Crazy Alice Cigar Review 2024

Finding the ideal flavour profile for you is not impossible because the cigar market is rife with the best smokes.

The problem with that is that not every cigar is designed to make you feel comfortable.

A very few of them ought to feel like an exhilarating journey you won’t soon forget.

Today we’ll suggest the best cigar that will suit your palate are Crazy Alice cigar.

If you’ve been in the cigar business for a while, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Deadwood brand at least once.

It might not be known to some of you that Deadwood, one of Drew Estate’s oldest accounts, is actually the result of a partnership between Drew Estate and Deadwood Tobacco Co.

Because his premium cigars were so unconventional, Drew Estates’ founder, Jonathan Drew, had difficulty attracting business partners in the early days.

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Deadwood Tobacco Co. was one of the 14 stores that agreed to assist him after he searched for months. The rest is history.

Since then, Deadwood cigars have gained enormous popularity, and the company has unavoidably grown to become a dominant force in the tobacco market.

Deadwood cigars are becoming increasingly complex to find. It can take a while to produce these sticks due to the unparalleled level of expertise involved.

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Today, we will explore the characteristics of this classic cigar and how a single cigar can deliver that homelike feeling.

Let’s get started:

1. Crazy Alice Cigar Price & rating

Price: $7.60 per cigar or $60.80 per box of 10 from Serious Cigars

Rating: 4.6

2. Crazy Alice Cigar Specifications

Color: Dark brown

Size: 4 × 52

Strength: Medium – full medium – full

Length: 4

Wrapper: Maduro

Ring: 52

Shape: Figurado

Binder: Manufacturer’s secret

Wrapper shade: Maduro

Origin: Nicaragua

Filler: Manufacturer’s secret

3. Crazy Alice Cigar review

The Deadwood Tobacco Co. Crazy Alice will teach a smoker never to judge a premium cigar by its name, just as we all know not to judge a book by its cover.

Notwithstanding the term “crazy,” the Crazy Alice is a gorgeous 4-by-52 figureado that is bursting at the seams with flavour.

The only tobacco used in this 100% Nicaraguan puro is premium tobacco that has gone through Drew Estate’s unique conditioning process.

crazy alice cigar review2

The Crazy Alice gained popularity quite fast after being around for a while.

It has a figurado shape, which is highly unusual in the cigar industry. It resembles a cylindrical triangle or a cone.

The Maduro wrapper is made of broadleaf from Connecticut, and it originated in Nicaragua.

It’s touted as an infused cigar, but in reality, the flavour is enhanced by aromatic tobacco.

It indicates that it isn’t flavoured or infused.

With a medium-full body profile that is “insanely” delicious and full of deep, rich, and intricate flavours, this cigar will excite the palate of any fan of flavoured smokes and appeal to the senses with its delicate notes of earth, dried fruit, dark-roasted coffee beans, chocolate, and pepper.

4. Crazy Alice Cigar Looks & feel

Ten short Robusto cigars fit in the box. The box alone exudes style all by itself.

It has playing cards and skulls on top and is completed in a deep burgundy colour.

We think the humidor that comes with the box is a really great addition to round off the set.

crazy alice cigar review3

Drew Estate’s “very popular “Nasty” size cigars have a tapered head and a distinctive figurado form.

Deadwood Tobacco Co. Crazy Alice cigars are complicated smokes breaking conventional rolling and blending rules.

These distinctive, striking (4 x 52) figurados are hand-made at the renowned Drew Estate facility in Nicaragua with an extraordinarily black and oily maduro wrapper combined with exotic and aromatic tobaccos that highlight the cigars’ inherent sweetness.

crazy alice cigar review4

5. Crazy Alice Cigar Flavors


The Crazy Alice leaf completely encircles the foot of the cigar. You would experience the sweetness of the stick at first bite.

To ensure that the sweetness doesn’t distract you, the cigar’s tip is quite pointed, allowing the smoke to reach your lips directly.

crazy alice cigar review5

Because it’s packed with dark tobacco, the chocolate and leather notes emerge almost instantly.

Furthermore, the earthy tobacco flavour elevates the cigar to a whole new level by balancing the sweetness of the tip.

First Third

The sweetness of the tip gradually disappears over the first third of the cigar. Some people who smoke cigars and prefer sweet sticks might find it unsatisfying.

The solid earthy, cocoa, and leather flavours were there from the start, so you shouldn’t be too surprised that the sweetness vanished.

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However, there is room for improvement in this tasty cigar’s construction.

The burn can be a little uneven, so you might need to touch it up every now and then.

Flavor-wise, the cigar’s aromatic qualities make for incredibly smooth pulls, which makes it a great option for both novices and ardent fans.

Second Third

The flavours of the cigars don’t change in the second third.

However, it enhances its character and provides a medium-to-full-bodied flavour profile.

crazy alice cigar review7

Its flawless fusion of strong earthy, cocoa, and leather notes with fragrant sweetness also keeps you captivated.

Final Third

With each draw, the Crazy Alice gets hotter as you approach the nub. But this is also where the flavour profile really starts to shine through.

Hickory flavour begins to seep through and blend into the cigar’s overall flavour profile.

crazy alice cigar review8

Smoking a cigar generally takes between forty-five and an hour on average.

If you want a sweet cigar that has the classic flavours of premium cigars, this is the clear pick.

Final puff

I hope my review helps answer some of your inquiries concerning this excellent cigar.

It’s crucial to remember that supply chain problems have made Crazy Alice, Sweet Jane cigars, Leather Rose, and Fat Bottom Betty hard to find.

But we highly advise you to purchase a whole box if one is available, as the Crazy Alice experience is something you won’t soon forget.


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What does a crazy Alice cigar taste like?

Any fan of flavoured cigars will find Crazy Alice to have a nice medium-full-bodied profile with complex, rich, and intricate flavours as well as delicate notes of earth, dried fruit, dark-roasted coffee beans, cocoa, and pepper. These flavours are likely to pique the interest of any sense and delight the palate.

Where are crazy Alice cigars made?

Drew Estate crafts Deadwood Crazy Alice cigars by hand in Esteli, Nicaragua. These special cigars have a delightfully dark and oily Maduro wrapper with quality Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos.

Are Fat Bottom Betty cigars good?

Yes, Fat Bottom Betty is an intense and rich blend that has a medium-to-full body and a satisfying finish. It’s the ideal after-dinner smoke or ‘everyday’ smoke for those who enjoy strong flavours.

Is Sweet Jane a good cigar?

The flavour profile of Sweet jane was simply sweet and mild. It would appeal to people who don’t smoke cigars very often or even to people who have never smoked one because it is incredibly light and easy to enjoy.

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