How to Hold a Cigar Properly: 5 Different Methods

There are five common ways to hold a cigar: Respectful Grip, minimalist Method, Pinch Method, Power Stance Pen Method, Pool Cue, and triple support. Let’s see how to hold each way and what it looks like.

Cigars have existed for about 600 years, and cigar flavors are more and more diverse. The Taíno people of Cuba had been smoking long, cylindrical tobacco bundles for a long time before European colonists ended the practice. Over time, tobacco became a worldwide preoccupation that led to passionate bloggers, devoted craftspeople, and thriving cottage enterprises.

You must be thinking, why am I discussing cigar history?

It serves as a reminder of how firmly established the culture of cigar smoking is among us. And for better or worse, they have passed that wisdom down through the centuries. Cigars can give us a buzz, which is one very important reason why they can continue to be favorite.

A significant aspect of the cigar-smoking experience is the way you hold the cigar. Like your closet, the way you choose to hold cigar communicates something about you.

By reading this article fully, you can learn some of the approved methods for holding a cigar.

hold a Cigar

Let’s start then;

1. How to hold a cigar properly

  1. The Respectful Grip of Hold Cigar
  2. The minimalist Method; Pinch Method
  3. Power Stance; Pen Method
  4. The Pool Cue
  5. Tripple Support

1.1 The Respectful Grip of Hold Cigar

How to Hold a Cigar

In this hold cigar position, the thumb supports the cigar from the bottom while the other four fingers support it from the top. Using this hold cigar technique is a way to show the most respect for the cigar’s handiwork.

The cigar is delicately grasped in the hand by several fingers and thumbs in this position. Just enough tension should be applied to your hold to maintain the cigar in your hand while you gently rock it back and forth and admire its grandeur. Use all four fingers for longer cigars. Use three fingers at first, then two for short sticks. Make sure you always use two fingers and your thumb.

The “Respectful Grip” is the only technique to hold a cigar that demonstrates greater deference and honor.

1.2 The minimalist Method of holding cigar; Pinch

Pinch. The smoker holds the cigar with the cigar precisely positioned between the thumb and index finger. Call it the cigar-holding technique of the minimalists. You must focus on the right area for this technique to be effective.

The minimalist Method of holding cigar; Pinch

Squeeze the stick and hold the cigar between your thumb and index finger. Take care not to hold the cigar too tightly, as this could cause damage. In order to prevent the cigar from falling out of your hand, use as much effort as needed. Using “Pinch” to hold your cigar conveys wisdom, caution, and fairness to others.

Determining the center of gravity is crucial because the cigar has only two touch points: a thumb underneath and a finger above. Otherwise, the cigar will droop. This center of gravity, of course, adjusts as the cigar burns and gets shorter. Therefore, the minimalist pinch approach necessitates periodic recalculations from the user.

1.3 Power Stance of Hold Cigar; Pen

In the era of digital communication, imagine that you are holding a pen, which is becoming increasingly uncommon. The pen’s point lies on your middle finger, while your fingers and thumb make an O around the cylinder.

Power Stance of Hold Cigar; Pen

Using your thumb for support, encircle the cigar with your index finger. People say you are a true connoisseur when you hold your cigar like this. You seem like a gregarious person as well. When smoking large ring gauge cigars, this hold comes in helpful because you may change your grasp to secure the cigar in your hand.


It is common to hold a cigarette between the index and middle finger, resembling a scissor gesture. Cigar aficionados often debate the appropriateness of this technique. Some view it as poor etiquette, but well-known cigar lovers, such as Sylvester Stallone, have been seen employing this method. Give it a try and see if it suits you.

the scissor hold cigar

Be careful not to confuse the scissor hold with actual cigar scissors, which are a popular choice for cutting. Maybe you are interested in learning how to cut a cigar correctly, and best 9 cigar cutter.

1.5 Tripple Support of Hold Cigar

Hold the cigar from below with your thumb and place your index and middle fingers on its band. This is a fairly basic and popular grip for cigars among enthusiasts.

2. Don’t ever hold a Cigar like this

Even if cigar smoking is a personal choice, there are certain cigar-holding techniques you should never do.

  • It is never appropriate to grasp the cigar. Doing so would crush it and render it unfit for smoking.
  • Holding a cigar between your middle and index fingers is not optimal.
  • The various positions for holding a cigar come into play since it requires more support than a cigarette.
  • Avoiding swinging a cigar about in your hands is another thing to do when holding one. You could drop it or spill ash while quickly moving your hands.
  • Finally, you should avoid holding a cigar close to your meals or beverages. If you want to enjoy your meal or cocktail, you can put your cigar in an ashtray.

