NewAir CC 300H Humidor Review Test 2024

Today, I want to provide an entirely impartial evaluation of the NewAir CC-300H Humidor based on my personal observations. I looked closely at this humidor’s capabilities and performance, taking into account everything from its capacity to the accuracy of its thermostat. So let’s examine it in more detail and determine whether the CC-300H is a true treasure for protecting and presenting your priceless cigar collection.

Let’s get started with the facts without any bias!

NewAir CC - 300H Humidor

Key features

Type: Electric Cabinet Humidor;

Capacity: 400 cigars, depending on the vitola.

Built-in humidification system with Opti-Temp™ control. Two Spanish cedar drawers and four shelves. Door with a lock and keys. LED lighting.

Manufacturer: NewAir;

Country of Origin: China;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 18/20.8/29;

Drawers: Yes, two cedar drawers;

Trays: Yes, our cedar trays;

Lighting: Yes.

Humidification: Yes;

Hygrometer: No;

Water tank capacity: About 14 fl.oz.;

Interior and Materials: Plastic, Spanish cedar, steel, and stainless steel;

Lock: Yes;

  • Temperature system with complete adjustment.
  • A tight, safe seal
  • Big capacity.
  • Secured with a lock.
  • Precise temperature and hygrometer sensors.
  • No hygrometer.
  • It is not bright enough to light the interior.
  • Every time you unlock it, you have to bend over because the lock is on the bottom.

Packaging and shipping

Three days after the order was placed, the merchandise was delivered.

The NewAir CC-300H comes enclosed in a sizable cardboard box that fastens with a lid. The humidor is filled with foam corners inside the box. Along with reducing waste, these safeguard the humidor’s four sides. To make sure nothing slides out while being transported, the doors are taped shut.

The humidor features an easy thirty-day return policy and a one-year warranty.

NewAir CC - 300H Humidor


After opening the package, I removed all of the cedar drawers and gave the humidor’s inside a quick wash with mild detergent and water to get rid of any foreign objects and the unexpectedly subtle scent of new plastic. I gave the humidor a thorough cleaning and left the door open overnight to let it dry. I turned on the humidifier for the first time after drying, allowing the temperature to adjust.


The seasoning comes next. Nothing is more reviving than the scent of freshly cut Spanish cedar. First things come first. Now let’s personalize the shelves. Three cedar trays and two sizable cedar drawers are included with the CC-300H. After experimenting a little, I discovered that my preferred arrangement was to have the trays at the top and the drawers at the bottom. One thing to note about this is that the bottoms of the shelves and trays allow humidity to freely circulate between the drawers. Because the drawers on my other wine cabinet are closed, airflow is restricted, necessitating closer inspection of each drawer.

NewAir CC - 300H Humidor

According to this manual, avoid water or moisture from contacting your cedar. The first I have ever come across regarding humidor setup. Having seasoned humidors successfully numerous times, I decided not to heed this advice, and instead broke out the towels and distilled water so that I could wipe down all surfaces of the cedar hard with enough pressure.

This can be accounted for by some factors. Initially one eliminates all the sawdust and wood fragments that would have landed on your cigar if you did not sand it. This actually produced quite an amount of sawdust, the color of which dyed my green-colored rag red-brown. This also helps the wooden to create space and absorb moisture which in turn ensures the humidification of the air. If this was the case, the wood would absorb all of the moisture present in the atmosphere and eventually even out the humidity.

NewAir CC - 300H Humidor

At first I added three Butlers to season the humidor. At the top level, one; at the center, another; and the last at the bottom. The CC-300H also includes a small clear jar that contains beads, sponge, pure water, and so on to help moisten the air. I choose distilled water. I normally employ beads and sometimes electric humidifiers; however I chose to utilize in-built parts for a truthful assessment. There is however, no electrical outlet in the humidor. In case you go for an electric humidifier, you had better get on a battery powered one or a slim ribbon cable that runs across the entry point which I abhor, because it could let in moisture.

There was very little time for seasoning—about 48 hours. A 24-hour period saw the humidity peak at 76% and then level off at roughly 69%. The middle and bottle ready hygrometers both registered 69% after 48, however the top hygrometer read 67%. After looking over the Boveda app’s history, I saw that those figures had barely changed by roughly 1% in the previous twelve hours, so I decided it was time to put my cigars in the humidor. This humidor keeps humidity surprisingly well. The average humidity did not often fall below 68% when I opened the humidor once a day. If it did, it would only last for an hour or two before rising again.


The dimensions of the NewAir CC-300H are 18 inches wide by 20.8 inches deep by 29 inches high.

The box’s outside is made of metal that has been painted black. The door has two panes of glass and is constructed of stainless steel.

NewAir CC - 300H Humidor

The door’s bottom is where the lock is situated. This is a little annoying because you have to bend over each time you lock and open the door if the humidor is on the floor.

Three documents are included with the humidor: a quick start guide, an instruction manual, and a flyer for product registration.


The humidor holds 2.3 cubic feet of storage.

The inside is composed of polymer. It is simple to get rid of any plastic odor that may be present when you first open the humidor.

NewAir CC - 300H Humidor

Four cedar shelves and two drawers are perfect places to organize your collection of stogies. Since they are all detachable, you can customize them to your preferences.

A plastic reservoir is included with the CC-300H for humidification.


One of its greatest benefits is that it has a big enough space so as to accommodate many cigars. It does cater well for both casual and hardcore aficionados with capacity of hundreds or even thousands of cigars in it.


A good humidor should be able to provide a constant and dependable seal. This involves creating an air tight environment with a lid that secures the freshness and flavour of your cigars and that is where CC-300H excels. The seal is very tight so as maintain the stable humidity inside, creating good conditions for long term storaging.

NewAir CC - 300H Humidor

Humidification System

With a sophisticated humidifying device known as CC-300H, your cigars are kept in a good state. In addition, it regulates the humidity levels and prevents the cigars from getting dry or too much humidified. This offers an extra level of convenience to users that are looking for a frictionless approach in preserving a suitable atmosphere for their cigars.


The CC-300H has an inbuilt hygrometer capable of giving precise results for tracking relative humidity. It is important in ensuring that the environment surrounding your cigars promotes aging and keeps away any harmful effects by humidity fluctuation.


The CC-300H has a good thermometer to maintain the accuracy required for proper temperature control. This ensures that the humidor has a moderate and consistent level of air humidity, helping protect your cigarettes from heat or cold related damages.

NewAir CC - 300H Humidor


The NewAir CC-300H provides impressive performance in regards to meeting its expectations. This keeps it constant humidity which involves proper moistures as well as moderate temperatures for cigars to stay good. It is a dependable choice for veterans and beginners alike in terms of overall performance.

Worth Buying or Not

Being large in capacity and reliability on seal, good humidifier with a hygrometer and thermometer and thermostat that could be adjusted to the needed parameters make this humidor really worth investing into for every cigar lover. It provides an ideal storage system for slow aging of your favorite cigars and preservation of flavor profiles.

NewAir CC - 300H Humidor


Finally, the NewAir CC-300H Humidor is undoubtedly the best option one can bet on if you have the serious spirit of keeping your cigars. This addition to cigar toolbox is one with a mixture of capacity, air tightness, features, and consistency in performance that makes it worth having. If you are an experienced collector or a beginner, CC 300 H offers suitable storage space, and is a good idea to buy.

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