La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Review 2024

The Don Pepin facility, well-known for the My Father cigar line, manufactures the Mi Amor.

It has a wrapper made of maduro seeds from Mexico.

Mexico wasn’t well recognised until recently for manufacturing tobacco fit for such an important part as the cigar wrapper. It must be their well-known San Andres tobacco, I suppose.

Today we will be reviewing the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor.

Everyone has reviewed this cigar. It has garnered praise from prominent critics, including Cigar Aficianado, which gave it a 95 rating and named it runner-up for their “Cigar of the Year” honours.

I guess Don Pepin Garcia makes these cigars in Nicaragua specifically for Ashton Cigars. When this cigar was introduced in 2010, it created quite a sensation.

The cost of this cigar is fair.

So I’ve been smoking two cigars over the past few days in an effort to develop my taste and some points of reference to write this article.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review1

Let’s explore my experience:

1. La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Price & rating

Price: $200.00 (box of 25); $8.00 for a single

Rating: 95

2. Specifications

Size: 5.2″ x 56 “Duque” Robusto

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Body: Medium / Medium Full

Strength: Medium

3. La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Offered sizes

The Mi Amor is available in boxes of 25 in your choice of five sizes:

Robusto (5 x 50)

Belicoso (5.5 x 54)

Valentino (5.7 x 58)

Magnifico (6 x 52)

Churchill (7 x 50)

4. La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Cigar review

The majority of people who have reviewed this cigar are really fond of it. It was a pleasant experience, I must admit.

The cigar had a toasted, nutty flavour at the beginning and a strong coffee, dark chocolate, and pepper finish, smooth and well-balanced, relatively little strength.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review2

By the end of the cigar, it has developed from a medium-bodied to a medium-full-bodied smoke.

There is a suitable tale arc for the cigar. A three-act drama, if you will. I see why there is such appreciation for this cigar.

5. La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Looks & feel

The wrapper for the Mi Amor is light brown.

Previous reviews that I’ve seen mention the cigar’s dark brown wrapper.

I would classify mine as milk chocolate. The wrapper may have slightly changed over time based on photos.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review4

The majority of the reviews were from 2011 to 2013, and I’m reviewing this in 2024.

There are hardly any veins, and the seams are neat.

With an uneven rectangular press, it’s a stylish box-pressed stick. The cigar has a solid, tightly packed feel about it.

The final touch is a perfectly applied triple cap.

Aromas of hay, leather, and barnyard are released upon sniffing the wrapper. I smell earth, hay, and a tiny bit of cedar from the foot.

6. La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Flavors


I carefully remove the cap and give it a sniff. It fits pretty tightly. I trimmed the top of the cap a bit more.

The draw on the cigar I just smoked was tight, and the previous week I read some reviews that mentioned the same thing.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review6

The cigars continue to smoke, but it appears to be a regular problem.

Only a little cedar appears on the prelight draw. The tight draw is primarily to blame for this.

First third

Although the draw is a little tight, there is a nice quantity of smoke coming from it.

On the first draw, I taste pepper, cedar, and a hint of fruit.

There is a lingering woodsy aftertaste.

I get some wood, some nuts, and a tiny bit of chocolate from the second puff. It has a fruity scent.

Pleasant beginning to the cigar, however as it wears on, I find that these flavours shift.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review7

I find the tight draw a little annoying. However, that is the nature of these cigars, crammed into a pressed box.

That’s just the way things are.

After a few minutes, I’m starting to feel a little toasty.

Light cream, bread, roasted almonds, and a little light wood. The body is in the middle. A tiny bit of spice is hitting my retrohale.

Now Coffee is the newest flavour to emerge. It’s a light coffee for now.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review8

It complements the wood, nuts, and cream nicely. I’m reminded of cashews by the nuttiness.

The pepper is still making its way into my retrohale, and I can feel it rising a little bit in my throat.

Things go well at first third.

Second third

I can still taste some toasted, nutty flavours up front, but there are also other flavours accumulating in the background in its second third.

A little wood and coffee is also present.

Put some pepper on your back.

For me, it remains a cigar with medium body strength.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review9

The mixture is beginning to taste a touch salty. The final one I smoked developed a strong salty taste.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like the salt is increasing. Rather, a lovely sweet tobacco is developing along with the coffee.

I take another whiff, and this time I’m getting more sweetness, cedar, and coffee.

There is a noticeable change in the flavour profile from the first third’s toasted and nutty notes.

I wholeheartedly support it. Even the scent has changed, becoming more syrupy sweet rather than fruity, similar to sweet bread.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review10

The body and complexity haven’t reached peak performance, but I’m starting to taste a lot of flavours similar to sweet desserts.

Creaminess, toast, sugared coffee, light caramel, sweet tobacco, and a hint of pepper on the aftertaste.

There are more cedar, cocoa, and coffee flavours now.

It’s not what it was just a moment ago—now it is a pure dessert stick.

The body is starting to pick up, along with pepper.

We’ve now moved into medium full area. The plot starts picking up steam and heading into its denouement.

Final third

I tear away the last band since the cherry is making it brown.

It disassembles without any problems.

The cigar that’s left is flawlessly smooth. A tawny brown wrapper with little veins running across it.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review2

The joints become one with one other. It has a lovely wrapper and a neatly rolled cigar visually.

The flavours kept intensifying and condensing.

The coffee is becoming more potent.  There’s tang from the cedar.

A tiny dash of black pepper felt on the pull.

However, I continue to taste some roasted flavours, toasted bread, roasted regular tobacco.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review6

Additionally, I continue to detect a slight creaminess. On the retrohale, scents of cedar and various woods are also present.

A well-balanced and silky cigar is the end product. While it’s not really strong, it’s enjoyable.

The coffee is turning black, the nuttiness has returned, and I can now taste earth and dark chocolate.

Both the pepper and the cedar remain. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey that I am on at this point.

7. La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Ash & burn

Mi Amor, a gloriously combusting cigar, continued my run of excellent luck with burns.

Mostly level burn lines, long, light-coloured solid ashes, and an effortless draw left me with little to say about this portion.

The ash from the cigar is compact and light grey. Thus far, the burn has been even and pleasant.

la aroma de cuba mi amor review3

Final puff

I wholeheartedly endorse the La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor, an opulent candy bar composed of tobacco.

I became more and more fond of the Mi Amor with each puff.

It really shines if you take your time, and it’s loaded with just the right amount of intricacy and variation to keep you from becoming bored.

If you are patient, it will reward you. Furthermore, almost everybody can afford the price. If I had to buy it again, It would be Fun.

It also helps that it appears to be the winner throughout. These are absolutely something I’ll smoke more of in the future.

And you really should try these if you enjoy cigars wrapped in Mexican leaves and you haven’t previously.


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Is La Aroma de Cuba a good cigar?

La Aroma de Cuba is a tasty, expertly crafted, visually appealing handcrafted coffee with a medium to full body that is complex. Furthermore La Aroma de Cuba was rated with 93 points.

What is the rating of La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Duque?

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore Duque comes at #13 and receive a well-deserved 93-rating.

What is La Aroma de Cuba Immensa rated?

With the rating of 93 La Aroma de Cuba Immensa cigar is a masterpiece that will make you feel as though you are in heaven.

Where is La Aroma de Cuba from?

Each La Aroma de Cuba cigar is meticulously handcrafted in the Garcia family’s cutting-edge cigar manufacturing factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

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