Oliva Serie O Cigar Review 2024

Oliva has accomplished something noteworthy and admirable by consistently having a cigar in our Top 25 since 2005.

With several generations of experience in the tobacco sector, the Oliva family is Nicaragua’s second-largest grower.

They are renowned for employing the best rollers and blenders in the nation to craft storied cigars, and they cultivate some of the best crops on the planet.

Their signature premium mix is the Oliva “O” series.

With a wrapper made of dark Habano seeds, this Nicaraguan puro has a rich, chewy flavour profile that is smooth from beginning to end.

As expected from their brand, the cigar feels and looks fantastic. They always pack a tonne of Nicaraguan tobacco into each cigar and use gorgeous, luscious wrappers.

A sturdy roll devoid of any soft patches is the result.

oliva serie o cigar review1
oliva serie o cigar review1

Today I am pleased to present to you a smoke that earned a ’92’ rating and was included in Cigar Aficionado’s list of the Top 50 Cigars.

The magazine says, “The cigar boasts a rich wrapper and a stunning colour. It draws beautifully, displaying toast, cedar, leather, and coffee tones. It is a full-bodied cigar that is balanced and complex.”

A cigar of this calibre deserves a smokey single malt scotch, such as Lagavulin or Laphroaig.

Let’s explore more about this cigar

1. Price & rating of Oliva Serie O

Price: $8

Rating: 92

2. Basic types of Oliva serie O

  • Serie O Robusto
  • Serie O Churchill
  • Serie O Toro
  • Serie O Torpedo
  • Serie O Perfecto

3. Oliva Serie O Specifications

Cigar Review: Oliva Serie O

Wrapper: Nicaragua Sun Grown Habano

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Length: 5″

Ring Gauge: 50

Size: Robusto

4. Oliva Serie O Cigar review

Oliva Serie O is a true Nicaraguan puro cigar finished with a firm, hand-rolled Habano wrapper without obtrusive veins.

To make the Oliva Serie O, traditional Cuban planting techniques were used to develop Habano seed in the three different Nicaraguan regions of Jalapa, Condega and Estelí, and the diversity of soil, climate, and sun exposure produced a blend of rich flavour profiles. The love and labour show in this quality cigar.

oliva serie o cigar review2

Oliva Cigar Co stores large amounts of tobacco. The company rolls its cigars using leaves from the three main growing regions of Nicaragua, Jalapa, Condega, and Estelí, for its Serie O brand.

The smoke tastes great, with a flavour that is earthy and salty, tempered by sweet dried cherries and subtle notes of cedar and cocoa.

The full-bodied richness and diversity of the Oliva Serie O, starting with velvety notes of black pepper, gentle cedar, deep Moroccan leather, or chocolate with a hint of spice, are what set it apart.

The multi-layered flavour stays smooth all the way through and stays away from sweetness.

This is a great cigar to sip on the deck with friends while watching the sunset with an aged whisky, a dark French roast coffee or a cool IPA.

5. Oliva Serie O Looks & feel

Unlike in the past, the Oliva Serie O is now packaged in a more conventional box.

The band is straightforward yet timeless, with the brand name prominently displayed and the letter O beneath it. It comes in boxes of 20 counts.

oliva serie o cigar review4

The Sungrown wrapper is nicely coloured throughout. The cigar feels solid in the hand, with no weak points and a densely packed foot.

6. Ash, burn & Smoke

It’s remarkable how all the warm, rich things in the world can be summed up in one draw of a quality cigar.

The Oliva Serie O encourages you to indulge with its creamy swirls of white smoke that give you the impression that you’ve just eased your feet onto an ottoman in front of a winter fire.

oliva serie o cigar review5

Although the burn was a little wavy throughout, it never needed attention. The ash persisted up to the halfway point and then again till the finish.

7. Oliva Serie O Flavors

Before lighting, inhale the delicious cedar scent of this stick, which provides a beautiful preview of the smoke. The initial taste of spice hits the palate and lingers nicely, but the draw is tight.

The flavours mellow considerably, and the heat disappears almost instantly, giving way to earthy and woodsy overtones.


The Oliva Serie O Natural Robusto’s wrapper is a light to medium brown colour with a network of faintly elevated veins.

The caps are applied neatly, and the seams are relatively seamless. The band features the O for this series written on the front and on the sides in the classic cream, white, gold, and brown pattern.

oliva serie o cigar review6

The foot has a hint of ammonia sting and tastes of stewed fruit, graham crackers, and mildly musty cedar and soil.

My lips felt very slight spice and are filled with a dry yet somewhat sweet cedar after the pre-light draw.

First third

The first notes of the cigar are moderate cinnamon and gently toasted cedar.

A faint earthiness enters the profile at a quarter of an inch in, and the cinnamon becomes a bit fuller and transforms into a general baking spice.

Toasted cedar, dry earth, and a hint of baking spice make up the retrohale.

oliva serie o cigar review7

The baking spice starts to soften about an inch in.

Near the end of the third, toasted cedar, dry earth, and a hint of baking spice are accompanied by a slight mustiness. It was just on the medium strength.

Second third

The gently musty, toasted cedar is now directly behind the dry earth and the baking spice is quite subtle as the second third opens.

Toasted cedar, dry earth, and a hint of baking spice still permeate the retrohale.

oliva serie o cigar review8

When you go an inch in, the toast becomes toasted and the baking spice disappears.

By the end of the third, the toast level has increased significantly. The strength stays at medium.

Final Third

A subtle bitterness creeps in for the latter third.

The musty, toasted cedar and dry earth are immediately behind the more intense bitterness that appears at half an inch in.

oliva serie o cigar review9

Now all that’s left of the retrohale is dry dirt and toasted cedar.

The profile is musty, with toasted cedar and dry earth up front, followed by bitterness as the cigar wraps up. The strength didn’t change till the medium.

Final puff

The first notes of the cigar were faint cinnamon and gently toasted cedar. A little later, some soil joined, and the cinnamon became a baking spice.

By the conclusion of the third, some mustiness had joined. The baking spice disappeared in the second third.

There was a growing bitterness throughout the last third. The flavours and transitions in the Oliva Serie O Natural Robusto were nicely balanced from the beginning.

The baking spice left the second third, which fell a notch, and the bitterness entered the last third, which fell even further.

The Oliva Serie O has a medium-bodied intensity and a delicious flavour, it is also reasonably priced.

You’ll be shocked to learn that a box of twenty Oliva Serie O cigars only costs about $130 or less, depending on the vendor, considering the artistry, attention to detail, and consistently high quality of these cigars. In most cases, a single cigar costs less than $8.00.

It’s well worth the money, especially for the Churchill, which is seven inches long and has a 50-ring gauge.


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What does Oliva Serie O taste like?

This mix tastes great, with traces of cocoa and cedar and a salty, earthy flavour that is nicely balanced by delectable dried cherries.

Are Oliva cigars any good?

Yes, with rich flavours in this moderate to medium-bodied cigar, which also has a remarkably smooth and silky smoke. According to the brand, this mild cigar is so enjoyable that it’s appropriate for anyone.

What is most expensive Cigar of Oliva?

The Oliva Serie V Roaring Twenties Super Limited Edition is the company’s priciest and most luxurious cigar to date. The cost of each of these cigars will be $300.00. Cigar Aficionado was the first to report the cigar’s specifications.

What is the rating of Oliva Series O Maduro?

90 point rating

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