Drew Estate Coffin Humidor Review 2024

Cigar enthusiasts frequently seek a humidor that combines style and practicality with ideal storage conditions. The Drew Estate Coffin Humidor promises these features and more. Here’s a detailed review of its specifications and unique characteristics.

drew estate coffin humidor3
drew estate coffin humidor3


  • Price: $200-$300
  • Origin Country: Nicaragua
  • Capacity: 50 cigars
  • Dimension: 14 x 9 x 6 inches
  • Materials: Spanish cedar, lacquer finish
  • Humidity: 65%-70% with dual humidifiers
  • Temperature Control: Passive

Humidity Control

The humidor maintains humidity through a precision hygrometer and dual humidifiers, ensuring your cigars stay fresh at 65%-70% relative humidity. This optimal range preserves cigars effectively, while the hygrometer provides accurate readings for easy monitoring.

drew estate coffin humidor2
drew estate coffin humidor2


Crafted from high-quality Spanish cedar with a sleek lacquer finish, the humidor is ideal for retaining moisture and enhancing the flavor of cigars over time. Spanish cedar’s natural oils help deter tobacco beetles while contributing to the humidor’s durability.


A notable feature of the Drew Estate Coffin Humidor is its tight seal. The magnetic clasp secures the lid, maintaining desired humidity levels and preventing moisture loss. Your cigars will remain well-preserved with minimal need for frequent checks.

drew estate coffin humidor4
drew estate coffin humidor4

Design and Appearance

With its sophisticated coffin-like design and dark wood finish, the humidor presents an elegant look. The branding is subtle but tasteful. The Spanish cedar lining inside enhances both function and style.

drew estate coffin humidor5
drew estate coffin humidor5

Temperature Control

The humidor employs passive temperature control. Although it doesn’t have an active cooling system, it’s effective in maintaining the ambient conditions ideal for cigars, especially when kept in a temperature-regulated room.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent humidity control
  • High-quality Spanish cedar lining
  • Capacity for 50 cigars
  • Stylish and sophisticated design
  • No active cooling system
  • humidors

Video of Drew Estate Coffin Humidor

Whether It Is Convenient to Carry Around

Despite its elegant design, the humidor’s dimensions and weight make it less convenient for everyday travel. However, for vacations or trips where you wish to carry a larger cigar collection, it’s a manageable option.

drew estate coffin humidor6
drew estate coffin humidor6


In summary, the Drew Estate Coffin Humidor stands out for its quality, appearance, and functionality. Its ample capacity and effective humidity control keep cigars in ideal condition. While it’s not the most portable choice, its stylish design and reliable performance make it an excellent addition to any cigar enthusiast’s collection.

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