Deauville Leaf Humidor: 2024 Review

If you’re a genuine aficionado of cigars, the Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor seems like a dream come true. This humidor, with its distinctive tobacco leaf inlay on the lid and stunning high-gloss maple wood finish, isn’t just a feast for the eyes but also remarkably practical. The ability to elegantly and comfortably hold up to 100 of your favorite cigars makes it an essential for any serious collector or enthusiast. It’s not just a storage solution; it’s a statement piece that celebrates the art of cigar preservation.

Then you’ve arrived at the appropriate point.

Today I am going to review The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor, in this article.

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1. The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor

Your review of the Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor paints a vivid picture of a product that blends aesthetic beauty with practical functionality, making it a compelling choice for cigar enthusiasts.

The striking feature of this humidor is its design – the prominent tobacco leaf image on the top, complemented by dark wood and gold-toned accents, offers a contemporary yet classic look. It’s clear that the visual appeal is a significant draw, especially with the glossy finish that resembles a real tobacco leaf, reminding you of your childhood experiences in the South.

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The sensory experience of opening the humidor to the aroma of Spanish cedar is a delightful touch, albeit a common feature among humidors. The addition of elegant brass handles and a gold braided skeleton key not only enhances its appearance but also contributes to its functionality, with a tight seal that’s evident upon opening.

Its size, at 13.5 x 9.5 x 6.375 inches, with a weight of 6.9 pounds, makes it substantial but not overly cumbersome, though the added breadth due to the handles is a thoughtful consideration for those with limited space.

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From a practical standpoint, the humidor impresses with its solid hardwood construction and efficient sealing and insulation, ensuring optimal cigar preservation. The removable tray and inclusion of a standard analogue hygrometer add to its utility. However, your experience with the included humidifier, needing re-humidification twice during a test month, indicates a potential area for improvement. This aspect, notwithstanding, the humidor’s ability to maintain humidity levels is commendable.

2. Specifications

Type: Desktop humidor;

Capacity: 125 cigars, depending on the vitola.

Manufacturer: Quality Importers Trading Co, Inc.;

Country of Origin: Vietnam;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 13.5/9.5/6.25;

Inner dimensions, W/D/H: 12/8.25/5.8;

Interior and Materials: A wooden construction with a dark maple finish with brass hardware and a Spanish cedar interior;

Lock: Yes;

Drawers: No;

Trays: Yes;

Ventilation: No;

Humidification: Yes, a florists’ foam humidifier;

Hygrometer: Yes, an internal-mounted analog hygrometer.;

Thermometer: Yes, a digital thermo-hygrometer.

Water tank capacity: No water tank included;

Temperature control: No;

Lighting: No;

Noise level: 0 dB;

Power supply: No power source required.

2.1 Price of the Deauville Tobacco Leaf

The pricing details you provided for the Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor offer valuable insights for potential buyers. Your purchase price of $99.99, excluding shipping and tax, falls within the current retail range of $88 to $130. This variation in pricing among different retailers highlights the importance of considering additional costs like shipping, which in your case was $19.99.

For anyone considering this humidor, it’s crucial to factor in these extra expenses, as they can significantly impact the total cost. Depending on where it’s purchased and the associated shipping fees, the final price could vary, sometimes making the lower retail price options more comparable to those at the higher end once all costs are accounted for.

3. Included accessories of the Deauville Tobacco Leaf

  • The humidor
  • A florists’ foam humidifier with a magnetic back
  • An analog hygrometer with a magnetic back
  • A tray with a removable divider
  • Two removable dividers for the bottom area
  • A key

4. Interior of the Deauville Tobacco Leaf

The inside measurements of this humidor are 12 inches by 8.25 inches by 4.625 inches. However, it’s likely that there’s an extra 1.25 inches of room available for placing cigars atop the humidor’s lid. Excluding this extra 1.25 inches, the humidor calculator on Humidor Discount suggests a capacity of 92 robusto cigars.

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Including the extra space, the capacity increases to 138 cigars. Personally, I find this impractical, though the calculator does suggest it’s possible. These estimates assume optimal use of space and exclude the use of the included tray or dividers.

Additionally, the capacity is slightly reduced by the two wooden supports for the tray.

5. Review of the Deauville Tobacco Leaf

a. Seasoning

Initially, this humidor exhibited a higher relative humidity compared to others. However, by the end of the process, it recorded the lowest relative humidity of 72.49 percent that I’ve observed so far. Regardless, the outcome of the first seasoning phase was 75.05 percent, still lower than the outcomes from the other six humidors I’ve tested.

