Alec Bradley Magic Toast Review 2024

An encounter that Alec Bradley associate Ralph Montero and business founder Alan Rubin had in a Honduran tobacco field is what gave rise to the name of this medium-to-full-bodied stogie.

They had to use a torch to see the tobacco because it was getting dark, and Rubin described it as an “awe-inspiring experience…almost magical.”

The two then raised a glass of whisky and offered a toast to the tobacco’s potential uses in the future. Toast magic was created.

I couldn’t resist doing an Alec Bradley Magic Toast review today. But before we start, let me introduce the origins of Alec Bradley Magic Toast.

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1. Origin of Alec Bradley Magic Toast

After he and his father had sold their hardware (nuts and bolts) business, Rubin founded Alec Bradley in 1996, naming the company after his two kids.

Although lacking any prior expertise or the apparent means to succeed in the cigar business, Rubin had a passion for cigars and sold his first cigar in 1997. This brand of cigars, called “Bogey’s Stogies,” was mostly sold to golf courses.

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Regretfully, it turned out to be a losing endeavour.

The brand’s fortunes didn’t change till the turn of the century. Professional Montero, who came to work for Alec Bradley, and Rubin got together to devise a plan.

The company managed to scrape together enough cash to introduce a new line of cigars dubbed “Occidental Reserve,” which sold out almost immediately and helped the business take off in the marketplace.

Subsequent releases, such as the Trilogy cigar, Maxx, and Tempus, have all been profitable.

2. Price & rating

Price: $11

Rating: 90

3. Specifications

Wrapper: Honduran Maduro

Binder: Honduran & Nicaraguan

Filler: Honduran & Nicaraguan

Vitola: Toro

Size: 6 x 52

Factory: Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas

Country of Origin: Honduras, Nicaragua

Offered sizes

Chunk (4.5 x 60)

Gordo (6 x 60)

Robusto (5 x 52)

Toro (6 x 52)

4. Magic Toast Cigar review

Alec Bradley is a premium cigar manufacturer with an award-winning reputation because of their dedication and hard work.

You should also include Magic toast in your repertoire of cigar tricks.

Even if the complexity isn’t as alluring as the name implies, the consistent profile is still outstanding, and the robust flavours have fantastic depth.

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“Magic Toast” is nonetheless really special, even though it doesn’t have nearly as many hat tricks as its name would imply.

This is an incredibly smooth, easy-to-smoke Maduro breakfast cigar. one that ignores the chocolate side of the cigar flavour profile wheel and concentrates more on the coffee and earth sections.

So, all you coffee lovers, note this could be the ideal stogie for your upcoming morning smoke.

Even though it’s not the most complex magic trick you’ve ever seen, it will hold your attention until the end.

5. Looks & feel

Magic Toast, perfectly box-pressed and artistically banded in just the right way, strikes a powerful pose. Is it the most uniformly coloured or smoothest Maduro wrapper we’ve ever seen? Not by a long shot.

However, this premium cigar combination more than makes up for any shortcomings in the aesthetics of the tobacco wrapper.

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The foot offers a warm scent of roasted espresso and sweet earthiness, supported by deep undertones of oiled leather and black pepper.

The unlit pulls on the punched end of this double-binder Toro offer a more subdued approach to the same content.

The Alec Bradley Magic Toast is handcrafted in the Raices Cubanas facility in Honduras and comes with a gorgeous purple-brown wrapper. It has a mysterious appearance due to the stars and various astronomical symbols.

Undoubtedly a very fragrant smoke that, when lit, holds the promise of breakfast cigar pleasure.

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6. Flavors


I lifted the cigar’s head to my lips after making a straight cup to remove the cap.

I could still smell the moist ground and rich wood behind the somewhat tight, cold pull.

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Several Alec Bradley Magic Toast reviews have mentioned overtones of citrus, green tea, figs, and a significant amount of sweetness in the dry pull.

Let’s check whether, how I set fire to my cigar, that pleasing sweetness emerged.

First Third

I was rewarded with some of my favourite notes from the tobacco flavour wheel once the cigar was fully toasted.

It immediately hits you hard, with notes of raisins, black coffee, dirt, and dark chocolate. It was impressively rich and malty.

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The retro-hale’s sprinkle of white pepper completes what has been an excellent beginning to the smoking experience.

Second Third

The delicious wood from the pre-light draw started to move about the halfway point.

The earthiness and rich coffee notes continue to work harmoniously with touches of sweet cocoa and leather, creating a rich flavour profile that hasn’t changed significantly.

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Every puff delivers rich, chewy smoke, and this is also the first time creaminess shows up, further balancing the combination.

Final Third

The toasted flavour note from the beginning may be expected by some smokers, although it has diminished a little. But what sticks out the most is the peppery zest that lingers on the palate.

In the last third of the cigar, it develops a Maduro character with deep, dark notes of cocoa and black pepper while leaving a delicate sweetness on the tongue.

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Periodically, notes of anise emerged, giving this special combination of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco a strong scent.

7. Ash Burn & Draw

The box-pressed Toro edition of “Magic Toast” did not present any notable construction or combustion concerns, unlike some other double-binder cigars I have recently enjoyed.

Although the ash wasn’t the tightest or whitest, this premium cigar blend burned smoothly and released thick plumes of smoke from its perforated cap.

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Final puff

For a seasoned smoker, I believe this makes a fantastic evening smoke.

It can be too much for new fans. While the sti k doesn’t have an overwhelming flavour, it does have distinct nuances that go well with a whisky after a steak or hot meal.

You are drawn in and brought closer to the cigar by the noticeable bumps and the feel of the binder and filler beneath the wrapper.

This stick has a rustic feel to it and is clearly handmade, even though it isn’t as polished and cylindrical as some others.

The Alec Bradley Magic Toast Box Pressed Gran Toro was a pleasurable smoke for me. It was easy to transfer the Magic Toast blend to a box-pressed cigar.

However, I still believe that the Magic Toast Robusto is the varietal that offers a superior overall experience.

The Magic Toast Box Pressed Gran Toro receives a Cigar Coop Standard of Excellence rating after scoring 90 points.

In addition, Alec Bradley’s addition to the PCA Exclusive is a great touch, and I hope it comes again. I would definitely smoke this cigar again and purchase many to store in my humidor.


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What is magic toast?

Alec Bradley Magic Toast Cigars is meant to be A Toast to the Future.

What strength is Alec Bradley prensado?

It has medium to full-bodied strength. When you fire one up, Alec Bradley Prensado cigars provide a full-bodied smoke with notes of coffee, dark chocolate, leather, and a dash of spice.

What are the tasting notes for Alec Bradley Kintsugi?

Before a woody end, this nutty and flowery scent develops notes of anise, dried fruit, cinnamon, hazelnut, and espresso bean with hints of leather.

What is the rating of Project 40?

Impressively, the Alec Bradley Project 40 received a 93-point rating.

Is toast good for you?

Yes, Alec Bradley Magic Toast is the best cigar with 90+ ratings for you.

Is Alec Bradley a premium cigar?

One of the top premium cigar brands in the world is Alec Bradley. Alec Bradley has been in business since 1996 and has produced many excellent blends. The level of excellence put into each cigar ensures a smooth draw and exceptional flavour.

What is the best Alec Bradley cigar?

  1. Alec Bradley Family Blend
  2. Alec Bradley Prensado
  3. Alec Bradley Nica Puro Rosado
  4. Alec Bradley Tempus
  5. Alec Bradley Black Market

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