Amerigo Luxury Cigar Humidor 2024 Review [Honest Review]

The Amerigo Luxury Humidor is a top-notch choice for keeping your cigars in tip-top shape while you’re on the go. Let’s dive into why it’s a must-have for any travel-savvy cigar lover.

Having been a part of the cigar-smoking club for a solid 20 years, I’ve gotten to know humidor.

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What’s not to love about this nifty little humidor? Its recessed hinges create a super tight seal, keeping your cigars as fresh as the day they were rolled. Perfect for travel, thanks to its sturdy build and just-right size, it also looks pretty snazzy sitting on your desk. Inside, there’s this beautifully handcrafted cedar wonder with a handy adjustable divider – it’s like a cozy cabin for your cigars.

In this piece, we’re going to get up close and personal with all the cool features that make the Amerigo Luxury Humidor an absolute gem. Stay tuned!

1. Luxury humidor specifications

Type: Desktop humidor;

Capacity: 25 – 50 cigars, depending on the vitola.

Key Features: A PU leather appearance. Acrylic glass top.

Manufacturer: Amerigo;

Country of Origin: China;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 11/10.5/5.5;

Interior and Materials: PU leather, cedar lining, acrylic glass;

Lock: No;

Drawers: No;

Trays: No;

Lighting: No.

Humidification: Yes, a round humidifier;

Hygrometer: Yes, an analog hygrometer;

Water tank capacity: No water tank included; 

Thermometer: No;

Temperature control: No;

Ventilation: No;

Noise level: 0 dB;

Power supply: No power source required.

2. Luxury humidor key features

The Amerigo Luxury Humidor is like a treasure trove for cigar newcomers. Picture this: the Amerigo Luxury Humidor is not only a looker but also does its job brilliantly by holding cigars just right. It’s the perfect size for those just dipping their toes into the cigar world. But hey, it’s not just for beginners! Even seasoned enthusiasts will find it handy for keeping their go-to smokes within arm’s reach on the desk.

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What really sets the Amerigo luxury humidor apart is its soft, sophisticated PU leather finish – it’s like a touch of luxury for your cigars. Then there’s the analogue hygrometer, adding a dash of old-school charm. Sure, digital is all the rage, but nothing beats the classic elegance of an analogue display. Plus, the top part made of acrylic glass is like a window to your cigar world, showcasing your collection with clarity.

The Amerigo luxury humidor’s spherical humidifier makes sure your precious cigars stay just as they should, nestled in their cedar sanctuary.

  • Perfect size for storage with plenty of room.
  • Expertly created by hand.
  • It is possible to check humidity levels with the rubber gasket sealed hygrometer without opening the door.
  • To keep fifty cigars fresh, the built-in humidifier needs to be refilled.
  • Hygrometer of Amerigo luxury humidor
  • Thermometer of Amerigo luxury humidor
  • Thermostat of Amerigo luxury humidor
  • Setup and Seasoning of Amerigo luxury humidor

3. Luxury humidor hygrometer

Front and center on the Amerigo Luxury Humidor, you’ll find an analogue hygrometer. Sure, it’s pretty standard as far as analogue hygrometers go, but it’s got a little twist. This one features triangle markings to indicate the appropriate humidity range. Admittedly, these triangles make it a bit of a guessing game to get an exact % reading. You’ll find yourself eyeballing the value against the other marks to gauge the humidity level.

4. Luxury humidor thermometer

Now, about the thermometer – the Amerigo Luxury Humidor doesn’t include one. It’s a crucial tool for maintaining ideal humidity and temperature for cigar preservation. Without it, you’ll need to be extra vigilant about where you place your humidor, especially avoiding direct sunlight and keeping it in a room with stable temperature.

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5. Luxury humidor thermostat

The Amerigo luxury humidor doesn’t come with a thermostat either. When you’ve got a humidor like this, without built-in temperature control, it’s all about finding the right spot. A place away from sunlight and in a room with consistent temperature is key to keeping those cigars in prime condition.

6. Luxury humidor setup and seasoning

Setting up the Amerigo Luxury Humidor was quite the process, taking a good 13 days. First, we calibrated the hygrometer and gave the inside a thorough cleaning to get rid of any manufacturing residues. Then, a cup of purified water went into the humidifier. Instead of the old salt test for calibration, we used the Boveda One-Step Calibration Kit for a more precise measure.

Our analogue hygrometer readings were almost spot-on with our SMARTRO readings. Once we hit the sweet spot of 76% relative humidity, we swapped out the cup for the circular crystal gel humidifier and loaded in the cigars.

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  • Exterior of Amerigo luxury humidor
  • Amerigo Luxury Humidor from inside
  • Capacity of Amerigo luxury humidor
  • Performance of Amerigo luxury humidor

7. Luxury humidor exterior

Handmade like any luxurious humidor, the Amerigo luxury humidor stands out with its PU leather finish and intricate embroidery – it’s clear a lot of care went into making this. Its dimensions – 5.5 inches in height, 10.5 inches in depth, and 11 inches in width – make it a perfect desktop humidor.

It’s nicely sized, offering a balance between not hogging too much desk space and keeping a decent stash of cigars at hand. The front boasts an analogue hygrometer, and it’s topped off with a broad acrylic glass cover.

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8. Luxury humidor from inside

Inside, the Amerigo luxury humidor is lined with the customary Spanish cedar, known for its moisture-regulating properties. It also includes an adjustable Spanish cedar divider, adding a touch of customization.

The dream for future small luxury travel humidor like this is to incorporate light and ventilation, but current technology limits such features in smaller models. One notable absence in Amerigo luxury humidor’s design is a water storage tank, a consequence of its compact size.

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9. Luxury humidor capacity

The Amerigo luxury humidor’s storage capacity varies based on the size of the cigars (vitola), ranging from 25 to 50. This amount of storage is quite fitting for a luxury travel humidor. If your cigar collection demands different storage needs, it might be worth exploring other options.

10. Luxury humidor performance

We started our test with three La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars at 66% relative humidity. Diverging from the humidor’s instructions, we soaked the humidifier in distilled water for two hours to fully hydrate the gel crystals. Post-soaking, we placed it on a paper towel to remove excess water.

The round humidifier should maintain around ten cigars at ideal humidity levels. For larger collections, additional humidification might be necessary. The provided hygrometer worked well, and the glass top allowed us to monitor the humidity without disturbing the internal environment.

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  • System of Humidification
  • Shipping and packaging of Amerigo luxury humidor
  • Seal of Amerigo luxury humidor

11. System of humidification

The Amerigo luxury humidor comes with a round humidifier filled with gel crystals within an ABS casing. Remember, humidity levels in crystal gel humidifiers can vary with the seasons – higher in summer, lower in winter. Typically, they maintain the humidity for two to three months before needing a refill of distilled water.

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12. Shipping and packaging

The luxury cigar humidors humidifier arrived in excellent condition, complete with a hygrometer, humidifier, and instruction manuals. Free returns and shipping are a bonus, especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member, which applies to all products.

13. Luxury humidor seal

The seal of this luxury travel humidor is impressively tight, easily passing the dollar bill test – a common method to check for air leaks. Despite the large glass top, which often raises concerns about potential leaks between the glass and frame, the Amerigo luxury humidor shows no such issues. The seal is robust and leak-free.

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The bottom line

Overall, the Amerigo luxury cigar humidor, with its capacity to hold 25-50 cigars, demonstrates commendable sealing and performance. It stands out as a fine choice for both travel and desktop use, ensuring your cigars are well-preserved in style.

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