How to Smoke a Cigar Properly

Since smoking cigars is an art, there are procedures you must perform in order to fully appreciate the flavors and fragrances to enjoy cigar.

Smoking a cigar is an equivalent pleasure as a good instant of life – it’s some relaxation, rest, and taste delineation for every breath. The secret is based on the fine art of enjoying it regardless if you are a veteran cigar connoisseur or not. Let’s take a trip to find those good feelings about smoking a cigar rightly.

However, a cigar is not only smoke but an ensemble of flavors and fragrance yet to be enjoyed. Think of it like a little celebration of sorts for your senses. You should also remember that every cigar is manufactured with precision—from hand selecting some of the finest tobacco leaves available to the care put into meticulously rolling them into the finished product. Now, it is important to discuss the fundamentals of smoking a cigar in the proper frame of mind and manner.

Everybody goes about things in own way. While some enjoy smoking cigars slowly and relishing each puff, others enjoy the strength and intensity of a well-made, robust cigar. You must first grasp the fundamentals if you want to enjoy smoking to the fullest.

You should learn how to smoke your cigar correctly so that you have fun when smoking it, and make sure you get value for your money. This particular article focuses on the bare essentials that are required in smoking a cigar.

Therefore, let us discover some smoky fun that makes your smoking experience a smooth ride!

1. Finding Your best Cigar

Getting a great smoke relies on choosing a good cigar to smoke. Selecting one among so many options is overwhelming. Some guidelines on selecting the right cigar according to one’s taste and liking.

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Length of the cigar

The first thing is to look at the length of the cigar. The cigars are available in different varieties which include: petite coronas, robustos as well as churchill. This length as well as width defines the smoking time together with the intensity of tastes. Choose a petit corona or a cigarillo that provides the desired smoking duration. Choose a churchillion or a double corona if you want more prolonged casual smoke.

Wrapper type

Next, consider the wrapper type. The outer most layer (or the wrapping) of the cigar is very influential upon the taste and strength.

Cigar’s origin

Lastly, consider the cigar’s origin. The flavors differ from one country to another. Cuban cigars tend to be much more complex in taste than their counterparts, particularly the Dominican cigars that are generally much lighter, smoother, and sweeter. Due to this, Nicaragua produces strong cigars with flavorful essence.

However, note that picking out a cigar is an individual choice hence you can dare explore others which will eventually lead you to finding the best one for yourself. Always remember that this will guide you towards finding the best cigar for your liking.

2. The perfect cut

Cutting the perfect size is a vital process before starting your smoke session will be perfect. Cut not only influences the way that cigar draws but it shapes the final tasting of the entire cigar. Therefore, there exist various approaches as well as materials that one should utilize to get it right.

A commonly used technique involves use of best cigar cutters such as a guillotine cutter. A double-edged blade which slices through the head of a cigar. The cigar cutter should be placed within 1/8th inches of cigar end and make quick but definite movement. This will guarantee a clean and straight cut.

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Another alternative is a punch-cutter. A “punch” creates a tiny hole into the edge of the cigar’s cap which serves to make the flow from the cigar somewhat controllable. To employ a punch cutter you just need to press it into the cap and turn it a bit. This process works perfectly fine for small ring gauges or those who desire the stronger taste.

You may also venture into a V-cut depending on your mood. The v-notch technique makes a v-shaped cut that leads to wide openings for free flow of air in the cigar’s head. To get this cut, you need to install the v-cutter diagonally and press the handles against each other lightly. A v-cut is ideal for thicker ring gauge cigars and can also be used to give more prominence to full-flavored robustos.

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When cutting the wrapper, irrespective of whether it is by scissors or another instrument; be sure not to tear but rather make a clean cut. Proper cut will see that there is no uneven burn and lose tobacco as it should draw smoothly.

At this stage, having practiced and successfully achieved the ideal cut, you already moved a step ahead towards smoking your cigar.

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3. Light your cigarette like an expert

How you light up a cigar is a skill with far-reaching effects on how you enjoy your smoking. Knowing how to properly light your cigar will help you become an expert smoker. The following tips will assist you in how to smoke your cigar like a pro.

However, it’s important that one chooses the right tool in the first place. Using a regular lighter or a match will do, but a butane torch lighter is best suited for cigar lighting. This creates a powerful and consistent flame that will provide gentle heat to burn the cigar’s foot.

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Ensure that you first toast the foot of the cigar before starting. Hold the cigar one inch away from the foot and gently rotate it around evenly distributing the heat. The tobacco burns more smoothly and is better when added with flavors in this case.

Once they are done toasting your foot, you should start turning the cigar as you puff. This should result in an even burn for the whole length of the cigar’s foot. At this point, refrain from smoking if you do not want to inhale the smoke that may have a harsh smell.

Slowly light the cigar and enjoy it.

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4. Don’t inhale, and smoke not so fast

You will undoubtedly hate a cigar you have just taken if you inhaled its smoke. It’s not intended to breathe in cigar smoke. This is a crucial step in smoking cigars. Moreover, avoid smoking dry cigars, as they may have burnt taste that could be unpleasant for you.

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Try to smoke one puff every couple of minutes or so. Puffing too often also causes a cigar to burn too fast and hot, which makes it taste bitter. There is nothing as enjoying a cigar by backing, relaxing, puffing in peace, and tasting its deliciousness.

5. Ashing Your Cigar

This is another aspect of the ideal cigar-loving experience. Contrary to cigarettes, which require an ash after every two or three puffs, cigars do not require this. Better-quality cigars retain the ash for a lot longer. One way to prevent ash from creating a mess is to gently tap the cigar over your cigar ashtray.

6. A few pointers on cigar smoking

There are a few things you should be aware of and comprehend in order to appreciate cigars like a real expert. Removing the label is one of the suggestions. Wait for it to release and come away on its own if at all possible. That is, you should know how to act when one side of the cigars starts burning. Turn burning sides to give the opposite section heat. Ensure that your cigar does not blow up when you smoke out of it and offer it some massage if it is really tightly stuffed. If your cigar gets on fire after you have puffed, then remove all the ash at its end and trim your burnt tips and light again.

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7. Conclusion

One requires appreciating the cigar to the fullest since the art in it is enjoyed by appreciating; one should really savor the tastes of it because it has various kinds of them that are enjoyable on their own, and the pace at which the cigar can burn. It is more than that. It’s an art. Allow yourself time to experience the delicate harmony of tastes and aromas a good cigar will induce. Remember this is an opportunity to celebrate your senses. 

However, one should be patient enough to allow tobacco come to life before lighting a cigar for the first time. Start slowly puffing until you get full of smoke; hold it while turning the cigar to get an even burn and observably notice all of the subtle differences while taking one draw after another in that manner.

Ultimately, a good cigar lets one chill out, go slow, and experience some indulgence in its own right. It’s more than just smoke. Good luck your smoky journey

Hence, appreciate every cigar no matter how long or short smoking experiences you have had, and let these complex aromas & flavor leads you to a world of bliss and pleasure. Cheers for the art of consuming a cigar with class!


What feeling does cigars give you?

If you are already accustomed to smoking cigars, they give a sense of pleasure and well-being; if you don’t know how to smoke cigars yet, you will experience dizziness, nausea and coughing.

Why is smoking a cigar so relaxing?

Cigars contain nicotine, and nicotine, when it enters the central system, can give a sense of relaxation.

How do beginners enjoy cigars?

Beginners should choose small cigars and inhale them in small puffs to feel the pleasant sensation they give.

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