1st Class Humidors Review 2024

Choosing a good humidor is very important for any cigar lover because it ensures that their cigars remain fresh, tasty and ready to smoke. They aim at providing trustworthy and stylish storage solutions; this is a review of the specifications, features, and design to see if they are worthy of being called like that.

1st class humidor1st class humidor


Price: $100-$500+ (depending on model/ features)

Country of Origin: United States

Capacity: 20-300 Cigars (depending on model)

Dimensions: Varies from 10 x 8 x 6 inches to larger 24 x 15 x 12 inches

Materials: Spanish Cedar Interior, Wood Exterior, Glass Top & Metal Fittings

Humidity Levels: Precision Hygrometer & Built-in Humidification System

Temperature Control: Passive

Humidity Control

Every one of these humidors come with built-in humidity systems as well as hygrometers. These two items work together ensuring the level remains between ideally 65% – 70% which preserves freshness in cigars. To maintain this level requires regular checking and refilling.


Spanish cedar lined interiors help retain moisture while protecting cigars stored inside them. The outside may consist of various materials including wood finishes such as mahogany or cherry; there could also be glass tops with polished metals like brass or silver for aesthetic appeal alongside functionality.


To keep up steady humidity levels all year round each humidor boasts tight seals which are either magnetic or lockable so that no air escapes through them thereby keeping the cigar fresh too apart from additional security provided.

Design and Appearance

The design is sleek featuring luxurious wooden finishes often complimented by glass panels for easy viewing purposes; some models have unique drawer systems or compartments where one can neatly arrange his/her cigars accessories etcetera.

Temperature Control Units

While passive units do not have active temperature control functions, they are still capable of keeping cigars fresh based on the storage environment. It is recommended that you store your cigar in a climate controlled room to maintain optimum conditions and prevent fluctuations in temperatures.

Pros & Cons

  • Premium Spanish cedar interiors
  • Stylish design with quality finishes
  • Available in a range of sizes and price points
  • Precision hygrometer and humidification included
  • Passive temperature control only
  • Regular monitoring required


Smaller models can be carried around due to their size while larger ones are meant for stationary use at home (although there could be handles on some units which could ease portability); smaller cases offer convenience during short trips since they have features like handles and compact designs.


In conclusion, first class humidors do live up to their name through high-quality workmanship, effective humidity systems among others therefore if you need one for yourself or as a gift then this is it. With many different sizes available at different prices so everyone should find something suitable but unfortunately there isn’t any active temperature control which means where it’s placed must be watched carefully however these products still excel at preserving flavors so far known about best Whether you are looking for a small travel case or large home storage unit 1st Class Humidors has got all bases covered when it comes to reliable care of your cigars.

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