How to Choose Cigar – Best Buying Guide for Beginners

Individuals from all walks of life cherish a centuries-old custom, cigar smoking. No matter how experienced you are with cigars, choosing the ideal one can be difficult. With so many cigar varieties, brands, and flavours available, it still might be difficult to know where to begin and enjoy a cigar properly.

I’ve been a cigar enthusiast for 20 years and in the beginning I wasn’t sure how I should choose a cigar, I’ve compiled some key information that I hope will help you.

how to choose cigar3

We’ll look at the important characteristics to consider while choosing the best cigar by considering its size, shape, wrapper, and flavour profile. We’ll also provide some pointers on recognizing a high-quality cigar and some typical blunders to avoid while choosing a cigar.

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Choose Cigar

Choosing a cigar, in my experience, I would look at the following:

  • Cigar Brand;
  • Cigar Strength;
  • Cigar Packaging;
  • Appearance of the cigar;
  • Body of the cigar;
  • Cigar sizes;
  • Cigar Shape;
  • Cigar Shape;
  • Cigar color uniformity;
  • Cigar prices;

I’ll go into more detail below:

Considerations for Selecting a Quality Cigar

Choosing a cigar can be intimidating because so many options are available in the market nowadays. Different brands, blends, cigar intensity, smoking time, and other factors can easily confuse a beginner and even a mature user.

To prevent future issues, it’s best to become familiar with the fundamentals of cigars. Before you buy, make sure you read this comprehensive guide on cigars.

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Brand of the best cigar

Its brand and place of origin can also determine a cigar’s quality. Long-standing, well-regarded brands with a solid track record of quality are typically an excellent choice. Similarly, cigars from nations like Cuba or the Dominican Republic with a lengthy tobacco-growing history are frequently regarded as consistently excellent.

how to choose cigar6
how to choose cigar

The ideal strength of the best cigar

One of the initial stages in choosing a cigar is its strength. Then the question arises should it be light, medium, or heavy?

For novice or seasoned smokers, mild sticks are ideal for their morning smoke. However, the widest range of smokers is satisfied with medium strength. On the other hand, full-body should only be chosen by knowledgeable enthusiasts.  An effective method of ascertaining an individual’s preference is considering their consumption patterns.

how to choose cigar4

However, if you are still confused about choosing the strength of your cigar, opt for Medium, as it suits to all.

Remember that choosing the appropriate strength level is subjective; what suits one individual may not suit another. To choose the cigar that best suits your preferences and taste, don’t be scared to explore and try a variety of them.

Wrapper of the best cigar

The wrapper is crucial in defining a cigar’s quality. A premium wrapper shall be uniformly coloured, smooth, and devoid of veins or defects. Sometimes the tobacco has a lovely, oily shine to the wrapper, indicating its high quality.

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The wrapper is the outermost layer that contributes to the cigar’s overall look and flavour. Similar to the preceding characteristics, there are other varieties of wrappers, such as Connecticut, Habano, Maduro, and Sumatra.

  • Cigars with Connecticut wrappers are thin and flavorful.
  • The color of habano wrappers ranges from medium to dark, and their flavor is stronger.
  • The darkest cigar wrappers, known as Maduro wrappers, have a rich, sweet flavour.
  • Cigars with medium-to-dark Sumatra wrappers have an earthy, spicy flavour.

When selecting high-quality cigars, ensure the cover is free of rips, tears, and fractures. Seek cigars with a clean, smooth exterior, indicating high-quality construction.

Appearance of a best cigar

A cigar with good construction will feel hard and even throughout, without any soft or lumpy areas. Additionally, the cigar should be rolled snugly enough to prevent air pockets from forming but not too firmly to make it difficult to pull smoke through.

Body of the best Cigar

The overall strength and flavour of a cigar are referred to as its body. When it comes to body types, cigars fall into three primary categories:

how to choose cigar7


Full-bodied cigars typically have higher nicotine content and are more flavorful and robust. Usually, only seasoned smokers who can manage the cigar’s intensity smoke these.


If you want a cigar with a decent balance of flavour and strength, aim for medium-bodied cigars. These are perfect for new cigar smokers.


