Plasencia Ehtefal Cigar Review 2024

On November 19, 2022, Plasencia Ehtefal World Cup Cigar 2022 FIFA hosted a launch party for their newest offering, Ehtëfal, in the Qatari capital of Doha. That was the night before the Plasencia World Cup Cigar 2022 FIFA kicked off in that same nation. However, even though the Ehtëfal, whose name is spelled احتفال in Arabic, meaning celebration, made its debut during that well-known occasion, it is not a “World Cup cigar” or a release exclusive to Qatar.

plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa
plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa

Nestor Andrés Plasencia stated in a press release, “With this special blend, the Plasencia family wants to celebrate that we can meet again. Just as the roots of tobacco come together and become stronger, so too are we stronger together.” We want to commemorate this historic event in Qatar with the Plasencia Ehtefal.

Specifications of Plasencia Ehtëfal

Cigar Reviewed: Plasencia Ehtefal

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Plasencia Cigars S.A.

Wrapper: Nicaragua (Jalapa)

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Nicaragua

Length: 6 Inches

Ring Gauge: 52

Vitola: Toro

MSRP: $65 (Box of 10, $650)

Release Date: Nov. 19, 2022

Number of Cigars Released: 5,000 Boxes of 10 Cigars (50,000 Total Cigars)

Number of Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

1. Outer surface of the Plasencia Ehtefal

The Plasencia Ehtefal has a modest quantity of oil on the wrapper and is fairly firm when squeezed. It is covered in a very lovely milk chocolate-coloured wrapper. All three cigars have several minor veins going up and down their lengths, and upon closer examination, one has a tiny soft spot beneath the main band. Sweet cedar, soil, nuttiness, coffee beans, barnyard, and a hint of milk chocolate sweetness emanate from the wrappers.

plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa2
plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa

2. Scent and Flavour of Plasencia Tefal

Strong cashews dominate the foot’s scents, cocoa nibs, brewed espresso, baker’s spices, leather tack, and vanilla beans. Ultimately, following a v-cut, the cold pulls reintroduce cashew flavors and hints of flowery, nutmeg, white pepper, gritty earth, and mild vanilla sweetness.

plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa3
plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa

3. Taste of the Plasencia Ehtefal

On my tongue, the cigar begins with an intriguing floral flavour paired with white pepper and a hint of spice. The floral note dominates the profile for the first part of the Plasencia World Cup Cigar, but it is joined by a dark chocolate flavour that creates a very intriguing combination. Creamy peanuts, damp earth, roasted espresso beans, leather tack, cinnamon, and dry straw are other characteristics.

plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa4
plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa

Price of plasencia ehtefal

Price: $65.00

Five thousand boxes containing ten Plasencia World Cup Cigars were produced; half were shipped to US shops, and the other half were made available to foreign ones. The Plasencia Ehtefal is a 6 x 52 toro vitola that features a mix that includes filler tobaccos aged for ten years from both Honduras and Nicaragua, covered by a sun-grown wrapper from the Jalapa area of Nicaragua.

The MSRP of the palencia cigars in the United States is $65 per Plasencia World Cup Cigar or $650 for a 10-count box. However, prices may differ depending on the country where the Plasencia Qatar 2022 cigars are sold.

plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa5
plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa


The cigar’s packaging is notable, with each box containing 10 cigars, presented in a beautifully designed box.

The Ehtëfal was created to celebrate unity and the coming together of people, reflected in its name, which means “celebration” in Arabic.

Plasencia Ehtëfal Burn

The Plasencia Ehtëfal demonstrated an excellent burn, maintaining a straight path and a sharp line. The resulting ash was firm and white to light gray. Both the burn rate and temperature were consistently ideal, providing a superior smoking experience.

Draw Characteristics:

Pre-Light Draw: The pre-light draw provides notes of coffee, cedar, and earth, suggesting a well-constructed cigar that allows air to flow smoothly.

Smoking Experience: The draw remains consistent throughout the smoking session, contributing to a smooth and enjoyable experience. Reviewers highlight the ideal draw, which is neither too tight nor too loose, ensuring a perfect balance and allowing the flavors to develop fully.

Overall Review

First third

The Plasencia Ehtëfal cigar showcases a complex flavor profile throughout its smoking experience. In the first third, the retrohale reveals vanilla bean sweetness and white pepper, with flavors reaching just over medium, while body and strength remain mild-plus. The burn is straight, smoke abundant, and the draw superb, indicating excellent construction.

plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa8

Second third

During the second third, the flavor profile evolves, introducing peanuts, espresso beans, leather, cinnamon, and earth, alongside a lighter floral note. Creamy cedar and cocoa nibs dominate, with an increase in pepper on the retrohale. The body and strength rise to medium, but the flavor stays just over medium, maintaining outstanding burn lines, smoke production, and draw.

plasencia ehtefal world cup cigar 2022 fifa9

Final third

In the final third, new flavors like citrus peel and salted nuts blend with returning notes of earth, cinnamon, roasted coffee, leather, and subtle floral hints. Powdery cocoa nibs and creamy cedar continue to lead, while the retrohale balances sweet vanilla beans with black pepper. The flavor finishes at medium-plus, with body at a firm medium and strength just above medium. The construction remains impeccable, delivering an incredible draw, ample smoke, and a consistently straight burn line.

Video of Plasencia Ehtëfal cigar

Wrapping up

The Plasencia Ehtëfal cigars, released in conjunction with the 2022 FIFA World Cup, showcase remarkable craftsmanship. Debuted on December 18, 2022, alongside Habanos S.A.’s Juan López Hat-Trick, these cigars feature magnets in the box lid to ensure it stays closed, highlighting the attention to detail in their design.

The Plasencia Qatar 2022 cigars consistently offer straight burn lines, superb draws, and abundant rich, grey smoke. Each cigar smoked for nearly six hours without requiring a relight, a testament to their excellent construction. The green and gold color combination and detailed embossing on all three bands make them visually striking. An average smoking time for each cigar was one hour and fifty-two minutes.

The Plasencia Ehtëfal starts with a powerful and complex flavor profile, including dark chocolate and floral notes, with a hint of vanilla beans on the retrohale. While the flavors may lose some subtlety in the middle third, they regain complexity by the end. The blend at its best is an explosion of flavor, and the superb build ensures consistent smoke production, burn lines, and draws throughout.

Though the Plasencia Ehtëfal cigars may be harder to find and more expensive than other modern cigars, their exceptional flavors, construction, and consistency make them worth the effort.


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