Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill: 2024 Review

I’m excited to discuss my opinions on the Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill, a cigar that has been gaining popularity among cigar fans, today. I’ve been looking forward to this experience as a passionate cigar enthusiast, attracted to Oliva’s reputation and skill level. Come along with me as I explore the traits, tastes, and overall perception of the Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill. Alright, let’s settle in, light up, and discover what makes this cigar a unique addition to any humidor.

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oliva v melanio maduro review

1. Features

Origin: Nicaragua

Smoking time: around 95 minutes

Packaging options include one, five, and 10 boxes;

Filler: Jalapa Valley, Nicaragua;

Dimensions: 7 * 50;

Vitola: Churchill

Color of Wrapper: Maduro;

Construction: Level, with no weak areas;

Made by hand

Blinder: Jalapa Valley, Nicaragua;

Strength: Mild;

Body: Full to Medium;

Aroma: cinnamon, cocoa, and nutmeg;

First taste: cinnamon and sweet cedar;

First third: Rosewood, Molasses, Black pepper;

Second third: Nuts, Bay leaf, toast;

Final third: Herbs, Coffee, Wood, Peppe.

Price: $15.54 per stick, $77.70 per pack, and $155.40 per box are the prices.

Wrapper: San Andres, Mexico

2. Characteristics

The Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill is a special cigar that is handmade using the best quality long leaves grown in Nicaraguan tobacco farms. The sumptuous Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper enhances allure and makes it more satisfying as you smoke full-bodied smoke with rich flavor and develops complexity. The Churchill size, which is famous for its massive dimensions, further adds a touch of luxury to an inherently impressive cigar, promising opulent tobacco consumption.

oliva series v melanio review

3. Origin, Blend, and Vitolas

The great cigar comes from Nicaragua the well-known tobacco site where the best tobacco is grown on earth. Such a balance of flavour and strength only goes on to show how meticulous is Oliva’s blending of cigars. There are several Serie V Melanios on offer, but the Churchill size stands out as it allows subtle flavors to develop in slow motion thereby extending pleasure beyond satisfaction.

oliva series v melanio review

4. Packaging

The Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill comes in an elegant box designed with care. The packaging of these cigars is the proof of Oliva’s care for high-quality tobacco and every single piece of product is stored in such a way so that it will remain fresh till the moment when the true cigar lover takes it in his hands). The presentation builds on the expectations for the superlative smoking experience ahead.

oliva v melanio review

5. Appearance

The Churchill is wrapped in a perfect wrapper from Ecuadoran Sumatra. It has a smooth and brown body that attracts praise even prior to the first smoke. The feeling of touch as you hold the cigar is perfect, together with well applied cap makes up to an excellent craftsmanship. Melanio is an attractive accessory that enhances the look of cigars by adding glamour and class to the cigars.

oliva v melanio maduro review

6. Pre-Light Draw, Aroma, Taste

The pre-light draw offers a light resistance that signals the structure made cigars before the gentle flame touches the cigar of the Serie V Melanio Churchill. The first encounter with this smoking experience anticipates a pleasurable, skillfully fashioned performance.

The smell can be compared with an irresistible overture, hinting at the grounded earthiness and the embracing leather aroma as well as delicate sweetness that is still there to be felt long after it has left the air. At first, the experience is of thrill and hints of a journey in nuanced tastes to be explored with as much eagerness as the smoke unveils.

2024 Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill Review-6

7. First Third

First-third in the Serie V Melanio Churchill brings on stage a symphony in a sense of a massive sensual explosion. Imagine dark chocolate’s luscious richness, bold espresso and the faintest touch of spice that tease your tongue simultaneously. The smooth feel of the smoke gives way for an enveloping and pure representation of the inherent characteristics resulting from Nicaragua-grown tobacco. The first move sustains the palate, ensuring that one gets the most out of smoking.

2024 Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill Review-7

8. Second Third

In continuation with the first act, the series’ Serie v melanio churrchill becomes a mouth-watering orchestrated complexity of taste in this section. The luxurious embrace of leather blends with notes of cedar, which remind us of the finest wood, mixed with layered sweetness.

