10 Best Humidor for Beginners [2024 Best]

For beginner, we should mainly consider the capacity and price of the humidor. The cigar humidor is a specially designed tool to store the necessary level of moisture required for keeping cigars. This feature enables these humidors to come with a humidification system that allows the cigars quality, flavor and aroma to be stored for future safekeeping.

The cigar humidor is important because it creates an ideal atmosphere for storing cigars. Cigars have a hygroscopic nature, which implies they can absorb and release moisture. Their taste, burn rate and general quality change negatively with changes in humidity.

The humidor promotes a stable relative humidity, with the optimal level being 65-75%, which is important in maintaining the freshness and personality of cigars.

Are you a beginner and want to upgrade your cigar game? As a beginner, investing in an excellent cigar humidor sets you on the right track to keeping all those delicious tastes. Say goodbye to dry or overly wet cigars!

After 20 years of embracing cigars, these humidors are my top choices.  Here, where each humidor is a guarantee for a remarkable cigar experience, is where your journey to ideal cigar storage begins.

Proceed to the next level—see our guide for beginners on how to choose an ideal humidor. We have what it takes to please you with our insights about your cigars.

Let’s get your cigars to perfection now!

List of 10 best cigar humidor for beginner

  1. Best Rated: Case Elegance Renzo Humidor
  2. Travel Humidor: Scotte
  3. Quality Importers: Old Glory Humidor
  4. Best Spanish cedar: Mantello Deluxe Cigars Humidor
  5. Best Luxury: Quality Importers Solana Desktop Cigar Humidor
  6. Best aesthetics: Orleans International Bally II Humidor
  7. Best Humidor Cabinet: Redford Lite
  8. Best Luxury: TISFA Cigar Humidor
  9. Best Value: Woodronic enstatit a5043 cigar humidor
  10. Best Tactical: Case Elegance Klaro Military Glass Top Humidor

Reviews of Best Beginner Humidor

I have provided 10 short reviews of humidors for beginner cigar owners; these summaries aim to help you find the ideal one. Find out how each humidor can improve your cigar experience, with specialized characteristics designed for beginners. From the proper humidity control to attractive looks, I have gathered points that would take you through how to choose a perfect humidor based upon your own personal choices. Use these mini reviews for an informed choice and elevate your cigar smoking.

1. Best Rated: Case Elegance Renzo Humidor

1. case elegance renzo humidor

Price: £ 143.99


Type: Desktop humidor

Capacity: 18–60 cigars, depending on size.

Manufacturer: Case Elegance;

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Interior and Materials: Tempered glass, a felt-lined bottom drawer, a cedar lining, and wooden construction with a dark walnut finish.

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Yes, a digital hygrometer;


Case Elegance is simple to assemble and keep up. This procedure is now easy to use with Klaro. You can watch videos and read the printed handbook on how to operate your humidor by scanning the QR code or reading the manual.

Renzo is a handcrafted wooden structure made primarily of Spanish cedar.

The system for humidification is extremely creative. A hydro tray, two humidor solutions, and a pack of gel crystals are easy ways to season your humidor. The process of setting up takes roughly six days, and using the propylene-glycol solutions for various climates and seasons makes seasoning simple. Additionally, a hydrostick is included for rapidly adjusting the humidity and separating cigars with various flavour profiles.

2. Travel Humidor: Scotte

2. travel humidor scotte

Price: $ 17.90


Type of humidifier: Travel

Capacity: Holds 12–18 cigars, depending on the quality of the cigar.

Country of origin: China

Producer: Scotte

D/H measurements: 9 inches high by 4.7 inches wide;

Exterior and Interior Materials: leather, interior cedar;

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Yes


Scotte Travel Humidor is a complete solution designed to improve and elevate your cigar smoking experience

It is ideal for travellers because it perfectly balances size and storage capacity.

The humidor’s leather exterior adds a sophisticated appearance and feel, and its seal keeps your cigars fresh for longer.

The Scotte Travel Humidor’s elegant appearance is enhanced by the golden ring surrounding the analog hygrometer, which completes the humidifier’s sophisticated design.

