Bolivar Cofradia Review 2024

STG and Forged Cigar Company formed a partnership for the Bolivar brand in February of this year.

The new line, named Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found, is the product of the efforts of Robert Caldwell of Lost & Found and Justin Andrews of STG.

Unlike most Lost & Found endeavours, this one did not start out as a rolled cigar but adheres to the tradition nonetheless because the tobacco was “forgotten.”

Scandinavian Tobacco Group has collaborated on projects with numerous other cigar manufacturers and blenders over the last few years. 

A collaborative effort that was perhaps one of the most original ones I have seen came about earlier this year.

This entailed launching the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Series, a project featuring Lost & Found Cigars under the Bolivar brand. The twist is that Lost & Found Cigars’ contemporary flair was merged with a legacy brand with Cuban roots.

Robert Caldwell of Lost & Found Cigars and Justin Andrews of STG led the project.

The outcome would be the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro and the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found EMS (English Market Selection), two limited production blends.

Today we are going to do the Bolivar Cofradia Review.

Let’s explore more.

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1. Bolivar Cofradia Origin & History

The Bolivar brand has been the one in the STG portfolio that has been struggling to define its identity.

This brand bears Simon Bolivar’s name, which many consider South America’s George Washington.

It is a brand that Habanos S.A. can trace its origins to Cuba and has enjoyed great success. Additionally, STG has produced this brand outside of the Habanos portfolio.

Like Habanos, it’s a brand that never really seemed to take off. A failed attempt to rebrand it under the Foundry name occurred in 2015.

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With very little fanfare, the Bolivar Cofradia was revived a few years ago under the Forged Cigar Company.

Next was the Lost & Found initiative.

One of the biggest success stories of the past ten years is Lost & Found.

The idea behind the company’s founding was to find cigars sitting around in factories for a while, repackage them, and give them a fresh start. When the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found was finished, it was revealed that Caldwell and Andrews had mixed the cigars together.

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I couldn’t see why a cooperation mix with an established name would be called Lost & Found.

It turns out that Lost & Found would shortly declare that it would concentrate more on blend development and would no longer be rescuing cigars sitting in factories.

Now that we have covered some background, let’s examine the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto and discover its qualities.

2. Bolivar Cofradia Price & rating

Price: $7.00

Rating: 89

3. Bolivar Cofradia Specifications

Wrapper: USA Connecticut Broadleaf

Wrapper Origin: Ecuadorian

Shape: Toro

Length: 6

Ring: 54

Strength: Medium

Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Filler: Dominican Habano Seco, Nicaraguan Habano Viso, Honduran Habano Seco

Country of Origin: Honduras

Factory: Honduras American Tobacco S.A.

4. Bolivar Cofradia Sizes Offered

Robusto: 5 x 54

Toro: 6 x 54

5. Bolivar Cofradia Cigar review

Even though I detest handmade paper bundles and mazo packaging, I must give credit to the designers of the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro for their creative work.

The handmade paper bundle’s label does a fantastic job of fusing the traditional Bolivar universe with the modern Lost & Found universe.

The Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto is not the most sophisticated cigar. It also produced a Connecticut Broadleaf with a consistent flavour profile.

bolivar cofradia review5

The late, great master blender Estélo Padrón used an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Honduran and Nicaraguan filler, and Connecticut broadleaf as binder to create the Bolivar Cofradia.

This cigar primarily tastes earthy, woodsy, and nutty, with only a slight hint of spice and pepper. It’s a convenient, medium-bodied stick that’s perfect for daily use.

The construction of the samples I smoked also impressed me, and the flavours created were great. This cigar is still rather affordable at less than $7.00.

I would suggest this cigar to everyone who enjoys cigars. I would grab for and smoke this cigar once again. Priced at approximately $35.00 per five-pack, this cigar is well worth considering in a box.

6. Bolivar Cofradia Looks & feel

The Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto’s Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper was the colour of dark roasted coffee.

There was a thin oil film and some mottling on the wrapper’s surface. Additionally, some veins and wrapper seams were apparent. There was a faint Cuban press to the cigar itself.