3. How to Hold a Cigar in Your Mouth?

This has a big impact on how people smoke. Holding a cigar in your mouth incorrectly can destroy its structure and ruin the smoking experience. Hold onto the cigar firmly to ensure that its weight is distributed equally. In this manner, the cigar’s construction holds together, and the ash cannot fall.

Some people will often inhale smoke into their mouths while holding a cigar, and they often ask us What Happens If You Inhale Cigar Smoke.

3. How to hold a Cigar in Your Mouth
  • You should softly press your lips around your cigar if you ever have to hold one in your mouth.
  • This applies to both drawing on the cigar and simply holding it in your mouth.
  • Avoid pressing your lips too firmly or biting down on the cigar completely.
  • No cigar smoker, no matter how experienced, should ever hold a cigar between their teeth.
  • It’s not a habit we should grow used to, regardless of whether you witness a cigar smoker at a lounge or movie actors doing it in Hollywood.
  • You’re disrespecting the cigar and the person who created these exquisite diamonds, and your actions seem crude and unprofessional.
  • Biting down on a delicate cigar wrapper or holding it with your teeth can easily damage it, causing tobacco to become lodged in your teeth and creating more mess than you intended.

4. What do your Cigar holding styles tell about your personality?

Whether we are aware of it or not, the way we hold, smoke, and ash a cigar can reveal a lot about our smoking habits and even our personality. You can employ the “Triple Threat” if you’re new to smoking and more careful about holding onto your cigar.

hold a Cigar

If you enjoy cigars and have smoked for a while, you’ll probably feel more at ease holding one. “The Pinch” or “The Respect” would most likely fit your style. This demonstrates your attention to detail and respect for your smoking cigar.

5. When you speak, hold your cigar in the ashtray or your hand

For decorum and safety reasons, this is a good practice. Speaking through a mouth full of a large ring gauge cigar could be challenging. Either way, you don’t want your cigar to burn to the ground. Leaving it in the ashtray while conversing with other enthusiasts would be better.

How to Hold a Cigar

6. Keep the Finish of your Cigar Dry Always

This will ensure your cigar burns properly, has a good draw, and maintains flavor. While smoking, some saliva accumulates on the cigar’s head. Be at ease. This is typical. You can even extinguish the cigar by soaking it in water.

We need to know, don’t smoke dry cigar.

7. How should a woman hold a cigar

Triple Support: Place your forefinger and middle finger on one side of the cigar and the thumb on the opposite side, giving the cigar ample support.

Between the Index and Middle Finger: Similar to a scissor grip, this is a classic and elegant way to hold a cigar.

Enjoy Your Cigar Now!

Maybe you want:


Use your lips to press down on the cigar. Try to avoid gaps so that air can’t enter your mouth. Take in only a small portion and avoid taking in too much.

To hold a cigar like a boss, Use the index and middle fingers to hold the cigar with the entire palm of the hand in an open position. This gives the cigar both the air of a boss and a person-to-person rapport.

To hold a cigar like a lady, you must use all your fingers, with your thumb underneath the cigar and the other four fingers above it.

The simplest method of holding a cigar like a gentleman is to pinch the cigar using your index and middle fingers. However, the method of holding a cigar like a gentleman is likely different for everyone.

1. Cut the cigar correctly, removing just a bit from the cap to create an adequate opening for smoking.
2. Light the cigar using a torch or wooden match, avoiding direct contact with the flame. Toast the foot of the cigar before taking a puff.
3. Hold the cigar up to your mouth and draw the smoke in gently without inhaling into your lungs. Let the smoke linger in your mouth to savor the flavor.
4. Exhale the smoke after tasting it and repeat this process relaxed and leisurely.

1. Pinch: Hold the cigarette between your thumb and forefinger, as if pinching it, allowing for control and ease of smoking.
2. Index and Middle Finger: Perch the cigarette between your middle and index finger, similar to a scissor motion, which is common and allows for a relaxed grip.
3. Supported Hold: Wrap your index finger around the cigarette while using your thumb for support, especially if you’re using your hands while smoking.
4. Mouth and Hand Support: When smoking, you may also draw on the cigarette while holding it with both your mouth and hand for extra support.

Respectful Grip, minimalist Method, Pinch Method, Power Stance Pen Method, Pool Cue, and triple support reflect a smoker’s preference, comfort, and, sometimes, experience.

Lips. When holding a cigar in your mouth, the recommended method is to gently hold it with your lips rather than clenching it with your teeth.

The most commonly used fingers are the thumb, index, and middle. Proper cigar holding typically involves using specific fingers for stability and to avoid damaging the cigar.

Draw the smoke into your mouth by using a slight sucking motion with your lips and tongue. Keep the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds to savor the flavors before exhaling. Do not let the smoke go past your throat to avoid inhaling.

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