3. Best value: Quality Importers Old Glory Humidor

3. quality importers old glory humidor

Price:  $149


Space: It fits up to 100 cigars.

Design and construction: Wooden design

External measurements: 15″ x 10″ x 6.5″

Humidifier: Rectangular humidifier

Hygrometer: Analog hygrometer


Another beloved humidor closely related to the Old World humidor box is the Old Glory Humidor. A worn American flag print adorns its wooden structure for aesthetic appeal and a sense of patriotism. The Spanish cedar lining inside contributes to the cigars’ quality preservation.

For an airtight environment, this humidifier has the same SureSeal technology installed.

4. Best Spanish cedar: Mantello Deluxe Cigars Humidor

4. mantello deluxe cigars humidor

Price: $49


Capacity: 25-50

Materials: Spanish Cedar Wood Interior, with some models featuring a Rosewood or Rich Cherry Finish

Hygrometer: Analogue or digital, depending on the model

Humidifier: bar


Mantello Humidor is a luxury cigar humidor that features Spanish cedar wood for aging of the small collection in an elegant manner. It makes me think about the Case Elegance Renzo Humidor, where appearance and price is what sets them apart from one another.

The humidor has also been fitted with a glass-top lid that provides for an airtight atmosphere, including the hygrometer included to monitor internal moisture levels.

5. Best Luxury: Quality Importers Solana Desktop Cigar Humidor

5. quality importers solana desktop cigar humidor

Price:  $181.99


Origin country: USA

W/D/H dimensions: 14.5/10.5/8;

Interior and Materials: Spanish cedar lining, felt-lined drawer, brass hardware, rosewood finish with fine wood inlays;

Humidifier: Rectangular humidifier is used for humidification.

Hygrometer: A true analog hygrometer

Lack of temperature control


The Solana humidor, with its stunning details like a rosewood finish, Spanish cedar lining, and brass hardware for the ultimate sophistication, is ideal for a traditional-style study or cigar lounge. It even features an analogue hygrometer on the front that allows you to monitor the humidity without opening it.

6. Best aesthetics: Orleans International Bally II Humidor

6. orleans international bally ii humidor

Price: $108.99


Material: Wood

Color: Spanish Cedar

Hygrometer: Yes

Humidification Device: Yes

Width: 13.75

Depth: 10.00


The Bally II has a blend of classic design with modern functionality. For this reason, it is a perfect option for cigar lovers who value both appearance and quality.

This humidor has clear glass top with a bevelled edge. This gives a spectacular display of your cigars and yet ensures they’re properly humidified.

It can hold a maximum of 100 cigars and therefore it serves both beginners and established smokers. For less than $100, you will get enough room for your collection to grow.

7. Best Humidor Cabinet: Redford Lite

7. redford lite

Price: $2390


Capacity: 1250

Materials: Solid wood, black oak, Spanish cedar

Hygrometer: Digital

Humidifier: Complete humidification system, adjustable from 56% to 78% RH

Unique Characteristics: Adjustable temperature control of 41 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit


The Redford Lite humidor cabinet is a luxurious storage for cigar lovers who combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Designed for style, it reflects the size of a small family fridge but far from being one given its stunning design. The cigar cabinet can keep the cigars moist because of its humidity control and temperature management systems that are integrated.

8. Best Budget: TISFA Cigar Humidor

8. tisfa cigar humidor

Price: $29


Type: Humidifier for desktop use;

Origin nation: China

Holds 20 to 30 cigars, based on the type of vitola

W/D/H dimensions: 8.9/6.5/2.7;

Materials: Spanish cedar, acrylic glass, wooden framework.

Hygrometer: Yes

Humidifier: Yes


For a small cigar collection, the TISFA Cigar Humidor is a stylish and portable option. The walnut wood construction gives the outside a timeless charm, and the cedar wood lining inside keeps the cigars’ flavor and aroma intact. The wood may have some small flaws, but they don’t take away from the humidor’s overall attractiveness or usefulness.