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The Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro is divided into two bands.

The colour palette of the main band is black, gold, and antique white. The band’s centre contains a black circular field.

The sentence “BOLIVAR COFRADIA OSCURO” is written in an antique white typeface on the circular field. The antique white Lost & Found logo is located directly beneath that text.

The words “BOLIVAR” are written in black font on the left side of the band, while “LOST & FOUND” is written in black font on the right.

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The colour scheme of the secondary band also consists of black, gold, and antique white.

The words “BOLIVAR X LOST & FOUND” are written in a rear stripe across the middle of the band. Above and below the black line are stripes of antique white and gold.

7. Draw, Ash & burn

The Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto had a low maintenance burn in the beginning, but as it entered the second third, additional touch-ups were needed to keep the burn path and burn line straight.

Although the touch-ups were effective, I would have preferred fewer touch-ups to be necessary. A silver-gray ash with some dark streaks was the result of the burn.

bolivar cofradia review8

This particular ash was somewhat firmer. Both the burn temperature and rate were within acceptable bounds.

The Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto draw was on the open side. Usually, I like a little bit more resistance when drawing. There were no negative impacts from the open draw during the smoking experience. There was a good quantity of smoke from this draw as well.

8. Bolivar Cofradia Flavors

I had assumed that the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto would smoke more boldly. In this instance, the body and intensity of the cigar were initially medium to mild.

The cigar developed to medium strength and medium body by the second half. In the second half, there wasn’t much of an increase in the strength and physical intensity.

The physique and strength complement each other well, with neither quality taking the stage.

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To start smoking the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto, a straight cut was utilised. After taking off the cap, the pre-light draw procedure began.

A blend of hay, wood, leather, and faint coffee notes emerged from the cold draw. This pre-light draw was adequate.

I decided to fire up the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto at this point to see what the smoking phase would bring.

bolivar cofradia review10

First Third

The Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto began to smell like dirt, white pepper, cedar, and mocha—a blend of coffee and chocolate.

The mocha notes took centre stage early on. The notes of pepper and ground cedar subsided. There were moments in the first third when the mocha was more influenced by chocolate and other moments by coffee.

The flavour profile had a certain amount of creaminess. On the retro-hale, however, flavours of coffee and black pepper mixed together.

bolivar cofradia review7

Second Third

The mocha notes of the Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto began to exhibit more coffee-like characteristics in the latter part of the drink.

Alongside the coffee at the forefront were the earth tones. The notes of spice and cedar in the background completed the picture.

The cigar’s pepper content increased as it moved through the second third.

bolivar cofradia review9

Final Third

The merging of the mocha notes essentially broke apart in the last third. The two main flavours were earthy tones and coffee.

Any lingering chocolate note accompanied the cedar and pepper tones. The Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Oscuro Robusto concluded in this manner.

The resulting nub felt hard to the touch and had a chilly temperature.

Final puff

In terms of flavour, the Bolivar Cofradia cigar is excellent overall.

The flavours that stand out are earthy, woodsy, and nutty, with a very little hint of spice and pepper.

Its flavour doesn’t change much, but it’s rich nonetheless. Smoking this cigar daily would be enjoyable for many.

The pricing point is quite reasonable considering the performance it offers.

The draw, burn, and construction were all done superbly.

The only thing that bothers me about this cigar band design is that it lacks a wow factor. It was a straightforward cigar for smoking and something you would provide to your friends.


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Is Bolivar a good cigar?

Purchase a box of 25 Bolivar cigars, considered among the best available, while they are still available. Cheers to Bolivar! Bolivar scored a well-earned 90 out of 100.

Who makes Bolivar Cofradia?

You’re in for a treat since Estelo Padron, a legendary cigar maker, created the Bolivar Cofradia. This is one of the most tasty and reasonably priced Honduran cigars available, especially for one made by such a pioneer.

Are Bolivar Coronas Gigantes discontinued?

It appears that the Bolivar Gigantes cigars were indeed withdrawn in 2017.

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