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b. System of Humidification

The Deauville includes a humidifier, which features two square magnets with adhesive backs and a magnetic rear. It’s clear that florist foam isn’t the best option for humidification. We recommend opting for an alternative humidification system.

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c. Hygrometer

Indeed, it comes with a magnet that has a self-adhesive back and an analog hygrometer. While it may not be the top choice for a hygrometer in humidors, it’s sufficiently functional to check if your cigars are being stored properly.

d. A thermometer

This cigar humidor lacks a thermometer, so it’s important to position it away from any heat sources.

e. Thermostat

The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay humidor does not have temperature control features, so it’s essential to keep it out of direct sunlight.

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To maintain the freshness of the cigars, the humidor was placed on a table in a climate-regulated area, away from direct sunlight, which helps prevent mold and tobacco beetles. The NewAir 250 Count humidor, equipped with a thermostat, is an excellent option worth considering.

6. Achievement

The Deauville humidor operates silently, a key advantage of hardwood humidors lacking thermostats and fans.

Initially, the La Flor Dominicana El Jocko test cigars placed inside had a moisture content of 66% RH. Our goal, as often emphasized, was to maintain a 70% relative humidity for the stored cigars, a level considered ideal.

During the month-long test, we had to rehydrate the provided humidifier twice. Fortunately, soaking it in a mixture of distilled water and propylene glycol is a quick process, taking just two or three minutes. For accurate data and to maintain the interior climate, the humidor was opened thrice daily. The graph below shows the daily average of these readings.

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The humidor effectively maintained humidity throughout the test. Without the humidifier, the relative humidity would likely have remained constant. The humidity level indicated by the Deauville’s hygrometer was slightly higher than that of the SMARTRO control unit, but the difference was minimal. The humidor box performed excellently overall.

We kept the Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay Humidor out of direct sunlight. It’s important to note that placing a humidor in direct sunlight, near a fireplace, or close to vents is not advisable. Throughout the test month, the humidor was situated in a climate-controlled area, away from sunlight.

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After a month, the La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars in our wooden humidor reached a 70% relative humidity, making them perfect for smoking. The smoking experience lasted an hour, with the cigars producing a rich, smooth smoke and delivering the expected flavor and aroma.

7. Pros of the Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor

  • The Box Seems to Seal Well
    The Value
    The Cigars in the Advertised Number Isn’t Totally Made Up
    The Look
  • The exterior finish is terrible
    The inside finish is poor
    There is a quality control sticker on the bottom
    The Included Humidification Isn’t Enough to Power This Humidor
    The stickers don’t hold the magnets in place very well

a. The Box Appears to Seal Effectively

Interpreting the data can be difficult, but the evidence suggests a high probability that The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor seals well. Despite seeming underpowered, the humidifier appears capable of maintaining internal moisture, which is essential for a humidor.

b. Good Value

The humidor offers excellent value considering its capacity relative to the price.

c. Advertised Capacity is Realistic

As observed in my recent humidor reviews, many manufacturers overstate their product’s capacity. However, this humidor seems capable of holding close to a hundred robustos, aligning with its advertised capacity.

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d. Aesthetic Appeal

While not to my personal taste, this humidor would complement a traditional setting well, especially with dark mahogany furniture and large leather chairs. The gold-colored handles are a notable feature in this price range, feeling more robust than those on other budget-friendly humidors.

8. Drawbacks of Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor

a. Poor Exterior Finish

The lid has multiple scratches, a dent in the black border, and what looks like a car scrape. There’s a corner dent and paint flaws on the lid’s front. The humidor’s base has imperfections throughout, particularly on the sides and bottom.

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b. Interior Finish Issues

There are minor defects inside, especially on the tray. The main concern, however, is the wooden strips supporting the tray, which are incomplete, partially missing, and seem to be covered in glue.

c. Quality Control Sticker

The presence of a quality control sticker suggests either a factory-wide application or oversight of these flaws. The defects like paint issues and internal adhesive weren’t caused by shipping.

d. Inadequate Humidification

Using only the included humidifier, you might need to refill it weekly, which seems insufficient for a humidor of this size.

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e. Weak Magnet Stickers

A common issue with Quality Importers humidors at this price is that the magnet’s sticker backs easily detach. This issue occurs even with normal lid opening frequency.

9. Is the Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor Worth Buying?

Yes, but with a caveat: it’s best to inspect the humidor in person before purchasing.

The box itself is well-made, though the specific humidor I reviewed appeared as a scratch-and-dent item. Among the four tested, this is one of the recommended humidors based on the box quality alone.

However, based on my experiences with this and other budget humidors, I advise inspecting it in person before buying. The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor offers great value for money, but it ranks lower in finish and quality control.

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