2024 Boveda Large Acrylic Humidor Review [Unbiased Insights]

Hey, I was just chatting with a friend about the Boveda Large Acrylic Humidor. You know, it’s been getting a lot of buzz in the cigar community. I’ve been curious myself, given my love for a good smoke, to see if it lives up to the hype.

We got into all its features, from that smart humidification system to the solid seal. It’s got me thinking, is it just a stylish piece for your collection, or is it a trusty keeper of those precious cigars?

What’s your take?

boveda large acrylic humidor review5

1. Characteristics

Type: Humidor made of acrylic;

Origin nation: China

W/D/H dimensions: 14.5/9/4.4;

Capacity: Depending on the vitola, up to 75 cigars.

Important characteristics: transparent style. Movable Spanish cedar interior with dividers that can be adjusted.

Producer: Boveda

The inner dimensions are 13.3/7.8/3, W/D/H.

Spanish cedar and acrylic glass are used in the interior;

Lock: Not at all;

Drawers: Not at all

One cedar tray

Humidification: Boveda packs, indeed;

Capacity of the water tank: Not included;

Thermometer: No

Lack of temperature control

Lack of ventilation

Level of noise: 0 dB;

Power supply: There is no need for a power source.

Hygrometer: Not included;

2. Key Features

You know, I was just explaining to someone about the Boveda humidor’s cool clear design. This see-through look is pretty neat if you like showing off your cigars. But placement is key – you don’t want the sun ruining your stash.

Acrylic humidors are easier to season and maintain than wooden ones. Less moisture absorption means quicker setup. Plus, it’s got a cedar tray and adjustable dividers. Boveda sticking with Spanish cedar is a nice touch – it adds that cedar flavor over time. And hey, those rubber feet are a small but great feature to keep it steady.

  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • See-through design.
  • Maintains the humidity inside.
  • No locks.
  • You have to be careful not to put it in direct sunlight.
  • You will also need an extra hygrometer and thermometer.

3. Packaging and Shipping

I was talking about how well-packed the Boveda humidor is. They’ve really thought about keeping it safe during shipping. The shipping costs depend on Westwood Humidors, who are making it now. Plus, there’s a reassuring one-year warranty. It’s these small things that really boost customer confidence, right?

4. Exterior

I recently saw the Boveda Large Acrylic Humidor, and it’s got a sleek look. It’s quite big – 14.5x9x4.37 inches. No lock and key, which some might find handy. The clear acrylic glass exterior lets you show off your collection with a modern vibe. It’s not just storage; it’s a statement piece!

5. Interior

The inside of this humidor is as impressive as the outside. It’s like a window into your cigar world. That Spanish cedar tray inside is spacious, and the adjustable dividers are a smart touch. And the humidity control with Boveda packs is key to keeping your cigars just right. Design details like this really elevate the whole experience.

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6. Seal

Besides being practical, the seal on this humidor is a big selling point. That magnetic closure gives you a tight seal and a nice ‘swoosh’ sound. It’s these little things that make using it so satisfying.

boveda large acrylic humidor review4

7. Setup and Seasoning

Setting up this humidor is straightforward. The magnetic seal is a standout feature, ensuring perfect humidity. And that ‘swoosh’ sound when it closes – it’s the little details that make it a joy to use.

boveda large acrylic humidor review

8. Thermometer

Since there’s no built-in thermometer, you’ve got to be smart about where you place this humidor. Too much sun, and it could turn into a mini oven. Placement is key for keeping those cigars in top shape.

boveda large acrylic humidor review3

9. Thermostat

Like the thermometer, there’s no built-in thermostat either. So, keeping it away from heat sources is crucial. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where it looks good and keeps your cigars safe.

boveda large acrylic humidor review2

10. Humidification System

The Boveda humidor’s humidification system is super convenient. Those Boveda packs are easy to use and last a long time. It’s great for those who want a no-fuss solution.

11. Hygrometer

No built-in hygrometer, but the seal and Boveda packs do the trick. Some might add an external hygrometer, but the design already does a good job at humidity control.

boveda large acrylic humidor review1

12. Capacity

This humidor can hold up to 75 Corona-sized cigars. Just keep in mind the size of your cigars when filling it up.

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13. Performance

The Boveda humidor performs well, consistently maintaining 69% humidity. It’s not just about looks – it delivers on its promises.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Boveda Large Acrylic Humidor is more than just a pretty face. Its solid seal and easy humidification system make keeping your cigars in great condition a breeze. Just remember to keep it out of direct sunlight. For anyone balancing looks with functionality, this might just be the perfect pick. It’s a great example of design meeting practical needs.

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