2024 Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill Review-8

The orchestra of flavors exhibits the richness of the cigar, producing an ensemble that enhances the quality of smoking experience. Although the power of cigar grow slowly but steady, at last it keeps balance for make a harmonious and charming taste for this attractive playing.

9. Final Third

The Serie V Melanio Churchill reaches its peak as the climactic point is about to come. The flavors take the drink to higher levels of an almost enchanting mix of black coffee, a touch of pepper and a sweet after taste that does not leave your palate easily as if it were an epilogue. This makes a perfect end note and gives it memorable memory about the sensation that was associated with this great smoke, which still lingers at the back of your palate. The Serie V Melanio Churchill- a masterpiece that ends on an aftertaste of finesse and satiation.

2024 Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill Review-9

10. Ash, Burn, Smoke

It is amazing as the ash of the Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill sticks surprisingly well and shows that this cigar was rolled very well. This strong ash though seems as nothing much more than just a result of masterpiece produced during the process of work.

The burning, as an integral part of smoking and one important item for every cigarette fanatic, requires almost no attention from the aficionado and can be characterized as a paradigm of consistency. It moves smoothly, making sure each step in smoking of the cigar is effortless. A sweet odor emanates as smoke generously covers the sense in a cloud, elevating the pleasure of tasting this carefully devised piece.

2024 Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill Review-9

11. What Drink and Food Pairs?

Consider combining the Serie V Melanio Churchill series with bourbon and aged rum to take it higher. The cigar’s boldness is supplemented by these spirits which also make wonderful company. The bold taste profile allows you to incorporate a dark chocolate in the culinary experience that will only enhance your journey.

The roasted nuts offer a nice contrasting taste that balances out the richness of the cigar. Indeed, the art of pairing is turned into a symphony, in which every component enhances the whole providing a delightful sensation for one’s mouth.

2024 Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill Review-11

Wrapping Up

The Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill is a masterwork that skillfully combines flavor and craftsmanship. A journey through careful artistry, the unwavering ash, even burn, and generous smoke production make for a smoking experience that is more than just momentary. A consistent and satisfying experience is guaranteed by the cigar’s flawless construction; from the first draw to the last puff.

This is a representation of Oliva’s dedication to quality in the field of premium cigars, not just a smoke. A cigar that is both an art form and a sensory delight for the discriminating aficionado, the Serie V Melanio Churchill stands tall and symbolizes Oliva’s commitment to creating cigars that are perfect for special occasions or moments of peaceful relaxation.

The unwavering ash, which acts as a silent protector, conveys a great deal about the care and attention to detail that went into making the cigar. A dependable partner, the steady burn makes sure that every draw carries on the symphony of flavors uninterrupted and always satisfying. A rich cloud of smoke and a fragrant touch create a scent symphony that enhances the atmosphere and makes every cigar-related occasion a sensory feast.


Are Oliva cigars premium?

Yes, Oliva cigars are one of the premium cigars. They are known for their quality handmade and use of select tobaccos.Oliva cigars are available in a wide range of flavors and strengths to satisfy tobacco lovers of all preferences.

What does Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro taste like?

Deep and layered in flavor, it possesses chocolate and coffee undertones complemented by spice, while the ripening of the tobacco brings a gentle sweetness.

What is the difference between Oliva V and Melanio?

Serie V tends to offer a more intense, more spicy and woody experience, while Melanio offers a more rounded, subtle flavor experience. They also have some differences in tobacco and packaging.

What is the rating of Oliva v Melanio Toro?

In some rating systems, if the full score is 100, it can get a score of 90 or more. This mostly comes from its high quality tobacco, and overall flavor.

Which Oliva series is the best?

Oliva Serie has 3 series, Oliva Serie V, Oliva Serie G, and Oliva Serie O, the flavors are intense, smooth, and medium respectively. So often the best cigars come from our own tastes.

Is Oliva Serie V strong?

Yes, Oliva Serie V is strong, flavorful, spicy, and woody.

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