Hiram & Solomon Cigars -The Freemason Cigars

Hiram & Solomon Cigars, a cigar closely associated with Freemasons, have many interesting stories that we will talk about today.

1. History of the Freemason

It’s likely that you’ve or have not heard of the Freemasons. Their rites’ opacity encourages a lot of misinterpretations and conspiracy ideas. The oldest fraternal organization in the world is Freemasonry. Politicians, authors, philosophers, scientists, engineers, and inventors have all been Brotherhood members. And what complements a thought-provoking discussion the best? It’s an excellent cigar, naturally.

hiram & solomon cigars1
hiram & solomon cigars

It is documented that Freemasons have indulged in cigars either before or after meetings. Many lodges still allow people to smoke cigars today. Brothers George Dakrat and WB Fouad Kashouty concluded that no Masonic cigars were available during one such instance. The Masonic insignia was not present on any cigars. Symbolism has a significant role in the Freemason community.

2. Creation of Hiram and Solomon

Hiram & Solomon Cigars was founded due to the concept of WB Kashouty and Brother Dakrat. They did their homework and searched for the ideal location to produce Freemason cigars. They first set up shop in the Dominican Republic but eventually relocated to Nicaragua. It was there that they started crafting flavorful and intricate tobacco blends.

hiram & solomon cigars2
hiram & solomon cigars

Fouad Kashouty and George Dakrat are the makers of the premium cigar brand, including Hiram & Solomon Entered Apprentice. The founders of Hiram & Solomon, Kashouty and Dakrat, are involved in the Freemasons, an organization devoted to philanthropic endeavors, among the several organizations that the Freemasons support is the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

A portion of the money sold of cigars made by Hiram & Solomon is donated to charitable causes. Every cigar has a name derived from a Freemasons degree rating system. The renowned Plasencia Cigars factory in Nicaragua produces Hiram & Solomon cigars. Are four vitolas accessible for the Entered Apprentice: toro, Robusto, gavel, and gran toro.

hiram & solomon cigars3
hiram & solomon cigars3

Hiram & Solomon Cigars are cigars accessible to all cigar enthusiasts and serve as a global symbol of the Freemasons produced by Hiram & Solomon Cigars. Freemasonry’s hierarchical degrees, societies, and values serve as the basis for their choice of cigar names and symbols. 2020 saw Brother Darkat retire, and the company’s portfolio was increased. Sold throughout the world, Hiram & Solomon is the official cigar of Freemasons.

But you don’t need to be a Mason to purchase and savour these specialty cigars. A few of the mixtures are derived from Masonic legend. The cigar lines are called after the fraternal organization’s hierarchical degrees and branch groups, such as Master Mason, Shriner, Enter Apprentice, and Grand Architect.

hiram & solomon cigars3
hiram & solomon cigars3

To fill a void in the cigar industry for Freemason smokers who wished to enjoy a fine cigar with one another and educate non-mason smokers about Freemasonry and its background, the Mason brothers Fouad Kashouty and George Dakrat created this product. Cigars by Hiram & Solomon are beautifully constructed, well-aged cigars that are the finest savoured for any social situation.

3. Characteristics of Hiram and Solomon

Hiram & Solomon Cigars makes handmade premium cigars that match the caliber and spirit of the Brotherhood. Every cigar has a lot of craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and consistency. But you do not have to be a Mason to enjoy a Masonic cigar. Choose some of the Freemason cigars and immerse yourself in your time of relaxation and reflection.

Owner: Hiram & Solomon

Factory: Plasencia Cigars S.A.

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo

Binder: Nicaraguan Seco Habano (Jalapa)

Filler: Nicaraguan (2 types of Ligero from Estelí & Jalapa), Paraguay

Strength: Medium

Size: Robusto (5 x 52)

4. Taste of Hiram & Solomon Cigars

The Start

The Principal Designer Robusto throws a tiger uppercut to start, A zesty lemony journey with a hint of pepper. After fifteen minutes, this is quite enjoyable. After the introduction, the pepper flavours have diminished and are mostly replaced by a pleasant, dry, woodsy flavour.

hiram & solomon cigars4
hiram & solomon cigars4

The Centre

It becomes slightly stronger, but it remains a medium-bodied smoke. I like how there are traces of coffee mixed in with a tiny dryness.

The Final Chapter

Deeper hints of rich earth and coffee blend with the continued dryness. Near the conclusion, strength rises slightly but stays comfortably in the medium-full range.

5. Fire of Hiram & Solomon Cigars

Because of the excellent blend and build, there was a pretty constant burn the entire time. Touch-ups weren’t necessary.

hiram & solomon cigars5
hiram & solomon cigars

6. Draw of Hiram & Solomon Cigars

Average smoke time for a cigar this size, draw had bite to it and gave a decent smoke output.

Wrapping up

So far, I have enjoyed every Hiram & Solomon cigar. It has an Excellent structure and excellent mixes. The powerful and distinctive Hiram & Solomon cigars are designed to inspire the feeling of brotherhood. Hiram & Solomon’s well aged and skillfully made cigars have rich flavours that make them stand out and are liked by many.

Hiram & Solomon’s Fellow Craft Toro (6″ x 52) is a medium-to full-bodied cigar with a milk chocolate Habano Oscuro wrapper, an Indonesian Sumatra binder, and a combination of Habano fillers (Jalapa, Ometepe, and Ligero Esteli). You will notice amazing undertones of black pepper when you smoke a Fellow Craft, along with scents of cedar, leather, and dried fruits.

You don’t have to enjoy this cigar in the Masonic brotherhood. After all, the brotherhood of cigars trumps all. It is a Medium to full body cigar with a delightfully rustic aroma. The Hiram & Solomon Grand Architect is a cigar no one should miss.


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Who makes Hiram and Solomon cigars?

Hiram & Solomon Cigars are produced by PDR Cigars. Initially established in the Dominican Republic by WB Kashouty and Brother Dakrat, the production of Hiram & Solomon Cigars has now moved entirely to the PDR Cigar Factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republi​​​​.

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