Latest Old Glory Humidor Review 2024

Today in this article we are going to discover the elegance of the Old Glory Humidor, a precisely built cigar storage option for discerning enthusiasts.

This premium cigar box combines timeless design with functionality, creating a safe and beautiful environment for your prized smokes.

The Old Glory Humidor is more than just a storage unit; it’s a statement piece expressing your taste for life’s finer things.

Cigar aficionados understand the importance of proper storage in maintaining the integrity and flavor of their cherished cigars.

The Old Glory Desktop Cigar Humidor is a beacon of excellence in this regard, offering a combination of functionality, elegance, and precision craftsmanship.

As we delve deeper into its features and performance, it becomes evident that this humidor is not just a storage device but a symbol of sophistication for cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

old glory desktop cigar humidor review1

1. Specifications

Type: Desktop

Humidor Brand: Quality Importers

Country of Origin: the U.S.A.;

Capacity:  75-100 Cigars

Manufacturer ‏: ‎ quality importers trading company

Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6.5 inches

Power Supply: NA

Ventilation: NA

Materials: Made from premium wood and lined with kiln-dried Spanish cedar

Hygrometer: Yes

Humidifier: Yes

Temperature control: Yes

Humidity: 69%

Spanish cedar tray and divider

2. Price & Rating

Price: $150

Rating: 4.5

3. Humidor Review

Quality Importer’s SureSeal technology ensures a perfect lid seal upon closure, protecting the freshness of your cigars.

This huge desktop humidor is more than simply a storage solution; it represents a commitment to cigar quality.

With gold-plated quadrant lid hinges, a tarnished brass lock and key with a tassel, and a scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom, this humidor gives a touch of refinement to your cigar collection while also insuring its safety and security.

old glory desktop cigar humidor review2

This humidor, designed with precision and attention to detail, provides the ideal conditions for maintaining the flavour and freshness of your premium cigars.

The Old Glory Humidor’s excellent craftsmanship and patriotic appeal make it the perfect centrepiece for any cigar enthusiast’s collection.

The roomy interior fits a wide range of cigar sizes, and the Spanish cedar lining improves the ageing process, delivering a rich and nuanced flavour profile to your cigars.

The humidor’s dependable humidity management technology keeps the correct moisture level, guaranteeing that every cigar you reach for is a pleasure to enjoy.

a. Key Features

  1. Preserve Your Prized Cigars in Style
  2. Crafted for Cigar Enthusiasts
  3. Precision Monitoring with Glass Hygrometer
  4. Secure Seal for Moisture Retention
  5. Luxurious Details and Security

b. Packaging

Upon unboxing, the humidor is securely packaged to prevent any damage during transit.

This reflects the manufacturer’s commitment to ensuring that customers receive their products in pristine condition, ready for immediate use.

old glory desktop cigar humidor review3

c. Set up

Setting up the Old Glory Desktop Cigar Humidor is a straightforward process, requiring minimal effort. The included instructions provide clear guidance on seasoning the humidor, ensuring that it is ready for use in no time. (Setting up humidor)

d. Seasoning

Proper seasoning is essential for maintaining the ideal humidity levels within the humidor.

The included instructions outline the steps required to season the humidor effectively, ensuring optimal conditions for storing cigars.

old glory desktop cigar humidor review4

e. Exterior

This humidor, made of excellent wood and coated with kiln-dried Spanish cedar, keeps your cigars in top condition, preserving their flavour and aroma for an unparalleled smoking experience.

f. Interior

This is an excellent humidor that can compete with much more expensive models.

The inside architecture creates an exceptionally flawless seal; opening and shutting the lid feels like opening an airtight vault door; I even hear a swoosh and feel the suction release as the lid door opens.

g. Capacity

The Old Glory Humidor, with its appealing distressed American flag veneer design and capacity for up to 100 cigars, offers the ideal combination of functionality and patriotism.

old glory desktop cigar humidor review6

With its generous storage capacity, the Old Glory Desktop Cigar Humidor can accommodate a substantial number of cigars, making it suitable for both casual smokers and avid collectors.

Whether you prefer robustos, toros, or churchills, there is ample space to store your favorite cigar varieties.

h. Hygrometer

It includes a great glass Hygrometer, Spanish cedar inside, a lock and key, and a lovely design of the American flag.

Keep an eye on humidity levels with the accompanying glass hygrometer, which has a beautiful brass ring placed on the underside of the cover.

Enjoy the security of knowing your cigars are in the ideal environment.

old glory desktop cigar humidor review7

i. Thermostat

The inclusion of a thermostat in this humidor allows users to adjust the temperature settings to suit their preferences. Whether you prefer a slightly warmer or cooler environment for your cigars, the thermostat provides the flexibility to customize the storage conditions accordingly.

4. Pros & Cons

  • Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Precise humidity and temperature control
  • 100 capacity
  • Lacquered finish
  • Square humidifier
  • SureSeal Technology
  • Premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior
  • Lift-out Spanish cedar tray and dividers
  • Hidden quadrant hinges
  • Scratch-resistant, felt-lined bottom
  • Elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to any setting
  • Ample storage capacity accommodates a wide range of cigar varieties
  • Reliable performance ensures cigars remain in pristine condition

Last Words

I would strongly suggest this humidor to anyone starting out or an experienced smoker.

This stunning humidor showing Old Glory in all its, er, glory will undoubtedly turn heads.

And, most importantly, it provides everything you need to store your precious cigars properly.

The humidor has a lacquered finish over a faded, magnificent American Flag design and is made of genuine Spanish cedar.

It has a lift-out tray with two partitions, quadrant hinges, a felt-lined bottom, and a humidifier and hygrometer.

To top it off, SureSeal technology ensures a secure closure, while the attached lock and key keep the moochers at bay.


Are expensive humidors worth it?

There are several similarities in the humidor market. If you spend a few dollars on a K-Mart-level model, you will be dissatisfied. Invest in a high-quality product, and you’ll have a valued location to store your cigars for years to come, possibly even passing them down to one of your offspring. Purchasing humidors used to be relatively simple.

Is 72% too humid for cigars?

If possible, store cigars between 65% and 72% humidity. Too much humidity might lead to mould growth. While these percentages are accurate, they are widely regarded as the safe humidity levels that will extend the life of your cigar.

How long will a cigar last in a humidor?

Seasoning your humidor, calibrating the hygrometer, and properly regulating the humidity levels is critical. If done correctly, then your cigars can last for up to five years. (How Long Can a Cigar Last in a Humidor)

Should I unwrap cigars in humidor?

Once you’ve purchased the cigar and placed it in your humidor, we recommend removing the cellophane. Cellophane prevents humidity from accessing the cigar, and removing the overwrap improves the cigar’s response to humidification.

Can you rehydrate cigars?

Yes. You can rehumidify cigars and continue to smoke them. Using Boveda in a humidor bag, airtight humidor, or Tupperdor is the safest and simplest way to rehydrate cigars, but it takes some time.

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