Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6 – A 2024 Complete Guide

Cuba is the birthplace of Jose O. Padron, who was born in 1926. In 1964, upon his immigration to the United States, he established one of the most prosperous premium cigar brands globally in Miami. Over the years, Mr. Padron put in a great deal of effort to develop his brand and make it the iconic product that it is today.

Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6

History of Classic Smoke

The 1926 Series was first released in 2002 to mark José O. Padrón’s 75th birthday. Since then, it has become a mainstay in the walk-in humidor of every physical store. This series, which is available in five sizes and has maduro and natural wrappers, is widely regarded as the best premium cigar option overall.

Strong and flavorful, these Nicaraguan sticks are similar to nearly every other Padrón. The brand’s exceptional construction and meticulous selection of the finest tobacco for the blend distinguish it from its many competitors in the market. Only tobacco aged five to 10 years is included in the 1926 Serie.

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Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6

Since 2002, Cigar Aficionado has published a list of the Top 25, and every year since then, Padrón has consistently finished in the top 10. The family-run business, which manufactures its cigars in Nicaragua, has set a record three times for Cigar of the Year. It would be an understatement to suggest that Padrón is constant. Superiority appears to be the norm at the factory, and the Padrón Serie 1926 No. 6 perfectly captures the essence of all the firm stands for: body, richness, balance, and constancy above all else.

Cigar enthusiasts hold high regard for the Padron 1926 cigar No.6 Natural, which is a member of the 1926 Series. The smoking experience and craftsmanship of the 1926 Series are superb. I wanted to check out one of their best products that I hadn’t smoked in a while. Today I’ll be reviewing every specific detail of Padron 1926 cigar Maduro for you.

So let’s get started;

For this review and tasting procedure, cigars were smoked.

Six 4.75×50 Robusto cigars were smoked by us for this review. For two days, each of us smoked two cigars one per day. In order to avoid influencing the flavors during the test, we matched the cigar with water.


Cigar Review: Padron 1926 cigar Maduro No. 6

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Fabricas de Padron

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Length: 4.75 Inches

Ring Gauge: 50

Power: 7/10

Size: 4.75×50;

Vitola: Robusto;

Wrapper Color: Maduro;

Construction: Good;

Handmade: Yes

Rank: 2

Rating: 95

Made By: Tabacos Cubanica S.A.

Factory Location: Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Body: Medium-Full

Aroma: Hay, Cedar

Initial taste: Earth

First third: Wood, Leather, Coffee, Moka sweetness herbal notes, Pepper

Second third: Leather, Pepper, Black coffee, Citrus zest, Floral notes

Final third: Coffee, Wood, Earthy notes.

Dimensions: 4 3/4″ by 50 ring gauge

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Smoking time: about 80 minutes

Packaging: single, pack of four, box of ten, box of twenty-four

Price: $17.70 per stick, $78.50 per pack, $157 per box of ten, $376.80 per box of twenty-four.

Rating: 4.8

Awards and Ranking: Ranked 2nd in Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 of 2019

Draw: Ideal

Burn: Cool

Smoke: Rich, Opulent

Ash: White-gray, not flaky

Source, Mix, and Vitolas

In 2002, the Padrón 1926 cigar Serie was introduced to honour José O. Padrón’s 75th birthday. As of right now, Padrón cigars hold the title for “Cigar of the year” according to Cigar Aficionado. As a result, many people think Padrón cigars are of a high calibre. Ten box-pressed cigar sizes are available in this series: #1, #2, #6, #9, #35, #40, #47, #48, #80, and #90. Only hand-picked, minimum five-year-aged Nicaraguan tobacco is used to create the cigar blend.

All of the tobacco used to make the Padrón 1926 ciga comes from Nicaragua.There are four different vitolas: Robusto, Torpedo, Gordo, and Double Corona. We smoked the No. 6 Maduro in order to analyse the Padron 1926 cigar Serie.

Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6


The Padron No. 6 (1926) the smooth, natural wrapping of Natural is appealing. The construction is perfect and strong.

This is a really lovely little cigar. It has a lovely serialized double band and a light brown wrapper. The cigar’s silky wrapper features a few tiny veins that span the whole length of the cigar.

To deter counterfeiting, each cigar has a classy label with a unique number. There are two wrapper options for the Padron 1926 cigar Series: Maduro and sun-grown natural. The wrapper has a glossy, slightly greasy lustre and is a solid colour. Because Padron box presses their cigars while the wrapper is still on, the wrapper may have creases, lumps, or bumps.

Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6

Initial Thoughts

The cigars are displayed in a gently pressed box that has a rough, rustic texture. It feels sturdy and of excellent quality in the hand because of the toothy, greasy wrapping. Its veins are nonexistent, but its seams are quite noticeable.

The foot and wrapper have a rich chocolate powder scent with a hint of sweetness and leather. The same subtleties are there in the prelight pull, along with a peppery aftertaste that stays on my tongue.

Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6

Design & Packaging

These Padron 1926 cigars come in rather simple packaging, consisting of lacquered cedar boxes with brass hinges and snaps. The design is simple, yet it has a classic appearance that hasn’t really changed in decades. The mix is identified by “Serie 1926” and the brand’s insignia, which are heat stamped on the lid. The glossy seal has maroon hues and gold text that is embossed.

Every Padron 1926 cigar features two bands: a distinctive serial number is stamped on the bottom layer to deter counterfeiting, and the brand name is shown on the top ornamental layer.

Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6


The box-pressed Padron 1926 cigar is incredibly sturdy. I found almost no soft places. The smoke is firm, so I thought the pull would be tighter, but it draws easily. Although I have noticed that scorching burns are unavoidable when there is an easy draw, I don’t believe this is a construction issue. This stick has a problem with user experience.

I was rather shocked to see plumes of thick white smoke pouring out of such a small cigar. It was completely burnt through and didn’t need any touch-ups. Compared to the Maduro, the Padron 1926 cigar No. 6 Natural has more body but is lighter.

It is pleasant but powerful when smoked. It’s ideal for medium-to-full cigar aficionados and seasoned smokers.

Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6


Where do I start? Well, first, of course. With a fantastic spicy aftertaste, it began with a combination of chocolate, leather, and wood. It starts to taste sweet and fruity after the first third, but I’m not sure what it means.

Halfway through the second third, the sweetness fades and is replaced by a coffee flavour. At this stage, the aftertaste becomes more spicy, but not to the point where it irritates the throat. The strength of this cigar increases as long as you smoke it.

It begins with earthy, woodsy, and sweet overtones. As you smoke, notes of cocoa, coffee, almonds, and a little spice might surface. Smoking is enjoyable when the flavours are well-balanced and subtle.

Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6


Padron 1926 cigar Maduro’s strong and even pack at the foot meant that it took a little longer to light up. Rich undertones of aged dark tobacco and white pepper start to emerge as I get it rolling. The smoke starts to become significantly more subdued after the first few draws, revealing additional intricacy.

As we approach the second third, the texture of the cigar has become smoother.  The wrapper seems to have become sweeter, and my palate is left with lingering aromas of black pepper and dark cherry. The smoke is made more complicated by a strong foundation of earthy tones.

My torch gave it a short shot and stopped the flame from getting much faster on one side. I’m getting close to the point where I would usually put down a cigar. Considering that I barely have two inches remaining, I’m really surprised with the Padron 1926 cigar’s ability to maintain its coolness.

The peppery overtones that lingered for the most part of the encounter have virtually vanished. As the cigar burns down, notes of brown sugar and molasses come through more.

Available for purchase

Padron 1926 cigar Serie No. 6 cigars come in bundles of four, in cartons of ten, twenty, and as a single stick.


The colour of the ash is white-gray. It is holding up admirably for a very long period.


This cigar has a cool burn. You won’t feel any heat, even when it burns near the nub.

Padrón Cigar 1926 Serie No.6

Great production of smoke

The smoke is lavish and full-bodied.

Which Foods and Drinks Go Well with Padrón 1926 cigar Serie

Espresso or cappuccino works very well with the Padron 1926 cigar Serie No. 6 coffee.

Final Thoughts

Padron is a brand that’s known for using high quality tobacco from their own farms. They essentially control all aspects of their cigars from seed to smoke and with that, are able to maintain strong consistency. The Padron 1926 cigar is a popular line of smokes that I’m sure will stand the test of time.

The cigar appears like a work of art, but it feels just like a brown paper bag in the hand. The tooth felt solid, although it was perfectly smooth to the touch. Very impressive! By the first third, the stick has become very smooth. Unfortunately, the flavours didn’t live up to my expectations; instead, a little nuttiness and woodiness dominated the palate.

The flavour profile remained the same but became bolder and stronger as the first third came to an end and I entered the second. Hints of dark coffee and cocoa complete the flavour on the aftertaste.

It should be noted that this cigar was really smooth. Smooth cigars are those that have less of the harshness and spice that occur with fuller, darker cigars. I like medium dessert cigars, so I was happy to see this. Things started to get pretty intriguing in the last third. With a delicate earthy cedar finish that culminated in an incredibly delicious smoke, the flavours of chocolate and dark coffee from earlier in the flavour profile blended together flawlessly.

For seasoned enthusiasts, the Padron 1926 cigar Serie No. 6 is a well-balanced and pleasurable cigar, ideal for noteworthy events. With a core of espresso beans wrapped in chocolate and layers of earthy and cocoa flavours, the Serie 1926 No. 6 smokes nicely. The Padrón Serie 1926 No. 6 is a great cigar smoker’s cigar thanks to a delicate dried cherry aroma that gives the smoke some elegance.

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