Best Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor Review 2024

Nothing is worse than having to keep your cigars intact when travelling.

Allow me to talk from experience when I travel. I need a cigar travel box to store my cigars and preserve them undamaged.

I’ve tried numerous travel cases for my cigars, and for the money, this is the best humidor in my opinion.

The cigar caddy black travel humidor holds ten cigars.

The perfect travel humidor for people on the go or avid outdoorsmen who want the best protection for their cigars during their commuting while exposed to natural elements.

If you are a cigar enthusiast on the go, you can rest assured that your smokes will be completely protected wherever you go with a Cigar Caddy travel case.

Cigar Caddy cases are one of the best purchases you can make because they are built to last and provide the best cigar preservation possible.

One of the most popular is the Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor Case 5 Cigars.

This post will provide a review of the Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor.

cigar caddy travel humidor review

1. Specifications

Type: Travel Humidor

Humidor Brand: Cigar Caddy

Country of Origin: the U.S.A

Manufacturer ‏: ‎ Quality Importers Trading Co, Inc.

Capacity:  holds up to 10 churchill cigars

Dimensions: 8.80″ x 5.18″ x 2.08″

Power Supply: NA

Ventilation: NA

Materials: Made of super strong abs molded plastic

Hygrometer: NA

Humidifier: Yes

2. Price & Rating

Price: $30

Rating: 4.7

3. Humidor Review

Key Features

  • Made of super strong ABS moulded plastic.
  • floats on water.
  • An airtight seal.
  • Waterproof up to 100 feet deep.
  • Crush proof.
  • The case can resist temperatures ranging from -10 to 175 Fahrenheit.
  • 2 Removable/replaceable Locking Clasps Stainless Steel Latch Hinges.
  • Moulded lock ring provides added security.
  • Coin Release for Air Pressure.
  • 1 Humidifier Disc with Lid.
  • Custom urethane foam protects cigars.
  • Lanyard with clip for convenient transportation.
cigar caddy travel humidor review


Upon receiving the Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor, you’ll find it securely packaged to prevent any damage during transit.

The packaging typically includes the humidor itself, instructions for use, and any additional accessories such as a humidification device.

Set up

Setting up the Cigar Caddy is a straightforward process.

Begin by removing any packaging materials and inspecting the humidor for any defects.

cigar caddy travel humidor review

Next, if included, fill the humidification device with distilled water or propylene glycol solution as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Place the device inside the humidor, ensuring it’s securely attached or positioned according to the design.


Before storing your cigars, it’s essential to season the humidor to achieve optimal humidity levels.

To do this, dampen a clean sponge with distilled water and wipe down the interior walls of the humidor, including the lid and tray if applicable.

cigar caddy travel humidor review

Avoid oversaturating the interior, as excess moisture can lead to mold growth.

Close the humidor and allow it to sit for 24-48 hours, periodically checking the humidity levels until they stabilize within the recommended range.


The exterior of the Cigar Caddy is designed with functionality in mind.

Its rugged construction provides durability and protection, while features such as a secure latching system and reinforced hinges ensure that your cigars remain safe during travel.

cigar caddy travel humidor review


Inside, the foam lining provides a snug and secure fit for your cigars, preventing them from shifting or rubbing against each other.

The foam also helps maintain humidity levels and offers additional protection against impact and vibration.

cigar caddy travel humidor review


This cigar caddy’s inner dimensions are 7.88″ by 3.97″ by 1.55″. This case has outside dimensions of 8.80″ by 5.18″ by 2.08″. It is a convenient compact caddy that can be brought anywhere.

Humidification System

The included humidification device, typically a gel-based or sponge-based unit, helps regulate humidity levels within the humidor.

Depending on the model, it may require periodic refilling or recharging to ensure consistent performance.

cigar caddy travel humidor review


Some models of the Cigar Caddy come equipped with a built-in hygrometer, allowing you to monitor humidity levels with ease.

This feature provides peace of mind, ensuring your cigars are stored in the optimal conditions for freshness.


While not always included, a thermometer can be a useful addition to the Cigar Caddy, allowing you to track temperature fluctuations that may affect the quality of your cigars.

cigar caddy travel humidor review


Advanced models of the Cigar Caddy may feature a built-in thermostat, allowing for precise control over temperature settings to further customize the storage environment for your cigars.

4. Pros & Cons

  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Airtight seal for optimal humidity retention
  • The cost is unbelievably inexpensive
  • Waterproof up to 100 feet
  • There is a lanyard for easy travel
  • Small and convenient
  • Fits larger cigars
  • Various size options to accommodate different cigar quantities
  • Foam interior provides cushioning and protection
  • Optional features such as hygrometer and thermostat for enhanced functionality
  • Some users may find the initial setup and seasoning process time-consuming
  • Limited temperature control options in basic models
  • It only holds 5 cigars
  • Too small to go on vacation with
  • No way to lock the box
  • The clips can be removed, making them flimsy
  • Additional accessories such as hygrometers and thermometers may need to be purchased separately

Last Words

In conclusion, the Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor offers a reliable and convenient solution for preserving your cigars while on the move.

With its durable construction, airtight seal, and optional features such as hygrometers and thermostats, it provides peace of mind knowing that your cigars are stored in optimal conditions.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the Cigar Caddy ensures that you can enjoy your favorite cigars wherever your adventures take you.


Is a cigar box a good humidor?

The short answer is No. As attractive as cigar boxes are, they do not keep your smokes fresh in the same way that a quality humidor does. A humidor contains a humidification system and a seal that keeps humidity from escaping while your cigars are inside.

How does a travel cigar humidor work?

A travel humidor has a small volume of air due to its compact size. The humidifier does not humidify the cigars, but rather the air, which then disperses moisture onto the cigars. If the humidor is filled of cigars, there are only a few cubic centimetres of air remaining.

Which country made cigar?

Tobacco production began commercially in North America in 1542, when Spaniards founded the first cigar factory in Cuba. Tobacco was once regarded to have medical properties, yet some considered it bad.

Do I need an expensive humidor?

Don’t take the chance of buying a cheap humidor, as this could damage your collection. When making a purchase, you should constantly evaluate the quality and materials used. The type of wood you choose is critical; it affects the ability to hold moisture and warmth.

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