How to Lower Humidity in Humidor Quickly

Did you know that it is important to maintain the proper humidity and temperature in your humidor? What should you do if you say the humidity inside your cigar humidor is high? High humidity can damage cigars. It will change the quality and flavor of the cigars. For a quick solution to this problem, you need a quick way to reduce the humidity.

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How to Lower Humidity in Humidor

There are easy ways to lower humidity quickly in a humidor.

Open the Humidor

Open the humidor lid for 30 minutes to an hour to allow excess humidity to escape. This is a quick fix and can help reduce high humidity levels temporarily.


Remove the Humidification Source

Remove the humidification device from the humidor and let it sit out for a few hours or overnight to dry out. This helps reduce the overall moisture inside the humidor.

Dry-Box the Cigars

If the cigars are too moist, remove them from the humidor and place them in an empty wooden cigar box (dry-box) for a day or two. This will help gradually remove excess moisture without shocking the cigars.

Prop Open the Lid

Leave the humidor lid slightly open by placing a pen or pencil under it. This allows excess humidity to dissipate gradually without damaging the wood.

Add More Cigars

Add more cigars to absorb the excess moisture if the humidor is not full enough. Cedar strips can also help absorb humidity.


Use Two-Way Humidification Systems

Consider using two-way humidification systems like Boveda packs, which automatically adjust the humidity levels and maintain consistency.

Move to the basement in the summer

Another quick fix during humid times is moving your humidor to a cooler place like the basement. The cooler air and less moisture there help quickly lower the humidity inside your humidor.

How to lower humidity in an electronic cooler cigar humidor

Follow these steps to fix How to Lower Humidity in a Humidor with an electric one.

  1. Remove the Humidification Source: Take out the humidification device and let it sit out for a few hours or overnight to reduce excess moisture.
  2. Open the Humidor: Leave the humidor door or lid open for a few hours to allow the excess humidity to escape. This helps to bring down the humidity levels quickly.
  3. Use a Dehumidifier: Consider using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the humidor. This can be particularly effective in managing high humidity levels.
  4. Place the Humidor in a Cooler, Drier Environment: Temporarily move the humidor to a cooler and less humid area. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or near heat sources.

How do I keep my humidor at 70% humidity?

Keeping the right humidity in your humidor is key for good cigars. Follow these steps to keep it at 70% humidity:

  1. Check the Hygrometer: Make sure your hygrometer is working right to measure humidity.
  2. Adjust Humidification Device: If it’s too humid, change or adjust your humidification device to get 70%.
  3. Monitor Regularly: Watch the humidity levels often by checking the hygrometer and adjusting as needed.
  4. Use Distilled Water: Always use distilled water when refilling your humidifier to avoid impurities.
  5. Consider Seasonal Changes: Be aware of seasonal humidity changes and adjust methods accordingly.

How to avoid lowering the humidity too much at once

  • Control the Duration: Don’t leave the humidor open for long. This stops a big drop in humidity.
  • Strategic Placement: Keep the humidor away from direct airflow. This prevents fast moisture loss.
  • Gradual Adjustment: Make small changes to lower humidity slowly.
  • Monitor Closely: Check humidity levels often, Check humidity every half hour. Make sure they go down gradually.
  • Balanced Approach: Use different methods together. This helps control how fast humidity drops.

How high is too much humidity?

Humidity above 75% is too high for cigars.

What problems can occur if humidity is too high?

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Uneven Burning: High humidity can cause cigars to burn unevenly, leading to a poor smoking experience. The edges might burn faster than the interior, and the cigar may produce excessive smoke.

Potential for Mold and Beetles: Cigars stored in overly humid conditions are at risk of mold growth and tobacco beetle infestations, which can ruin the cigars.

Swelling and Cracking: The tobacco leaves can swell and potentially crack the wrapper due to excessive moisture absorption.

Dull Flavor Profile: High humidity can lead to a one-dimensional and dull flavor, as the swelling leaves disrupt the intended balance and flavor profile of the cigar.

Difficult to Light: Over-humidified cigars can be tough to light, which can further degrade the smoking experience.

What are normal temperatures and humidity levels?

Temperature Range: Keep your humidor between 65°F and 70°F. This is great for storing cigars.

Humidity Levels: Aim for humidity around 65% to 70%. This keeps your cigars fresh.

The 70/70 rule is the best humidity and temperature for cigars.

How to rehydrate cigars when humidity is too low

  1. Put a wet sponge in a dish inside the humidor.
  2. Use a humidifier with distilled water to add moisture.
  3. Turn the cigars often to spread moisture evenly.

These are some tools I used: CASE ELEGANCE Glass Top Humidor, KingChii 26L Electric Cigar Humidor, and Boveda 69%. If you need them, click and buy them yourself.


Is 75% humidity too high for cigars?

75% humidity is too high, he will make the cigar moldy, and it will make the cigar taste bad.

How do you fix an over humidified humidor?

To ensure your cigars remain in prime condition, removing them immediately and storing them in a cool, dry location is essential. Meanwhile, air out your humidor by opening the lid, which helps refresh its internal environment. During this process, utilize a reliable hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels inside closely. Once the levels stabilize to normal, carefully reintroduce the cigars back into the humidor, gradually preventing any shock from sudden changes in conditions.

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