La Aroma de Cuba Corona Review 2024

This is a review of La Aroma de Cuba Corona.

I’ve been a cigar enthusiast for 20 years and have tested a lot of cigars, and if you need a good cigar at a good price, then I recommend La Aroma de Cuba Corona. Let’s analyze it below:

La Aroma de Cuba Corona is a must-have cigar for novice and seasoned cigar aficionados. Enjoy the experience of smoking this stogie by combining it with your preferred coffee. The end of this product is a medium-to-full-bodied smoke with complex flavours of earth and spice that is well-balanced. Both newbies to the brand and seasoned La Aroma de Cuba Corona smokers will find this cigar more than satisfying.

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la aroma de cuba corona
la aroma de cuba corona

Its origin

Under the guidance of José “Pepín” García, the original La Aroma De Cuba Corona cigars are meticulously constructed in Nicaragua. The rich and fragrant mix comprises aged Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long fillers, a zesty binder, and an oily, chocolate-brown Connecticut broadleaf wrapper.

la aroma de cuba corona
la aroma de cuba corona

The Levin family of Ashton Cigar Company and the Garcia family of My Father Cigars have collaborated for the first time with La Aroma de Cuba Corona, and what a successful partnership it has proven to be! Ashton’s decision to place this brand under the renowned Don “Pepin” Garcia’s direction caused them to take off the shelves and receive rave reviews from all smokers.

The blend consists of a rich and spicy mixture of Nicaraguan tobaccos with a lovely Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The Garcia family painstakingly blended the ideal cigar over eighteen months.

1. Testing details

We smoked nine of these delicious Corona 5.5×44 cigars for this review. For three days, each of us smoked three cigars. We all agree that drinking water is ideal for washing our palates after smoking a cigar and preserving its flavours.

2. Specifications

Origin: Nicaragua;

Smoking time: around 100 minutes;

Packaging: single, pack of three, box of twenty-five;

Price: $6.15 per stick, $30.75 per pack, $153.75 per box.

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf;

Blinder: Nicaraguan;

Filler: Nicaraguan;

Size: 5.5×44;

Vitola: Corona;

Wrapper Color: Colorado Maduro;

Construction: Dense;

Handmade: Yes.

Strength: Medium;

Body: Medium;

Aroma: Scpices, Chocolate;

Initial taste: Cocoa, Earth;

First third: Cocoa, Citrus notes, Earth, Pepper, and Chocolate;

Second third: Cocoa, Citrus, Earthiness, Coffee, Anise, Spices, and Chocolate;

Final third: Cocoa, Earth, Anise, Spices, and Chocolate

Rating: 4.8;

Awards and Ranking: Cigar’s Aficionado ‘#1 Cigar Industry Best Buy in the World’ with a 93-point rating.

Draw: Ideal, A little resistance;

Burn: Cool;

Smoke: Rich;

Ash: Silver

3. Source, Mix, and Vitolas

Winston Churchill’s preferred cigar brand in the late 1800s was this Cuban-born brand. La Aroma de Cuba Corona scored 93 out of 100 from Cigar Aficionado, making it the “#1 Cigar Industry Best Buy in the World.”

la aroma de cuba corona
la aroma de cuba corona

A robust blend of Cuban seed and Nicaraguan long fillers, La Aroma de Cuba Corona is encased in a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Don José “Pepin” Garcia of My Father Cigars created the blend. These cigars have several different vitolas: Belicoso, Churchill, Corona, Double Corona, Gordo, Robusto, and Toro.

We smoked the Corona vitolas of these excellent cigars to write this evaluation of La Aroma de Cuba Corona.

4. Appearance

La Aroma de Cuba Corona features an exquisite, well-composed band. You cannot possibly confuse it. The band’s hues contrast sharply with the glistening Colorado Maduro wrapper. A brilliant red cloth band shaped like a bow is at the foot of the cigar.

la aroma de cuba corona
la aroma de cuba corona

There aren’t many rough veins in the wrapping. Single cigars and boxes of 25 are also available for La Aroma de Cuba Corona.

5. Pre-Light Draw, Scent, and Flavour

Before lighting, the flavour is earthy and cocoa-dusty. The cigar has a spicy chocolate scent to it. About 2/8 of an inch must be removed from the head to accommodate the Corona Vitola. There is some resistance, but the draw is ideal.

a. Initial Third

The initial few puffs have earthy, citrusy, and chocolate flavours. The scents of cocoa and pepper are in harmony with the retrohale. The boys on our team detect a stronger pepper taste on the retrohale, however our gorgeous woman detects a stronger chocolate flavour.

la aroma de cuba corona
la aroma de cuba corona

b. The Second Third

Flavours improve as you smoke more. Citrus, cocoa, and a lovely earthiness with hints of coffee and anise are all present. With this cigar, Don Pepin has created a remarkably well-balanced flavour profile.

Adelina detects additional peppery notes on the retrohale in the second third but not an overbearing scorching pepperiness. She claims it keeps you attentive and in good form, much like a desirable afternoon cup of coffee.

la aroma de cuba corona
la aroma de cuba corona

c. Last Third

Here, the earthiness and chocolate notes are still evident. The citrus notes have vanished, and the second third’s anise overtones are now more noticeable. On the retrohale, you’ll encounter cocoa and spice. Here, the entire team is in agreement.

la aroma de cuba corona
la aroma de cuba corona

6. Ash Fire and Smoke

Layer upon layer of silver burnt tobacco is formed by the ash sticking on very effectively. La Aroma de Cuba Corona has a good burn. Because of its extremely solid structure, the cigar has a steady burn. It was not necessary to relit any of the smoked cigars. There is nearly a straight burn line.

la aroma de cuba corona
la aroma de cuba corona

La Aroma de Cuba Corona is a sophisticated, gentle smoke you can draw. You will taste the pepper bite as you inhale it via your nose.

7. Wrapping up

Don Pepin Garcia, a renowned tobacconist, has released La Aroma de Cuba Corona, a 93-rated resurgence of a traditional Cuban brand from the 1800s. La Aroma de Cuba, a potent blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco, is handcrafted in Estelí, Nicaragua, and comes in a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

La Aroma de Cuba Corona has a medium to full body with well-balanced zesty notes of sweet nougat and nuts. Its flavours are powerful but smooth to the core. La Aroma is a well-made and well-liked cigar that easily satisfies cigar enthusiasts by hitting all the appropriate notes.

La Aroma de Cuba Corona currently holds an astounding 93 rating. One of the greatest cigar deals available is La Aroma de Cuba Corona. The build is great, but the burn and draw are also immaculate.

The Corona is a great blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos with a medium to full body. You’ll always reach for this cigar, I bet.

Take action now, buy and taste, and you may discover a new world.


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