What Humidity and Temperature For Cigars: 70/70

If you love cigars, it’s important to keep them in proper storage conditions. What humidity for cigar storage is ideal? The best humidity for good cigars is around 70%. This keeps their taste and quality good. Also, the right temperature for storing cigars is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, we will look at the 70/70 rule and how it helps your favorite cigars stay great.

What is the store humidity for cigars?

To store cigars well, keep the ideal humidity. Experts say 65-72% humidity is best; I think 70% is perfect. This stops cigars from drying out or getting too wet. It helps them keep their taste and smell. Keeping your humidor steady is very important.

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What is the store temperature for cigars?

For the best care, keep cigars at a stable temperature of 69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit, 20-22 degrees Celsius. This small change lets cigars breathe without getting hurt.

To keep cigars fresh, the ideal temperature is very important.

The impact of temperature and humidity percentage on cigars

The “70/70 rule” (70°F and 70% RH) is often cited as ideal for cigar storage. However, many aficionados prefer slightly lower humidity (65-67%) for a better burn and flavor profile.


The ideal storage temperature for cigars is around 70°F (21°C). Higher temperatures above 75°F (24°C) can cause cigars to rot and encourage the growth of cigar beetles and mold.

Lower temperatures below 54°F (12°C) can impair the aging process, making the cigars brittle and causing the wrapper to break.

Consistency in temperature is crucial to avoid fluctuations that can damage the cigars.

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Cigars should be stored at cigar humidity levels between 65-72%. Higher humidity above 72% causes cigars to absorb excess moisture, swell, and burn unevenly. Lower humidity causes cigars to dry out, lose essential oils, and burn too quickly and hot, affecting their intended flavor.

The relationship between temperature and humidity

There is an inverse relationship between temperature and RH: as temperature increases, RH decreases if the moisture content remains constant. This means maintaining the correct balance is key to optimal cigar storage.

Cigar temperature and humidity chart

cigar temperature and humidity chart

Correct humidity and temperature levels are very important for cigars

Keeping humidity between 65% and 72% is crucial to keep cigars tasting good.

Changes in temperature and humidity can cause mold and pests and shorten cigar life.

Get a Good Humidor: Buy a humidor that controls both humidity and temperature well. It will help your cigars age nicely over time.

How to keep cigars at a good temperature and cigar humidity levels

The best way to maintain perfect temperature and humidity is to use a desktop humidor or electric humidor.

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Desktop humidor

Desktop humidor usually comes with a hygrometer, and we can make sure the humidity is at 65-72% by using Boveda or a humidifier.

You should then place the Desktop humidor in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, and make sure the Desktop humidor is well sealed.

Electric humidor

An electric cigar humidor is the best choice for storing cigars; it can keep a lot of cigars; moreover, it can automatically adjust the humidity and temperature, and it is easy to operate and easy to use.

Good long-term storage makes cigars age better

By maintaining a humidor, you can provide a favorable aging environment for your cigars. Over time, the cigar’s flavor will become stronger and fuller. The average premium cigar will reach its best flavor in about 5 years.


Relative Humidity (RH) shows how much water vapor is in the air compared to its maximum at a certain temperature.
By keeping RH between 65% and 72%, you protect your cigars from damage and help them age well.

Too much moisture can cause mold and ruin cigars. If the humidity is too high, your cigars can get damaged. Mold might grow, which changes their taste and smell.

Low humidity can hurt cigars, changing their taste, smell, and quality. Keeping the right humidity saves your valuable cigars.

The 70/70 rule will lock the cigar at 12%-15% moisture.

After a comparison test, the 70% cigars burned a little more unevenly. The ash on the 65% held longer and firmer. But overall the difference is not too great.

Generally speaking, 75% humidity is very appropriate for cigars. However, if the humidity exceeds 75%, the tobacco is very susceptible to mold.

Yes, 80% humidity is too high, and over time, cigars will definitely get moldy. Always cherish our cigars and control the humidity.

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