Oliva Master Blends 3 Review 2024

The Master Blends were a unique, limited-edition cigar Oliva Cigar Co. debuted in 2003.

When the conversation about Oliva began in 2007, before the release of the renowned Serie V, it was all about their Master Blends. The production of new Master Blends ceased in 2006, having been initially planned as an annual release beginning in 2003.

The plan was to use some of the best tobacco ever grown and produce an annual release showing what could be accomplished with the best available tobacco.

In 2005 and 2006, respectively, the business released Master Blends 2 and Master Blends 3.

Naturally, the business debuted the Oliva V in 2007 and then the fantastic Oliva V Melanio. The Master Blend has been quietly attending parties for the past fifteen years, waiting for a different enthusiast to pick it up and go on an adventure.

Despite being an older product in Oliva’s highly regarded lineup, Oliva Master Blends 3 is a tried-and-true classic that is worthy of consideration.

So today, I have decided to do a Oliva Master Blends 3 Review where my aim is to provide you an entirely impartial, unbiased review of a cigar.

So let’s get started.

oliva master blends 3 review1

1. Price & rating

Price: $14.10

Rating: 95

2. Specifications

Brand: Oliva

Line: Master Blends 3

Size: 7 x 50

Cut: Guillotine

Wrapper: United States Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaraguan Ligero

Smoke Time: 70 minutes

3. Vitolas Offered

Robusto (5 x 50) MSRP $11.40

Torpedo (6.5 x 52) MSRP $14.90

Churchill (7 x 50) MSRP $13.70

4. Looks & feel

The Oliva Master Blends 3 cigar is incredibly beautiful.

My eyes widened as I saw the beauty of the Oliva when I first opened the gift my buddy Mike gave me.

The Oliva Masters Blend 3 is a toothy texture, light marbling, a dark reddish brown in color, and a delicate oily shine. It’s a nicely made pencil-point-capped box-pressed torpedo.

oliva master blends 3 review2

Just as gorgeous is the single band that crowns the cigar.

On top of the special die-cut band, it features a green tropical field with palm palms and the script letters “MB,” which stands for Master Blends series.

The bottom has an engraved golden number three.

The band as a whole is still decorated. The year 2006 is printed in gold on the left and right sides, denoting its introduction.

oliva master blends 3 review10

Because there is a lot of Ligero in the fillers, Oliva Master Blends 3 is a smoke that is brimming with flavors. The flavors are strong, yet they’re also smooth, creamy, and never overpowering on my taste.

But in my opinion, they are best suited for an experienced connoisseur who can properly appreciate Master Blends 3’s intricacy and subtlety.

5. Flavors


My eyes landed on a magnificent chocolate-brown wrapper with a nice oily shimmer from the lighting as soon as I peeled the cellophane off the stick.

As I carefully examine the wrapper, I feel a small amount of tooth as well. In addition, the cigars have an unusual oval press with rounded corners that fit nicely in my mouth and hand.

oliva master blends 3 review3

From the foot, it nearly appears as though the fillers are stacked on top of one another.

Using my double-bladed cutter, I cut the tip of the head straight, removing approximately 3/8 of an inch.

I continued with more chilly puffs and saw that the draw was precise and restricted. After a few more pulls, it provided a set of salt and pepper notes with a hint of cocoa.

First Third

After toasting my foot, I take my first drags.

It immediately greets my taste with a tonne of earthy flavours and a charming woodiness.

oliva master blends 3 review5

I like perfectly balanced notes of licorice, sweet chocolate, and leather behind the soil and wood. There’s also a hint of sweetness from dried fruit.

The sweetness starts to give way to more and more leather as the burn goes on.


The fire extends to encompass the second-third of the smoke, and I remove robust, grayish-white ash that displays incredibly clear lines of char.

At this time, the flavours of leather take the stage, joined by the pleasant undertones of coffee and cinnamon.

oliva master blends 3 review6

There are still elements of chocolate, earth, and licorice, but there’s a stronger aftertaste of black pepper.

My sophisticated palette is in for a true treat with the nuanced flavours these sticks offer.

Final third

Black pepper and dark chocolate take center stage in the third quarter, maintaining the second third’s depth and richness.

Additionally, the sweetness of the dried fruit becomes more noticeable, counterbalancing the other flavours that have persisted from the second third.

oliva master blends 3 review8

At this point, I can almost feel the strength sneaking up on me, as the Master Blends 3 finish is rich and flavorful while still being creamy and smooth.

It seems natural that these beauties would become a 15-year classic due to their diverse flavours of soil, wood, leather, chocolate, coffee, and sweetness.

Final puff

The Oliva Master Blends 3 Churchill I smoked today was a nice cigar.

Although the flavours were initially fairly hot, I actually liked them. But eventually, they developed into a flavour that was rich and creamy.

For the full seventy minutes, I detected flavours of cedar and spice.

The draw was constantly solid, and the burn was uniform.

It’s hardly worth selecting faults, even though there were a few instances where the burn wasn’t quite razor-sharp.

15 years after Oliva Master Blends 3 was first released as a small-batch limited run, its quality and demand have made it a regular production.

Possibly on par with Oliva’s greatest-ever Serie V Melanio, Master Blends 3 is among their best releases. Order your pack of five, ten, or twenty Oliva Master Blends 3 today from JR Cigars if you’re searching for something to keep in your humidor that will constantly produce amazing smoke.


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What is the rating of Oliva Master Blend 3?

MB3 obtained an exceptional rating of ’92’. The experts’ opinions were as follows: pressed cigar with a greasy chocolate brown wrapper.

When did Oliva Master Blends 3 come out?

Oliva introduced the first Master Blends product in 2003. The Master Blends 2 and 3 were then released in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

Is Oliva Serie G Maduro Churchill any good?

Yes, Cigar Aficionado has given the Oliva Serie G Maduro Churchill a 93-rating.

What flavors are in Oliva Master Blends 3?

Earthy spices, brown sugar, leather, and well-rounded notes of dark chocolate and coffee with cream are all combined to create a delicious finish. Even though Oliva offers a lot of highly regarded cigars, Master Blends 3 is always regarded as the company’s real Crown Jewel.

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