9. Best Everyday: Woodronic enstatit a5043 cigar humidor

9. woodronic enstatit a5043 cigar humidor

Price: $139.99 for crystal


Type: Desktop humidor;

Country of Origin: U.S.A.;

Capacity: 25-50 cigars;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 10.75/9.25/5.75;

Materials: Wooden construction with ebony finish and cedar interior.


This humidor, another elegant gift option with everyday appeal, can hold an adequate amount of cigars for personal use, which can be exhibited through an acrylic glass window. For my part, I’m impressed with sturdy wooden design with an exterior ebony finish and an interior and divider made of Spanish cedar.

10.  Best Tactical: Case Elegance Klaro Military Glass Top Humidor

10. case elegance klaro military glass top humidor

Price: $229.99


Type: Desktop

Ventilation: Not listed

Hygrometer: Digital

Temperature Control: Yes

Capacity: 18-25

Dimensions: 9x8x4


Based on aesthetics, this is clearly my favorite humidor. The military style, being truly one-of-a kind, makes for a great gift.

You would naturally expect this, as it’s designed like a tank with several other security features such as gunmetal polished corner guards to prevent air leakage through the use of very precise rubber gasket while also showcasing an infallible digital hygrometer that is equipped with sensors that have proven themselves by being more accurate than any others on the market.

What you need to know when buying your first humidor?

The interior wood quality is one of the best features that characterize outstanding cigar humidor.

This is because the wood must be imitated by tropical, humid environs where tobacco grows such as Nicaragua, Cuba and Dominican Republic. Spanish cedar is the most common wood lining, and hardwoods are always better than veneer.


The number of cigars you keep will depend on the size humidor that is required. A humidor of relatively small desktop size, holding 15 to many fewer cigars is the best pick for a casual smoker. While for beginners, small sized humidor is good for usage. As can be seen above large units with thousands available holders are good only could use by retailers.

What you need to know when buying your first humidor

Quality of seal/lid

The quality of the seal or lid is critical if the main characteristic distinguishing the best cigar humidor from an ordinary one is its ability to retain moisture. A good seal or lid will also prevent too much temperature fluctuation that allows those oils for smoking to stay on your smokes. Luckily, all the best humidors on this list have been confirmed based on their seal quality.

How long do humidors last?

A humidor’s lifespan can vary based on several factors, including usage, quality, maintenance, and construction. A well-made, well-maintained humidor should last for many years, if not decades.

The following are some elements that may shorten a humidor’s lifespan:

How long do humidors last

Quality of Construction: Premium components and expert craftsmanship influence a humidor’s longevity. Spanish cedar is a solid wood humidor that is renowned for its longevity.

Maintenance: A humidor must receive routine maintenance to operate properly. This entails cleaning the interior to avoid mold and other problems, maintaining and adjusting humidity levels, and seasoning the humidor.

Usage: The lifespan may be impacted by the frequency of use.


Being a beginner in cigars is an exciting adventure, and a well-made cigar humidor is your reliable travel companion. With time, the right humidor will protect your cigars from damage and bring out their flavors and scents. For you as a beginner and cigar enthusiast, knowing the fundamentals of humidors—like the value of Spanish cedar, the function of a hygrometer, and the necessity of appropriate seasoning—lays the groundwork for a satisfying cigar experience.

Choosing a humidor that fits your tastes and collection size is crucial, whether you choose a desktop or travel-sized model. You are ready to enjoy every second of your cigar journey when you have the correct knowledge and a high-quality humidor at your side.


Do you remove the band before smoking a cigar? 

It is a matter of personal preference as to whether or not to remove the band before lighting a cigar; some people like to do so to prevent any interference with the smoking experience.

Can I use plastic bags or metal tubes for cigar storage?

Metal tubes or plastic bags are not advised for storing cigars for an extended period. To maintain the flavor and condition of the cigars, optimal storage is accomplished in a properly maintained humidor with controlled humidity.

How does a glass lid affect a humidor?

A humidor with a glass lid is aesthetically pleasing and makes it possible to visually inspect the cigars without constantly opening them. It has no appreciable impact on the humidor’s capacity to maintain the right humidity levels.

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