Dry Boxing Cigars: A Comprehensive Guide

You want to enjoy your premium cigars’ full, rich flavour as a tobacco aficionado. But, you might discover that your cigars are wetter than usual, which could result in a tight draw, burn problems, and an unpleasant smoking experience all around. Here’s where using dry boxing becomes useful.

dry boxing cigar1
dry boxing cigar

1. Dry Boxing Cigars: What Is It?

Cigars are dehumidified via “dry boxing,” which involves putting them in a cedar box or other dry container and leaving them there for a few days. Unlike putting them in a humidor, which adds moisture instead of taking it out, this method enables the stogies to reach the perfect moisture content for smoking.

To keep things straightforward, let’s define dry boxing as removing cigars from humidification. All we do for our purposes is put our cigars in an unhumidated container.

dry boxing cigar2
dry boxing cigar

However, despite the name, a fully dry box is not the main component of dry boxing.  To begin with, it would require a great deal of creativity to figure out how to combine dehumidifiers and boxes inside of boxes.  Secondly, it gives the tobacco an unneeded shock. To get all the benefits, we simply take our cigars away from a source of humidity.

2. What is a Dry Box?

You might be surprised that dry boxing can be done completely without a box. To dry box your cigars, use the same sealed bags we use for every shipment of loose cigars. Two things are usually needed for dry boxing: cigars and an un humidified area.  Whatever you can think of, travel humidors, plastic bags, Tupperware may become your new best buddy.

dry boxing cigar3
dry boxing cigar

3. Why people do Dry-boxing Cigars

Fresh Cigars:

You’ve likely noticed that our new shipping bags read, “Rest Them Before You Test Them.” This results from the sick period that cigars experience after travel; you can almost certainly expect them to be ready to use in 10 to 14 days.  Because each tobacco leaf reacts somewhat differently, every cigar is unique.  However, cigar enthusiasts can expedite this resting period by using a dry box.  Here’s more information about how shipping impacts your smokes.

Cigars that pop or split:

Occasionally, you’ll notice that a cigar pops, and the wrapper separates.  This is typically the result of the cigar’s interior being overly moist, which expands when it gets hot.  Smoking more slowly can occasionally help with this, but dry boxing your cigar beforehand is a far simpler solution to learn.

dry boxing cigar4
dry boxing cigar

Burn Issues:

Excessive moisture is a major contributor to burn difficulties, which may be effectively avoided by dry boxing your cigars.  Over time, you may have the opposite problem: your cigars drying up. However, as you’ll see below, this isn’t easy to achieve unless you simply forget about them.

Better Tasting Cigars:

Most of the problems with humidity translate into taste; however, this is all a matter of personal opinion.  Many enjoy how dry boxing affects their cigars, but others might not perceive much difference.  From anecdotal experience, I know that some cigars work better after a little dry boxing time.  

dry boxing cigar5
dry boxing cigar

4. How to Dry-Box Cigar?

You’ll need cigars, a hygrometer to check humidity levels, and a cedar box or other container. Here’s a detailed tutorial on drying boxing cigars:

  • Using a hygrometer, determine the humidity levels in your dry box. The recommended humidity level ranges from 60 to 65%.
  • Ensure your sticks are not in contact with one another when you place them in storage.
  • Shut the cigar box and store it somewhere cold and dry, away from bright light.
  • To ensure the humidity stays within the recommended range, check the levels every 12 hours.
dry boxing cigar6
dry boxing cigar

5. Advice for Sticks in a Dry Box

To achieve the greatest results while dry boxing cigars, it’s important to consider a few criteria. The following are some recommended procedures:

  • Don’t keep your cigars in a dry box for too long. One to three days is the recommended length of time.
  • Avoid over-drying your cigars since this may cause burning and other difficulties.
  • Stay out of the sun and heat waves as these can quickly dry out your fine cigars.
  • Always use a hygrometer to keep an eye on the humidity levels in your dry box.
dry boxing cigar7
dry boxing cigar

6. How long I can Dry-box my Cigar?

You can store your cigars in there for up to a week at a time if your seal is watertight. Thick plastic bags, plastic Tupperware, and travel humidors are excellent for this.  When travelling, Mo Maali of Patina Cigars would pack a week’s supply of cigars and discover that the final cigar smoked just as well as the first.

Cigars should ideally be dry-boxed and left in the box for one to three days, though this can vary based on the size and moisture content of the cigar. To prevent your cigars from getting too dry, you must frequently check the humidity.

dry boxing cigar8
dry boxing cigar

I wouldn’t even be shocked if they continued to smoke like pros even if you happened to forget about them for ten or more days. Depending on how successfully your wooden humidor maintains a seal, you might need to experiment with the times.  Depending on your setup and the cigar itself, you should be able to discover the sweet spot anywhere from overnight to a few days.

If you choose to use the countertop technique, the outcome will be contingent upon the current relative humidity of your surroundings.  While other areas will require more time, arid environments will require very little time at all.  It should be noted, too, that circumstances with high humidity levels may have the reverse impact.

7. Pros and Cons of Dry Boxing

This, like everything in life, has benefits as well as drawbacks. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of cigar dry-boxing:

  • It helps cigars burn more evenly and smoothly by removing extra moisture.
  • It lessens the possibility of burn problems including tunnelling and uneven burn lines.
  • It enhances the cigar’s flavour and fragrance in general.
  • Burn problems can arise when cigars are over-dried.
  • Not every kind of cigar requires this procedure.
  • Needs further tools, such a hygrometer.

8. Testing

We tested the effectiveness of dry boxing sticks using a panel of cigar enthusiasts through a tasting test. For the same length, we kept one pair of cigars in a dry box and the other set in a humidor. The findings of the taste test showed that compared to the humidor-stored stogies, the dry boxed ones had a stronger scent, a more consistent burn, and a fuller flavour. This implies that using this method improves smoking in general.

dry boxing cigar5
dry boxing cigar

Wrapping Up

To get the most out of your premium sticks, you must dry box your smokes if you smoke cigars often. To create a more consistent burn, fuller flavour, and greater scent, removes any excess moisture from your cigars. Now that you have this guidance, you may savour every draw of your favourite cigars and dry-box like an expert.

So go ahead and give it a shot right now.


What does dry boxing a cigar mean?

Dry boxing a cigar refers to removing cigars from their usual humidified environment, such as a humidor, and placing them in a drier environment for a short period. This process is used to reduce the humidity level of the cigars slightly. The main purpose of dry boxing is to prepare the cigars for smoking by achieving an optimal moisture level, which can enhance the smoking experience.

Is Dry boxing necessary?

No, Dry boxing is not strictly necessary for all cigar smokers, but it can be beneficial in certain situations. The main purpose of dry boxing is to adjust the humidity level of cigars to an optimal level for smoking, especially if they have been stored in a highly humidified environment.

Is it safe to smoke a dry cigar?

Yes, It’s safe. While it is technically safe to smoke a dry cigar, the experience may not be enjoyable. Dry cigars can burn unevenly and faster than those at optimal humidity levels. The natural oils that contribute to the flavor and aroma of the cigar may evaporate when it dries out, leading to a bitter taste and acrid smoke.

How long does it take to dry box a cigar?

Dry boxing a cigar typically ranges from one to three days. This timeframe can vary depending on factors like the cigar’s initial humidity level and the desired dryness level.

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