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Smoking a small cigar is a very enjoyable thing. You can fully enjoy the smoke, and each smoking only takes 5-15 minutes.

As a smoker for 20 years, I like small cigars very much.

Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge of small cigars.

How to smoke a Cigarillo

First, purchase the cigarillo that is right for you, remove the cigarillo from the package, place the tapered end between your lips, and slowly light the cigarillo using a match or lighter. (If you’re worried that you won’t have enough draw, consider making a small opening in the tapered end).


Then go slowly and draw the cigar evenly, but don’t inhale the smoke; a common way to smoke a cigarillo is retro inhale.

After each draw, take a short break so that the cigar doesn’t burn too quickly. By doing this, you can enjoy your cigar to the fullest.

What are cigarillos

Cigarillos are smaller than traditional cigars, typically about 3-4 inches in length and 6-9 mm in diameter. They are usually machine-made and contain around 3 grams of tobacco.

Designed for a quicker smoking experience, lasting about 5-15 minutes, cigarillos come in various flavors, including natural tobacco, vanilla, and honey, and they can be flavored or unflavored.


Cigarillo etiquette

There are some differences in the smoking etiquette of cigarillos and cigars, and the general occasions are different.

I will smoke a cigarillo when I am at some friends’ gatherings and celebrations, after dinner, during lunch break, when I am reading, or enjoying music. It is really comfortable, cozy, and enjoyable.

I will also smoke a cigarillo at some cocktail parties and leisure places. It takes less time to finish smoking a cigarillo, so on some informal occasions, cigarillos can take on social responsibility well.


What to pair with cigarillos

Some foods and drinks can be paired with cigarillos. The key is to complement the taste of cigars and let us enjoy cigars better.

Cigarillos can be paired with whiskey, cognac, red wine, or coffee, which can enhance the flavor of cigars.

You can also pair them with snacks such as chocolate, nuts, or cheese to enrich the taste experience.

If the cigarillo has a strong taste, it is suitable for pairing with strong drinks. If the cigarillo has a light taste, it is more suitable for pairing with light drinks such as champagne.

How do you smoke a cigar?

Smoke cigar way is the same as smoking a cigarillo.

  • Cut the Cap: Use a cigar cutter to trim the closed end.
  • Light the Foot: Use a butane lighter or match, rotating the cigar for an even burn.
  • Puff, Don’t Inhale: Draw the smoke into your mouth to savor the flavors, but don’t inhale.

Best cigarillos for beginners

Here are some of the top cigarillos from premium brands that are perfect for beginners.


  • Shapes: Cigarillos
  • Wrapper: Sumatra
  • Origin: Honduras
  • Flavored: False
  • Pressed: False
  • Has Tip: False
  • Filler: Honduran
  • Sweet: True

Bandidos are not much to look at, but these rugged little cigars are super tasty, with a crisp tobacco flavor and a smooth draw. They are entirely handcrafted without any binders, using fillers bunched by torpedoes and wrapped in a dark Sumatra wrapper. The tips are sweetened to provide a delicious and smooth taste. And the best part is the price! These high-quality hand-rolled cigars are even better than their machine-made counterparts.

So, grab a few today and enjoy these chewy cheroots all day while saving some money.

Victor Sinclair Cigarillos

Check out the new Victor Sinclair Cigarillos in a Cheroot format. These hand-rolled cigars come in bulk boxes of 100, offering great taste at an incredible price. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, they feature a mellow blend of Dominican tobaccos and your choice of a Candela or golden-brown Connecticut wrapper, resulting in a smooth and flavorful 15-20 minute smoke suitable for any time of day. They are available in two styles – natural or slightly sweetened. Priced at just 55 cents each, they are an unbeatable deal.

To explore the Victor Sinclair Cigarillos sampler and try them all, simply click here!

  • Shapes: Cigarillos
  • Wrapper: Connecticut, Habano
  • Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Flavored: False
  • Pressed: False
  • Has Tip: True
  • Filler: Dominican
  • Sweet: Varies
  • Brand: Victor Sinclair

Black & Mild

Middleton’s Black and Mild cigars are a top-selling brand known for their comfortable plastic or wood tip and flavorful blend of tobaccos. These affordable cigarillos offer a smooth draw and come in various flavors like Cherry, Jazz, Gold & Mild, and Casino. Ideal for those seeking a quick, tasty, and inexpensive smoke.

Black & Milds and indulge in the experience!

  • Shapes: Cigarillos
  • Wrapper: Indonesian
  • Origin: United States
  • Flavored: True
  • Pressed: False
  • Has Tip: True
  • Sweet: True


Please do not inhale cigarillo smoke. Inhaling cigarillo smoke can pose serious health risks similar to smoking, including cancers of the mouth, throat, and lungs, as well as heart disease. Cigarillo flavors are meant to be enjoyed by drawing the smoke into your mouth and savoring the taste rather than inhaling it into your lungs.

Yes, cigarillos can give you a buzz due to their high nicotine content. When cigarillos are smoked, the nicotine in them stimulates the release of dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain, resulting in a relaxed and pleasurable sensation.

Yes, cigarillos contain nicotine, which is the primary addictive substance in tobacco. The nicotine content in cigarillos can be significant, with levels ranging from 10-14 mg per cigarillo.

Cigarillos contain less nicotine than standard cigarettes, but about the same amount as cigarettes.

Cigarillos, smaller and often flavored cigars, are popular due to their convenience, affordability, and wide variety of flavors. They appeal to both occasional and young smokers, providing a quick and satisfying smoking experience without the longer time commitment of a full-sized cigar.

No, you do not light the tapered end of a cigarillo. Instead, the tapered end is the part you place between your lips, and you light the opposite, broader end.

Cigarillo vs cigar

Size3-4 inches in length, 20-30 ring gaugeUp to 9 inches long, over 40 ring gauge
ConstructionMachine-made, short-filler tobaccoHand-rolled, whole tobacco leaves
Smoking ExperienceQuicker,Slower
Nicotine ContentLessMor
Usage & Appealshort breaksextended enjoyment

Cigarillo vs cigarette

SizeLarger than cigarettesSmaller than cigarillos
Nicotine Content100-200 mg10-12 mg
CompositionWhole tobacco leaves or homogenized tobacco paperFinely cut tobacco mixed with added chemicals
Smoking MethodLeft in the mouthinhaled into the lungs

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