Mild-bodied cigars, with a milder flavour profile and less nicotine, are the lightest and mildest option. They are an excellent option for those who are new to the taste and intensity of cigars.

how to choose cigar7

Size of the best cigar

Let’s discuss size. Generally, a cigar’s length and ring gauge determine its size. For instance, the ring gauge of a Corona cigar will be lower than that of a Robusto cigar, which is greater.

A cigar’s length and diameter, or “ring gauge,” determine its size. You need to know that a cigar’s size has no bearing on its flavor or strength.

There are many different sizes of cigars from huge “Churchills,” approximately 7 inches by 47 ring gauge to small “petit coronas,” about 4 1/2 inches, with a ring gauge of 40 to 42. The size of the cigar can have an impact on a smoker’s overall smoking time. 

how to choose cigar8

For those who prefer to take their time and savour the tobacco, larger cigars typically have longer smoking times. Smaller cigars are perfect for people who want to smoke for shorter periods or are new to smoking and we would like to test a smaller cigar before going to larger sizes.  

Because smaller cigars burn more quickly on average, so they’re an excellent option if you are short on time or don’t want to overpower your senses. Conversely, a larger cigar will burn more slowly, so you should only smoke it when you have the time.

how to choose cigar9
how to choose cigar

Shape of the best cigar

Cigars can be divided into numerous shapes, such as figured, parejo, torpedo, and bellicose. The flavour profile and smoking experience of a cigar can be influenced by its form. In general, we will select a form that is easy to hold in your palm and can easily smoke the entire cigar.

  • Parejo cigars are the most popular kind of cigar and feature a straight form. Its other end must be chopped so you have something to draw on, and the other is open.
  • Cigar producers often describe torpedo cigars as a pyramid with a sharper tip.
  • The head of a Belicoso cigar is rounded.
  • Figurado cigars might be harder to smoke because to their asymmetrical form.

When choosing a cigar’s shape, it’s important to consider your preferences and the cigar’s size. Certain forms may be simpler to grip or smoke, while others might have a more special or unusual flavour profile.

how to choose cigar10
how to choose cigar

Colour uniformity of the best cigar

As mentioned above, the colour of the cigar’s wrapper might reveal its strength and flavour; wrappers with darker hues are typically stronger and more full-bodied. Check to see if the colour of your cigar bundle is consistent.

They shouldn’t have spots or sections that are noticeably darker than others. Moreover, we need to check the bundle for any indications of mould.

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Hand-rolled or machine-made cigars

Cigars come in two primary varieties: hand-rolled and machine-made. Hand-rolled cigars are manufactured totally by hand, whereas machine-made cigars are made by, you guessed it right, machines.

Manual cigars cost more than machine cigars because they cost more.

Price of the best cigar

If you are a novice cigar smoker, you can try $3-$5 cigars; if you are experienced, I am sure you will have your favorite cigar. I usually buy cigars between $9-$15, which I think is a better price for me.

Another Element that affects the quality of the cigar is its price. It is about how much you would like to spend for your enjoyment. The price of handmade cigars depends on their brand, quality, and packaging.

The important thing we need to know is that the cigar that suits your taste is the best, not the more expensive the better. I tried an $80 cigar once, but I didn’t really like it.

how to choose cigar7

Main components of cigar

The three major components of a cigar are wrapper, binder, and filler.

The tobacco inside the cigar is known as the filler, the layer holding the filler together is known as the binder, and the outermost visible and touchable layer is known as the wrapper.

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Wrapping Up

When choosing a cigar, consider its brand, strength, wrapper, size, shape, and color consistency. We should look for high-quality cigars from reputable brands and regions with a history of tobacco production. Consider our smoking preferences and habits, and remember that price doesn’t always indicate quality. Hand-rolled cigars often offer superior quality. Experiment with different cigars to find your perfect match and enjoy the rich tradition of cigar smoking.

Enjoy Your Cigar Now!

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We generally look at several aspects of cigars, size, shape, packaging, price and cigar reviews.

The most important things we should look at are user reviews, flavor, and price.

When choosing a cigar for beginners, it is advisable to start with a lighter strength cigar. Lighter cigars usually contain lower levels of nicotine and are therefore less likely to cause discomfort such as nausea or dizziness.

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