Oliva Serie v Cigar Review 2024

1. Introduction of Oliva Cigars Company

In the 1800s, the Oliva Cigar Company was founded.

Around 1886, patriarch Melanio Oliva started cultivating tobacco on a small estate in Cuba.

After the 1959 Cuban Revolution, the grandson Gilberto Oliva and his family left Cuba and migrated to Spain slightly over fifty years later.

Years later, he moved to the sunny country of Nicaragua to resume his grandfather’s labor-intensive tobacco business.

He accomplished this, weathering many of his storms in the process.

Gilberto Oliva grew tobacco while travelling through Honduras, Mexico, Panama, and the Philippines, among other nations.

Things moved forward—far more slowly than surely—but after around thirty years, in 1995, the Oliva family—who had previously grown and sold tobacco—started producing their cigars under the Gilberto Oliva brand.

oliva serie v cigar8

Although some might view this as a great accomplishment, Gilberto Oliva and his colleagues still had a difficult road ahead of them, and things worsened before they got better.

The first cigars under the Oliva name were rolled in Nestor Plasencia’s Honduras factory in the mid-90s.

Despite the rise and fall of startup brands, Oliva Cigars, now shortened to “Gilberto Oliva Cigars,” survived.

The company began producing value-priced sticks, appealing to a large audience.

The cigar world’s fascination with Nicaraguan tobacco began to grow, making Oliva a go-to for this cultivated currency.

oliva serie v cigar1

By 2003, Oliva had opened a new factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, the epicentre of Nicaraguan cigar production.

By 2 years old, Oliva was producing over 6 million cigars a year, doubling production over the next 4 years.

2. Oliva Serie v Cigar Review

Many may recall that in 2014, the Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado won the title of Cigar of the Year.

The Robusto represents the brand’s continued ascent to greatness.

Serie V of Oliva Cigars made by Melanio is among the best-selling and highly rated non-Cuban cigars in the world, not only in the UK.

oliva serie v cigar2

The Melanio series has frequently made Top 10 lists in both official publications and enthusiast personal lists since it debuted on the market in 2014.

I was eager to obtain a Melanio series cigar to smoke and review because I had previously truly enjoyed a couple cigars from the Serie V range and had heard nothing but positive things about it.

So today this review is all about the Oliva Serie v Cigar and its specifications.

Let’s get started.

The main ingredients of this blend are Nicaraguan tobacco and an Ecuadorian-grown Sumatra wrapper.

In the realm of premium cigars, this combination isn’t very frequent, but Oliva Cigar Co. appears to know the tobaccos and how they work best together to create harmony and balance.

A Belgian tobacco company called J. Cortez Cigars N.V. purchased Oliva Cigar Co. earlier in 2016 in order to add a premium cigar business to its portfolio. They have one now.

oliva serie v cigar3

There have been guarantees that J. Cortes will uphold Oliva’s high standards and that nothing will alter with the new ownership.

We sincerely hope so. They now own an exceptional cigar blend, the Oliva Serie V Melanio. With notes of toast and cedar, the smoke is smooth, sweet, and occasionally strong.

Melanio Oliva, who planted tobacco for the first time in Cuba in the 1800s, is honoured by the brand name.

Diverse perspectives arise from conflicting evaluations of the product’s strength and build quality.

Some reviewers call it the strongest they’ve ever encountered, while others commend its smoothness.

3. Price & rating

Price: $9.74

Rating: 94

4. Specifications

Size: Robusto

Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuador

Country: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Gauge: 52

Length: 5

Designation: Top 25 of 2016

Rank: 8

5. Looks & feel

A sophisticated mixture of lengthy filler tobaccos from Nicaragua makes up Oliva Serie V Double Robusto.

Blended with a high priming original Cuban seed-grown wrapper, and finished with specially fermented Jalapa Valley ligero.

oliva serie v cigar4

One of the most well-liked cigars available right now is this one.

This cigar entices the palate with a variety of flavours, making it a delectable roller coaster. Not everyone, though, has a smooth ride.

The robusto cigar had a flawless box press, and the oils on the Colorado Maduro cover shimmered enticingly in the sunlight.

The scents of cocoa and cedar tempted me in, and it felt impeccably packed from head to foot. I couldn’t wait to light up and start enjoying the tastes it had in store for me because the cold draw was smooth and effortless.

oliva serie v cigar6

6. Burn

The burn was flawless, and the ashtray’s inch-long, mid-grey ash balls were neatly aligned.

7. Flavors


With its milk chocolate-coloured wrapper, tiny veins, and flawless craftsmanship, the Oliva Serie V Double Robusto leaves a lasting impression.

The cigar feels robust due to its dense packing, and a subtle sheen enhances its overall appeal.

First Third

Upon lighting, this cigar announces its presence with an impressive plume of smoke.

I started to taste faint biscuit overtones as I smoked through the first third.

At this time, I decided on my drink pairing, the Millionaire Cocktail, a smooth bourbon-based concoction.

oliva serie v cigar7

I had a wonderful blackcurrant hit right as I approached the middle third of the cigar, priming me for the centre part of the smoke.

The initial draw reveals a barnyard essence and a robust nuttiness reminiscent of salted peanuts.

Leather and coffee notes take center stage, complemented by a subtle hint of cedar.

Second Third

The enduring tones of cedar and peanuts in the second third keep the appeal strong.

The initial coffee prominence fades and is replaced with chocolate notes, adding a layer of sweetness to the experience.

The fragrance intensifies and has a pleasing cinnamon undertone.

oliva serie v cigar9

Final Third

The Oliva Serie V Double Robusto makes a daring turn in the last section of the voyage.

The delicate spice of black pepper is introduced, bringing to mind the sweetness of bourbon.

The flavour profile virtually completely changed in the last third.

The chocolate and cedar almost completely vanished, to be replaced by a succulent barbecued steak coated with honey and a dash of cumin and spices.

There are still coffee and cedar notes, along with a lingering nuttiness and the reappearance of a chocolate flavour that tastes like brownie crust.

oliva serie v cigar5

Final puff

This was an extremely flavorful and luxurious cigar that I thoroughly loved.

The Oliva Serie V 5 x 54 Box Pressed is a really fine cigar, as I would expect to say about pretty much every release of the series.

The second and third samples were both in accordance with my impressions of the line; however, the first one didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Plenty of earth and pepper are present, but what’s noteworthy is how all the flavours work together to create a flavour that is more than the sum of its parts.

It takes a little bit to get to the profile, but once the second third starts to burn, you can see why this is one of the most recognisable cigar lines.

After smoking it, I can see why so many people are raving about it, and I’ll admit that I will now join them.

Not to mention other vitolas in the range, the Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto truly merits all the accolades bestowed upon it.

As soon as I get my hands on a box, I’m sure I’ll be smoking this one once more.


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Is Oliva a good cigar?

Cigars from Oliva are well known for their delicious flavours, velvety smoothness, and award-winning blends. The growing appeal of Nicaraguan tobacco can be largely attributed to this high-end cigar brand. Therefore, it may surprise you to hear that the history of the Oliva family starts in Cuba.

What is the ranking of Oliva Serie V?

Oliva’s Serie V was rated 95 out of 100 and was named the #5 Cigar of the Year for 2022.

Are Oliva cigars premium?

A family-run business that began tobacco cultivation in Cuba in 1886. Later, generations in Nicaragua grew tobacco, offering a variety of highly regarded premium cigars.

What cigars are similar to Oliva V?

Oliva Series V Melanio cigars are a “connoisseur’s only” selection for palates with experience. The Padron 1926 and Rocky Patel Decade are comparable sticks with Oliva v.

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