Montecristo White Series Review 2024

Talking about Montecristo White, stands among the most well-known brands in the cigar industry even today.

This brand originated in Cuba but currently, it is produced in the Dominican Republic. It is one of Montecristo’s signature cigar series.

The mix consists of Nicaraguan and Dominican around an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. This cigar was intended to be slightly stronger than Altadis’ first Montecristo Yellow Label production, but it has a medium body.

Read this article before making any purchases of Montecristo White Series Label cigars!

Throughout the years, Montecristo has unquestionably grown in popularity and become one of the best-selling brands.

Interestingly, the adventure book “The Count of Monte Cristo,” which is widely read by cigar rollers, is the source of the brand name.

The story claims that in the early 1900s, the lector read it on a moving floor. Menendez y Garcia later introduced the brand in Cuba in 1935.

montecristo white series review1

These cigars soon established themselves as the gold standard by which other cigars were measured. Cigar enthusiasts appreciated its quality and commitment.

Let’s explore more about this cigar series.

1. Price & Rating

Price: $11.40

Rating: 88

2. Specifications

Vitola: 11 different size options to choose from

Length: 5

Ring Gauge: 52

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade

Binder: Nicaraguan

Strength: Mild to medium

Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican Republic

Factory: Tabacalera de Garcia

Blender: Grupo de Maestro

Release Date: 2007

3. Montecristo White Series Cigar Review

One of Montecristo’s flagship cigars is the White Series, and it will continue to be the main offering in many humidors.

A smooth, sophisticated, and creamy Montecristo White Series cigar opens this review.

It is a traditional mix with a crisp but delicate aftertaste, a lovely scent, and a velvety texture.

montecristo white series review2

The white series is the most well-liked of the Montecristo brand’s expanding product offerings. The blend incorporates Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers with Ecuador’s Connecticut wrappers.

These cigars have a medium body but a stronger version of the Montecristo Yellow Label, first offered by Altadis, is this cigar’s replacement.

The Montecristo White Series was quite difficult to put down because it had a lot of sweetness and flavour for a medium-bodied cigar.

I had to remind myself to let the cigar rest in order to prevent it from getting too juicy or from cracking from over-puffing.

montecristo white series review3

Every puff was excellent once it had cooled down a little. Despite not having a single overbearing note, the Nicaraguan tobaccos used as filler and binder give it a full-flavored punch.

Furthermore, this cigar is an excellent illustration of “a well-rounded” smoke.

For those who prefer mild Dominican cigars, such as Macanudo Café, this collection should be appealing. 

In terms of smoothness and aroma, Montecristo and other similar smokes are extremely similar, but Montecristo exhibits far greater depth. This cigar deserves your attention.

montecristo white series review4

4. Montecristo White Looks & feels

This cigar had a fantastic appearance. The band sounded amazing. Everything about it, even the aroma, was excellent.

5. Draw & burn

As is often the case with Montecristo, the lighting was simple.

When I started smoking, the draw soon loosened up after being really tight at first.

montecristo white series review11

After a little while, eventually, the burn became somewhat evened out without any need for touch-ups.

6. Montecristo White Flavors

This cigar had outstanding flavour and consistency throughout. Regarding strength, as you approach the middle of the smoke, the Montecristo White gets stronger and more potent.

The flavour and balance of the smoke were much more constant to me when I let it sit between draws.

I didn’t receive the transitions I was expecting for with this cigar. But I did receive something even more superior, a consistent, nuanced flavour profile that persisted even after smoking.

montecristo white series review5

In actuality, the flavour of this cigar matched perfectly.

Woodiness and earthy tones remained prominent in the flavours. The correct amount of pepper and nut notes were combined with a suitable sweetness to create a cohesive flavour.

During the smoking session, everything remained incredibly even and constant.


I got a really nice scent of wood and nuts when I smelled the wrapper well. The wrapper was almost flawless.

montecristo white series review10

The group honoured its equivalent in Cuba. After cutting my way, I was prepared to puff.

First Third

The cigar lit up fast, and the first few draws were quite weak before picking up some strength fairly quickly.

I smelled no coco flavour at all prior to lighting.

montecristo white series review6

This cigar is extremely “dry.” Would be good served with coffee in the morning.

Thus far, the predominant flavours are leather, cashew, and peanut, with minimal sweetness.

Although there is some spiciness in the retro-hale, it is still quite moderate compared to what I had anticipated.

Second Third

A considerable quantity of cream I’m not positive if it’s a component of the milk chocolate. The draw is not as loose as I would like.

This floral note piques my curiosity more. It’s also pleasant that the cigar leaves your palate feeling clean after each draw.

montecristo white series review7

Everything is nicely launched with a creamy, buttery, and delectable character. The subtleties of vanilla, malt, and sweet peppers come and go while keeping this buttery profile.

The finish of this opulent smoke has a stronger vanilla butter cream flavour.

Final Third

The final third opens with a rich, robust wood flavour reminiscent of bourbon.

As I’m burning my fingers to keep smoking this amazing stick towards the end, a medium-spicy pepper profile enters the picture.

montecristo white series review9

Final puff

As much as I enjoyed smoking the Montecristo White Series cigar while writing my article, I hope you have enjoyed it too!

It was difficult to find anything wrong with this cigar, and I guess the actual evidence is that there was barely an inch left when I put it down.


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What does Montecristo White Series taste like?

This thin, pale cigar requires some work to draw on, but the burn is very even. The smoke starts off harsh and tangy before becoming creamy and woodsy with a hint of vanilla and café au lait.

What is the difference between Montecristo Classic and White?

With its gentle, pleasant flavours and the recognisable bright yellow boxes the brand is wrapped in, the original Montecristo, created in the Dominican Republic, is regarded as a classic. The potency of Montecristo White is enhanced slightly by the use of Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaves and a complex blend of long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Are Montecristo cigars high quality?

Only the best ingredients, such as long filler tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic and a variety of aged and well-polished wrappers, are used in Montecristo Cigars, guaranteeing the quality and taste standards established by the brand decades before.

How much does a Montecristo White Series cigar cost?

The pricing range of Montecristo White Series cigars is $42.60 to $405.85.

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