

Since Fidel Castro had taken over all of their fields, Sixto and his family had nothing left when they left Cuba for Mexico.

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Nestor Sr., Sixto’s son and a Cigar Aficionado Magazine Hall of Fame inductee, was just fifteen years old.

They left Mexico after two weeks, moving to Honduras, where Sixto was contacted by two tobacco businesses offering him jobs.

After three months of employment, he relocated the family to Honduras. After completing his studies at the agricultural institution, Nestor Sr. teamed up with his father on a tobacco plantation near Jalapa. Regretfully, the second revolution occurred in 1979, making it unsafe for Cubans to remain in the nation.

While Sixto flew to Miami, Nestor Sr. withdrew to Honduras to begin anew.

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Despite a blue mould epidemic decimated the family’s crops, Nestor Sr. persisted in ploughing through and frequently traveled to Honduras to assist his son.

He is now considered “one of the foremost tobacco experts in the world,” by the year 2000, the business will be making sticks for thirty different brands.

The fifth generation of the Plasencia family Néstor Andrés, Gustavo, and José Luis Plasencia launched the Plasencia Cigars that are known today after all that time spent cultivating tobacco and producing cigars for other businesses.

Now let’s see how their debut stick performs.

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2. Plasencia Alma Fuerte Price & rating

Price: $20

Rating: 87

3. Plasencia Alma Fuerte Specifications

Brand: Palsenica

Line: Alma Fuerte

Size: 5 1/4 x 52

Cut: Guillotine

Light: Torch

Wrapper: Nicaragua (Jalapa)

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Smoke Time: 89 minutes

Length: 7

Ring Gauge: 52

4. Plasencia Alma Fuerte Offered Sizes

Plasencia Alma Fuerte Hexagon (6 x 60)

Plasencia Alma Fuerte Robusto (5.25 x 52)

Plasencia Alma Fuerte Salomon (7 x 58)

Plasencia Alma Fuerte Toro (6.25 x 54)

Plasencia Alma Fuerte Toro Natural (6.25 x 54)

5. Plasencia Alma Fuerte Cigar review

The luxurious design of the Alma Fuerte exudes is ultra-premium, and the boxes are even double and perfectly functioning ashtrays.

Some have said Plasencia’s long-overdue foray into the premium cigar market with their own brand.

That time was wisely spent, though, if perfecting the Alma Fuerte was what they had been waiting for.

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This Nicaraguan puro is excellent and holds its own nicely when compared to other “super-premium” products. In terms of body, richness, and overall experience, I would place this in the middle between the Davidoff Nicaragua and Padron 1926 Maduro discussed earlier.

The body and power of the wine were medium-to-full, with a consistent flow of elegant and sophisticated flavour notes that truly showcased the growth of the Plasencia family over the years in the Central American nation.

I suggest spending your money on this Plasencia Alma Fuerte; you won’t regret it.

6. Plasencia Alma Fuerte Looks & feel

Packed into ten-count boxes, every box has a component that pulls out from the packaging to function as an ashtray.

Complete with four cigar cutouts and a metal Plasencia emblem in the middle, it is fully functional.

The cigars’ three bands are its most notable characteristic.

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The first was a thin band of gold and black that repeated the letter P in a circle.

Alma Fuerte is written in a smaller font while Plasencia is firmly proclaimed in the second band, which also uses the same colours.

Lastly, Alma Fuerte is written in black on gold characters on a reversed foot band. Although a little repetitious, it functions well with this box-pressed cigar.

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The wrapper had a little reddish tint and was a dark chocolate brown colour. The scent was predominantly woodsy and greasy to the touch, with hints of dirt and leather emerging as well. The cigar’s foot had an earthy flavour with spice and semi-sweet cocoa hints.

The bands are embossed on gold foil and heavy-weight paper with black ink. It’s always a good sign to see pricey cigars in fancy packaging.

7. Plasencia Alma Fuerte Flavors


Alma Fuerte’s band and box have a luxurious appearance.

In fact, the box’s cover may be removed entirely to reveal an ashtray with full functionality.

You shouldn’t be surprised to see ashtrays bearing the Plasencia name being used in stores.

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The ashtray is yours to keep if you purchase the entire package.

Here is an excellent cold draw with a flavour profile dominated by earth and cedar, with hints of sweetness, flowery, and spicy undertones.

Additionally, the foot of the cigar has a deep earthy flavour with a hint of cocoa richness.

The earthy, moss-like flavour of Nicaraguan tobacco is well-known, and it permeates the cold draw. White pepper and a hint of creaminess also beautifully prime me for the smoking part.

First third

The Alma Fuerte has strong first puffs; later, some dark cocoa pushes it up the intensity scale.

The smoke is smooth and creamy, adding a fantastic contrast and richness. Retrohales are also peppery and bright.

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Second third

In the second third, cedar becomes more understated, although I do enjoy the deep notes of semi-sweet chocolate, leather, black coffee, and black pepper.

Particularly the black pepper and black coffee add a smoky flavour that intensifies about halfway through.

While gentle Asian spice flavours add sweetness to the fire on the finish, there’s still a hint of earthiness there.

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Final third

Compared to the first two thirds, the last one is noticeably bolder and darker.

A robust blend of earthy soil, licorice, espresso bean, and dark chocolate entices my senses.

The palate has very little smokiness, and it’s obvious that the creaminess has vanished.

I can confidently state that the increase in body and power during this portion of the smoking did not take away my enjoyment of this Plasencia Alma Fuerte cigar, even when a hint of black pepper tingles the tongue towards the end.

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8. Draw & burn

My draw was excellent, my burn line was quite even, and I had solid ash for up to an inch.

Final puff

How wonderful of a start from Plascencia Cigars. The Plascencia Alma Fuerte’s exquisite architecture, stunning transitions, steady depth, and flavours as abundant as the ocean make it hard to be unimpressed.

It’s an excellent representation of the sincere work that the Plasencia family has done and still does in the cigar industry.


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What is the flavor profile of Plasencia Alma Fuerte?

Plasencia Alma Fuerte is a special mix of our finest-aged tobaccos, cultivated on our best soil, highlighting their robust, bright, and bold flavours. Finishing notes of oak and molasses balance the flavour with traces of cinnamon, plum, and dark chocolate.

Is Plasencia Alma Fuerte a cigar of the year?

Yes, in 2017, Plasencia Alma Fuerte received an astounding 93-rating, making it the #9 Cigar of the Year.

What is the rating of Plasencia Alma del Fuego?

Plasencia Alma del Fuego has received a rating of 92 out of 10.

What does Alma Fuerte mean?

Alma Fuerte means “Strong Soul”. Alma leads the Alma Series. Fuerte which is indeed the strongest cigar in the series.

Who makes Plasencia Alma Fuerte?

Alma Fuerte is produced by Plasencia Cigars S.A.

Plasencia Cigars S.A. manufactures Alma Fuerte and Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro in Nicaragua. See a future Cigar Insider issue for a rating on the Plasencia Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro Robustus II.

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