2024 Scotte Travel Humidor Review [User Review]

As a dedicated cigar enthusiast, the prospect of trying out the Scotte Travel Humidor naturally piqued my interest. Designed for portability and compactness, this humidor promised an ideal solution for transporting my cigars during travels. Given my frequent travels, the ability to keep my cigars in prime condition is crucial.

I was intrigued to find out if this humidor lived up to its promise, and I’ve decided to document my journey with it – from the initial setup to its real-world effectiveness as a travel companion for someone who, like me, is always on the go with their cigars.

Let’s explore together.

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1. Characteristics

Humidor type: Travel

Capacity: Holds 12–18 cigars, depending on the vitola.

Key Features: A look of leather. Interior of a Spanish cedar. On the lid is a hygrometer. Artificial fabric bag for transport.

Origin nation: China

Dimensions, D/H: 9 inches high by 4.7 inches in diameter;

Materials and Interior: Cedar interior, leather exterior;

Producer: Scotte;

A rectangular humidifier is used for humidification.

A true analog hygrometer

Lock: Not at all;

Capacity of the water tank: Not included;

Thermometer: No

Lack of temperature control

Lack of ventilation

Level of noise: 0 dB;

Power supply: There is no need for a power source.

Drawers: Not at all

Trays: Not at all

2. Key features

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Scotte Travel Humidor


  • Robust and long-lasting compact.
  • For its size, it offers enough storage.
  • It would be convenient to carry the humidor with a handle instead of needing a separate bag.
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The Scotte Travel Humidor offers more than just a means of storing your prized cigar collection; it’s a harmonious blend of durability, design, protection, and style, perfectly suited for keeping your cigars in top condition while on the move.

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This humidor is more than a mere storage unit. Its robust construction and advanced humidity system ensure your cigars are kept in optimal conditions. Every feature, from the secure seal to the potential for temperature customization, is thoughtfully designed to foster the natural aging of your tobacco, preserving its distinct flavors and aromas. The Scotte Travel Humidor is a comprehensive solution, crafted to enhance and elevate your cigar smoking experience.

It strikes the perfect balance between size and storage capacity, making it an ideal choice for the traveling aficionado.

The leather exterior gives the humidor an elegant look and feel, while its seal effectively maintains the freshness of your cigars.

Completing its sophisticated design, the golden ring around the analog hygrometer adds a touch of class to the overall appearance of the Scotte Travel Humidor.

  • Robust and long-lasting compact
  • For its size, it offers enough storage.
  • It would be convenient to carry the humidor with a handle instead of needing a separate bag.

3. Packaging and Shipping

The Scotte Travel Humidor isn’t just a product; it’s a promise of perfection right from the get-go. Think of its packaging as a tough, almost unbreakable armor that keeps the humidor safe and sound while it travels to you. This tells you that the company isn’t just about looks; they ensure their cigars are top-notch even before you crack open the humidor.

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4. Exterior

Now, let’s talk about what’s on the outside. The Scotte Travel Humidor’s exterior is a beautiful blend of durability and style. Made with top-notch materials, it’s like a fortress for your cigars, shielding them from all the outside elements. But it’s not just about protection; the design is sleek and sophisticated, making your cigar-carrying game look effortlessly classy. Plus, it’s a stylish accessory that’s sure to vibe with your room’s decor.

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5. Interior

Peek inside, and you’ll see a space that’s been thoughtfully designed to keep your cigars safe and sound. It’s like a cozy little nest, gently cradling each cigar. But the interior design is more than just about space; it’s about creating an atmosphere, a vibe. It’s an art form that perfectly maintains the quality and integrity of your cigars. Every detail is handcrafted to provide a sanctuary that preserves the delicate nature of the cigars.

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6. Setup and Seasoning

Ah, the classic dilemma for new cigar enthusiasts! In short, absolutely. Here’s the scoop: if you don’t properly season the cedar wood in an empty humidor, it’s like a sponge – it’ll suck the moisture right out of your cigars. And let’s not forget about your travel humidor. You’ve got to season it and tweak the hygrometer before you hit the road.

So, here’s what we did: we grabbed a trusty calibrated hygrometer and a nifty sixty-count Boveda seasoning packet. Guess what? We nailed it in just one day! This time around, our results were a tad different. Instead of marking humidity changes day by day, we mixed things up and monitored the ups and downs by the hour.

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7. Capacity

The Scotte Travel Humidor is a little marvel, packing a punch in both utility and compactness. It’s like a magician’s hat for cigars – surprisingly roomy for its size. Whether you’re off for a weekend jaunt or a longer adventure, this humidor ensures you’re well-stocked with a diverse cigar selection to please even the most particular aficionados.

8. Thermostat

The Scotte Travel Humidor skips the thermostat. This means tweaking humidity levels is a bit of a manual affair, which might limit control over the nitty-gritty of the environment. But hey, it’s all about mobility and managing that essential moisture for your cigars.

2024 Scotte Travel Humidor Review [User Review]-5

9. Placement Tips

For travel humidors, placement is key. Keep them away from the heat and out of direct sunlight. Beware the classic mistake: leaving it in the car, where the summer sun can turn your humidor into a sauna, not good for those precious cigars.

10. Seal

The seal on the Scotte Travel Humidor is like a trusty guard, ensuring your cigars are cocooned in just the right humidity. This airtight seal is crucial, creating a mini-haven that keeps external humidity changes at bay.

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11. Humidification System

This travel humidor comes with a single-bar humidifier, fitting up to fifteen cigars. It’s a simple system – use distilled water with a dropper, but don’t overdo it. Around ten drops should do the trick, maintaining the right humidity without going overboard

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12. Hygrometer

The Scotte Travel Humidor comes with a hygrometer in its lid, perfect for keeping tabs on humidity. A little tip: recalibrate every three months or before long trips to ensure accurate readings, helping you keep your cigars in tip-top condition.

13. Thermometer

No built-in thermometer here, so temperature buffs might need to look elsewhere to keep tabs on the warmth factor. It’s all about creating that perfect environment for your cigars.

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14. Scotte Travel Humidor: Performance Experiment

a. Initial Conditions

We tested three La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars in the humidor, starting off with a relative humidity (RH) of about 68%.

b. Humidification System Test

We used a Boveda 72% RH packet and a floral foam bar, focusing on their ability to maintain the right moisture levels. A careful addition of water – ten drops to be precise – ensured just the right humidity without overdoing it.

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c. Hygrometer Calibration and Monitoring

Regular calibration of the humidor’s hygrometer was key to ensuring accurate humidity readings throughout the experiment.

d. Temperature Control and Monitoring

While the humidor lacks a built-in thermometer, we kept it away from heat and sunlight, crucial for maintaining cigar quality.

2024 Scotte Travel Humidor Review [User Review]-1

e. Assessment of Performance

The humidor did a stellar job in maintaining constant humidity, proving its worth as a reliable companion for cigar enthusiasts, whether on short or long journeys.

Wrapping up

The test run with the Scotte Travel Humidor really showed its chops as a trusty, lightweight buddy for keeping your cigars just right. Despite its pint-size and the simple floral foam humidification bar, it nailed keeping the cigars at the perfect moisture level.

The hygrometer, fine-tuned and smartly placed, was key in dodging those pesky temperature swings, ensuring the cigars had a chill and steady home. Bottom line: whether you’re off on a quick getaway or a lengthy voyage, this humidor’s got your back, proving itself as a top-notch travel mate for any cigar lover with an eye for quality.

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